One chance is much can technology of compound treatment machine tool

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Face intense market competition, the live path of the company gifts product more value, and this is meant want production to go out more nicety and more complex product. In the meantime, a company also is seeking what capital reduces when increasing line of the products to take up. These were promoted muti_function the development of compound machine tool. The manufacturing industry of the nowadays of concept of compound treatment machine tool in change, especially machining spot, have the following characteristics: Much breed, small lot is produced; Date of delivery shortens; The requirement reduces cost; Accompany light-duty change, function is compound turn the product that added complex form; Lack adroitness to operate personnel and outstanding technology personnel. A business should fit this kind of current situation and be in intense market competition get victory, need new technology and machine tool equipment, serve as at this moment " ace " compound treatment machine tool complies with market demand ablaze come on stage. We have what the machine tool that can machine ability of complex form workpiece in order to count line working procedure, different kind says to be compound treatment machine tool. Use the method with compositive working procedure likewise to raise manufacturing efficiency and machine tool to achieve the purpose of additional value, also have on the technology coordinate of machine tool control much axis is changed, enlarge is big treatment function, muti_function the means of settlement that turn. Here, we mix the machine tool that realizes different breed treatment inside a machine a general designation of machine tool of much coordinate control is compound treatment machine tool. The function that compound treatment machine tool has is as the change of the times change. There ever was the period that calls machining center calls machining center compound treatment machine tool in the past, but the breed that because of its tool exchange machines is restricted, and the field that also does not take to give cutting to machine, had been what general machining center says compound treatment machine tool no longer now. The development of compound treatment machine tool, production gets driving ceaselessly in market demand, especially recently, have incorporate turning function and circumgyrate cutting function the selling quantity mushroom of the machine tool that rise, will be expected to attain the production with compare of machining center photograph and sale scale henceforth. Compound treatment machine tool has the current situation of compound treatment machine tool commonly these features: The setting is less, it is one-time even sometimes; Intricate work does not need to be machined on much stage machine tool; The outfit that reduces workpiece places a number; Amount of treatment spot machine tool decreases, do not need to be thrown on field a lot of. Machine tool manufacturer people the market that suiting to expand increasingly with two kinds of means. A kind of machine tool that is their design can have the treatment process of above. Now, some machine tools can offer milling, auger cut, tap, turning, grinding, solder to make the same score a variety of functions with tone. Another kind of muti_function means is through quickening workpiece to install mix rate to make the machine tool raises high yield, this basically is through robot or workpiece increasing inside only station machine tool or unit fixture comes true. Muti_function the element that the machine tool makes the person is interested another times is, major automation and aviation manufacturer are current the incline to treatment at reducing themselves dimensions, and direct consign can offer requirement supplier constructional module. Analyst people see big company is faced with protect character with equipment ageing cannot a lot of problem such as the workpiece of high accuracy of big batch treatment, so the workpiece of large quantities of a few quantities is decomposed now small lot subcontract gives many suppliers. All these provided the ground of the use force of ability of put to good use for compound treatment machine tool. The Makino company that functional unit part forms machine tool United States is a company that specializes in development grinding technology. Original, they carry CBN of power supply plating to grind for traditional machining center annulus. They extended this technology greatly now, research and development except with eletroplate CBN grinding, still have take pottery and porcelain to grind annulus compound grinding machining center. Now every time when its process data of hard nickel alloy, besides traditional final precision work, grinding already made process of primary rough machining. This is a kind of conspicuous reform, came true to be able to be machined already on a machine tool can of grinding flexible make. Makino company uses the machining center platform of a standard to offer particular grinding to choose a bag. Besides eletroplate outside CBN annulus, its company