Development of herd wild milling cutter goes the machining center of 5 axle control that heads abrade function

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Herd wild milling cutter makes place announced on September 20, 2006, development went also but machining center of abrade 5 axle control (MC) " I GRINDER G5 " . Divide common and abrade outside, still used achievable the new abrade way that whole technological process machines after arriving from rough machining, improved the efficiency of abrade working procedure. From use abrade the treatment after undertaking to workpiece rough machining arrives, till use MC to rotate,cutting tool undertakes cutting, need 1 to be able to be finished only, but the trouble of readjust of integrated working procedure, leave out. Workpiece basically is an object with aircraft engine component. Include blade of nickel alloy turbine among them (rotate ala) , eddy turntable (the circle that installs turbine lamina board) reach Nozzle Guide Van (fixed ala) etc. Still can process the work with the mechanical component after quenching and man-made bone intricate appearance that makes with difficult cutting material in addition. For efficient treatment afore-mentioned difficult cutting workpiece, this company was used " VIPER is abrade " . This is one kind uses the abrade emery wheel after increasing stomatic proportion, to treatment ministry supply a large number of cooling fluid have abrade method. Thick abrade efficiency particularly outstanding, when processing nickel alloy work for instance, can with 8 times at cutting efficient undertake machining. This company to realize VIPER abrade, on the base that has 5 axle control MC, increased can be in card of abrade emery wheel main shaft (cutter spindle) on, the system that can supply right amount cooling fluid to treatment ministry. Common abrade the means that uses cooling fluid to had flowed between abrade emery wheel and workpiece mostly, meet in part of the week outside abrade emery wheel so generation air layer, cannot furnish to abrade dot sometimes enough cooling fluid. Because this VIPER is abrade,adopted to work center the design of cooling fluid of many eject high pressure. Pressure is 4 ~ 7MPa, eject quantity restricts 100L/ branch. Come so inside the stoma that cooling fluid can cross air layer to enter abrade emery wheel, in be rotated splatter from stomatic and outward ministry after the centrifugal force of generation, reach abrade point. After using this one design, in the bad influence that won't be brought when abrade workpiece by quantity of heat. VIPER is abrade it is Laosilaisi the patent of the company, the group of manufacturer Austria Tai Lilai that has engineering capability of VIPER abrade emery wheel (TYROLIT) the access that already gained this patent. Accordingly, the client makes place buy in Xiang Muye milling cutter new-style when 5 axle control MC, outside dividing equipment itself payment for goods, still need the patent fee that through this company Xiang Taili Lai pays every 30 thousand flower pound. CNC Milling CNC Machining