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The year new edition that hopes CAD is annual in is the times central point that gets market of whole country CAD to fix eyes upon, more such 2007. On March 26, 2007, hope dragon vacates 2007 year to be made newly in -- in hope CAD2007 edition is in eventually the raise one's head and look of broad user is expected in appear on the market ceremoniously. CAD2007 looks in with " super and compatible, perfect print " give priority to dozen of window, lift new technical storm again on homebred CAD market. Relatively on one version, 22 hope CAD adds a function newly in, integral plot speed promotes 18% . What CAD2006 looks in hope CAD2007 accedes in and developing further is all and characteristic, outside DWG2007 of format of current and highest version supporting not only in new version, still promoted the rate that inserts a file further; Add with stylish release (Publish) , multi-line edits (Mledit) , fill is cut wait for many users to raise one's head and look in order to long for practical function; In addition, alternant interface offers whole a variety of styles are defined oneself, the feeling is more relaxed, use more Shu Xin. One, function promotes 1, the support that increases formats of pair of DWG 2007 file adds supportive DWG2007 form newly, stabilize compatible AutoCAD2.

All version of 5~2007. Can open directly to DWG2007 format, editor, revise and save, implementation and AutoCAD across work and do not need format transition. Communicate smoother, communication is more convenient. 2, alternant interface increases brand-new user whole used sexual whole easily to use pure and fresh and concise XP style interface. Style of file icon, quick way icon, dialog box passed elaborate design, all and alternant interface is more friendly. Increase function of much documentation label at the same time, the operation is more concise. 3, supportive Vista operating system, supportive theme style gains the support of Vista of operating system of new to Microsoft generation newly from the definition, satisfy the different requirement of more user, integral interface is more pure and fresh, the function is more powerful. At the same time supportive theme style is defined oneself, the CAD that lets you more the habit that accords with you. 4, the operation speed that comprehensive promotion inserts a file is brand-new insert (Insert) mechanism, special bisect comes loose a large number of objects that insert, comprehensive promotion computation and insert speed, improve an user to use efficiency. 5, increase the style that print to install a function to be added newly right.

CTB prints modal support, convenient management prints information, can set object gives graph facial expression, line, the line is broad wait for attribute, it is better to use software of this the style that print to obtain with other compatible, went to the lavatory to design the mutual communication of personnel further. 6, increase EPS fictitious print what add supportive EPS newly is fictitious print, can print documentation into EPS file through printing means. Line of convenient user setting makes EPS file after wide, color, area. 7, correction disappear concealed, chromatic show, increased shadow effect to revise disappear concealed and chromatic indication further the effect, accurate computation and eliminate obscure a line, use take frame side chromatic means undertakes to entity chromatic, chromatic the object after takes shadow effect, vivid and clear. 8, the effect giving a picture after correction disappear concealed printed the effect to revise disappear hidden from view, accurate computation the current position of hypostatic surface carries out disappear concealed, print the effect that give more concise and distinct, the design is more clear. 9, of VBA/LISP interface perfect further through be being perfected ceaselessly with revise, accepted many user example test and verify, VBA/lisp interface compatibility is better. Protected the labor gain before the user further. 10, perfect and three-dimensional substance edits a command, the three-dimensional function that build a model perfected aggrandizement further function of jussive of three-dimensional and hypostatic all editor comes true, at the same time aggrandizement the function building a model of three-dimensional substance. Provide more powerful function to often use the user of three-dimensional work. What 11 perfect users help a system increase software further is easy with the gender, motion picture of a few education is added in help system, help user uses a help more quickly, more expediently, more easily to the system has ego study or remove doubt. 2, add a function newly 1, increase release (Publish) function; Use what add newly to release (batch is printed) , can the DWG user make choice of or PLT blueprint collect are one-time release. Can undertake combination, recomposition to its foreword, heavy name, duplicate and save etc. Graphical collect can release DWF document, also can send the plotter that appoints in page setting. Went to the lavatory to design personnel to be opposite the management of blueprint collect and give a picture, improve an operation greatly simple and easy sex and efficiency. 2, increase Plt file batch to print (Pltplot) the PLTPLOT that the function adds newly is OK one-time batch prints many Plt file, setting to print a number, still can save list of the current file that print at the same time for blueprint collect. Went to the lavatory the user is right the management of paper of the atlas that print, also shortened greatly the time that prints big batch document. 3, the support that increases to be caught to the object in viewport is perfected further take a function, can undertake catching directly to the object inside viewport activationing in blueprint space. 4, increase multi-line to edit (Mledit) line of functional new increase edits a tool, use at compiling multi-line join share quickly, offerred form of control across, T to intersect, horny dot union and acme, cut or the editor means such as joint, can intersect to multi-line place undertake intelligence changes processing. Saved the time of the user, went to the lavatory liny is applied. 5, increase model space much viewport (Vports) the model space much viewport after the function is transformed more accord with design concept, use dialog box interface, more concise, the function is more powerful also. Be seen namely the standard viewport of earning and the convenient government that name viewport make apply viewport to become more simple. 6, increase fill to cut what support adds pair of fill objects newly to cut support, command of OK and direct use clip has fast crop to fill object, and need not new stuff, shortened greatly the design personnel editor to fill object time. 7, increase cut (Trim) the function adds supportive window newly to hand in, the means such as column choosing, can wait for means to choose to want the boy or girl friend of clip through choosing column or window casing to choose, enhanced the simple and easy sex of the operation, improved clip efficiency. 8, amend editor of word of much style or manner of writing to support multilateral language to input, the support that improves operation interface to perfect word of much style or manner of writing to be inputted to multilateral language in the round. To crossing the blueprint that the language designs in coordination, the literal object in the graph can part to show at the same time with a variety of languages, great and convenient blueprint is smooth between different country alternant. Improved operation interface at the same time, the interface is more friendly with beautiful. 9, increase acting object to decompose the acting target that raises to be built to using a program by other with the editor to undertake decomposing, the edition can have directly after decomposing. Increase to apply the compatibility of the program with other, went to the lavatory between the user alternant. 10, restore automatically to be added newly restore a function automatically, cut off the power suddenly in the machine, software is illegal the blame such as dead machine of end, machine is prescient the element is caused after shutting, can restore the content that has not save file to disk automatically, utmost protects the design gain below sudden state. CNC Milling CNC Machining