still can offer use pottery and porcelain to grind now annulus grinding chooses a bag. Additional, makino company still raised special refrigeration loop is mixed round of burnish ability in order to support grinding function. This machine tool the 2nd axis is accessary burnish roller uses a diamond to support successive burnish, it includes to secure in area of machine tool work mix continuously intermittent burnish system. Because grind bead tartly to appear can continually and grind annulus first-rate appearance retains ability, so ability of this kind of successive burnish improved productivity and quality greatly. The change that grinds round of outline can pass the different burnish in calling knife library roller and grind annulus will finish, this and machining center change knife means likeness. The main control factor in machining a process is the use of cooling fluid. If use too much cooling fluid, contact of workpiece cutting tool is bad; Use too little cooling fluid, criterion not only lowered cutting rate, and possible calcination workpiece. So this machine tool has a nozzle additionally to be cut with Yu Xi, if needing, can plus main shaft cooling fluid. Makino company is grinding round of periphery spray head of a high pressure was installed on 360 ° , use this to plant but process designing nozzle rubs infuse of high-pressured cooling fluid round of forehead a poriferous wheel, centrifugal force rolls out the liquid wheel, enough much fluid experience will grind bits to rinse a wheel, maintain the refrigeration of workpiece thereby. Nextpage module design is develop a school of one's own of crucial EMAG company, have platform of a lot of main machine tool, can ask specificly in order to reach an user through reforming. Accordingly, bed of extension of its greater part is the user is custom-built, use the means that increases module. For example, EMAG company has very the vertical machining center that benefit from door likes, it can be cut into drive a vehicle, boil cut, grinding, quench, assemble and laser solders. EMAG company is in after receiving order form, the architect finds a means of settlement from inside the manufacturing condition of the user above all, establish the machine tool that can finish the job or machine tool product line next. This is single function machine tool likely (grinding, milling) , but often be a requirement muti_function design, include milling, auger cut, silk of turning, grinding, attune, boil cut, boring, solder, measure and work shift is smooth. The main design feature of EMAG machine tool: Short distance, mix in workpiece namely the distance between cutting tool is very short; The environment is cooling, the machine tool maintains fall in environmental temperature, is not be worth in random; It is when workpiece and machine tool when same temperature, can obtain optimal result; Internal system can cool circularly all heat source inside the machine tool, include electric machinery and bearing; The least vibration, foundation and pillar are made by the composition of advanced and aggregate granite of the Mineralit that be called. Compare with traditional data phase, of Mineralit small vibratory can bring good exterior quality and longer cutting tool life for treatment. Additional, all dynamical plant are not inside working area, be gotten on in the machine tool by installation however an upper part of rigid box type construction, and be on main shaft still surrounding banding the fluid is unit, it can reduce vibration and the main shaft deviation when bearing the weight of. The manufacturer of auto industry and carrying trade uses VSC lathe and gear, center rolling mill comes turning wool embryo, the high speed gear of next foreword boils mill and repair burr. VSC compound machine tool also can from the wool embryo with soft treatment change the base with strong treatment kind machine tool component. For example, VSC machine tool can undertake soft car goes machining cast steel piston automatically, then use CBN or essence of King Kong emery wheel are ground have good car, auger, mill. VSC machine tool another distinctive function is solder receive unit. In carrying the laser beam welding of orgnaization manufacturing industry to receive, this gets increasingly important apply. A lot of orgnaizations, be like transmission annulus and clutch, often be machine alone above all, reentry luggage matchs and solder next. Soldering station, clamp assembles good work, make welding line next. The tine ministry of two kinds of workpiece also should have been protected, splatter in order to prevent soldering fluid to go up to the tooth flank of workpiece. Solder the station has two axes, soldering in the process, an axis is the workpiece that hold clip is used, another axis is the component part that is used at uninstalling to already soldered is mixed bear the weight of the workpiece that installs next. The component that already installed piles up go up in conveyer, the hand is moved or automatic debus. The design concept of the VSC series machining center of EMAG company is considered as the world to precede, inside the machine tool workpiece is moved and machine tool cutting tool is