Broach of Shuang Ren of KOMET company improved KUB Duon

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The broach of KUB Duon Shuang Ren that KOMET company develops, its apply a domain to already expanded now to what break bits steel and aluminium alloy material hard auger cut treatment, changed the history that can be used at common steel, cast-iron treatment only before. And what machine a category to reach is patulous, KOMET used tall tenacity alloy to material pledges and be configured for this broach special razor blade of the chamfer that break bits, the research and development of tall agglutinant feature that is aimed at aluminium alloy material at the same time gives the special slot that break bits model, still undertook reforming to the coating recipe of bit. KUBDuon broach has Shuang Ren tangential cloth tine, groove razor blade can change, the dot certains without the center when treatment, auger be as deep as 5 times aperture, bore diameter limits is φ 17.

3 ~ φ 36.

2, use connection of ABS module type. CNC Milling CNC Machining