not moved. This kind of design is major muti_function the foundation of machining center, such ability can come true to use a series of cutting tool to complete different treatment process in same table machine tool, because this came true from " simple " the vertical lathe change to muti_function compound treatment machine tool. EMAG company already consign used many 5000 this kind of machine tool. The market in expanding and the company of demand Monarch machine tool that transform ceaselessly assembled a VTL platform on the bridge-type frame of its machining center, make machining center achieves 5 axes function. Bridge-type frame controls axis of X, Y, Z, the turning of a 150cm, 60kW / fixed position workbench, the main shaft head that a clip of main shaft head that can change holds lathe tool or the vertebra power cutting tool of 50 ° adds an odd axis to be able to tilt serves as the 5th axis, can realize 5 axes treatment. Its type product is the component of large a powerful person or family and aviation engine. Company of Monarch machine tool sees market of machine tool of a lot of function, undertaking what already had a machine tool be designed again at present work with a few new designs, in order to make its vertical machine tool can have the main shaft function of similar horizontal machine tool. The machine tool that company of United States of Fuji machine tool makes at first basically is used at large quantities of quantities to produce, the workpiece of treatment can exceed 100 thousand normally, in such production efficiency falls, you cannot count on the treatment that will have mill with lathe or gets. The demand to small lot and more intricate work is more outstanding nowadays. A few big manufacturer try to throw finish machining process, they want to assemble module, move in their big thrust below, its supplier people must replace old facility and lower scrap rate. To reduce cost, these companies need to be able to provide the simple machine tool of a variety of functions. Want to satisfy above new requirement of the client, can change quickly functional machine tool is optimal solution, for example: Move 1, 2 days able be over a kind of work, change a function to become another kind of machine tool to move a long time to complete the treatment of another kind of workpiece again next. To satisfy this kind of requirement, mill - line of car set, TN emerge as the times require, they basically are to be those small-sized come true with medium-sized factory muti_function automation is made and design. This is a kind of one axis or the conservative design that two axes are a foundation, they can realize milling, auger cut or tap. As mill - a large number of use of vehicle center, to satisfy muti_function the demand of the market, 5 axes machined a machine tool to also get be used generally. Mikron company can be offerred come from 3 axes the machine tool of 5 axes, main shaft speed amounts to 60000 R/min, acceleration exceeds 1g. Among them one of newest products are UCP600Vario, 20000r/min of rotate speed of power 16kW, main shaft, still what can realize 5 5 axes, treatment rotate / tilt workbench. To assure precision, the machine tool still deserves to have oscillatory surveillance and module of intelligent temperature control. 5 axes of UCP600Vario are compound compound machine tool needs treatment machine tool company of Motoman of robot United States thinks so: The robot of exterior and independent unit mixes the machine tool close the application of the robot in machine tool interior will more and more popular. They are had sealed the crucial orgnaization technology that enters a robot in order to prevent lubricant or cooling fluid. Besides traditional fluctuation material, the robot also can carry workpiece now measure area, burnish working procedure or to can inspect testing system. The progress with the greatest robot is to controlling a respect to be able to simplify process designing and company of System 3R of operation United States think, when a robot can serve for a lot of single function machine tools, can raise production versatility greatly. Human hand contacts the time of workpiece to had been jumped over lesser, the robot is raising respect of machine tool versatility to act more parts. The main unit that company of American System 3R offers is those who say for " the job is in charge of " (WorkMaster) robot. This kind is taken makings put feed formula robot to serve at 3 machine tools, major action is put workpiece charging tray to another from a machine tool, need not additional setting. The biggest between equipment differring is software part. Robot the job of 75% is a service at a machine tool, that is to say, machine tool program signals to the robot tell it when to move. In a few more complex application, the program of the robot can control a machine tool. Use a kind to be called " plant manager " (WorkShopManager) software, the program of the robot became the person that unit is controlled. The diagnostic chip postmortem on each clamping apparatus and knife library starts the job to circulate. And Fanuc robot company shows, robot not only application expects at simple fluctuation, also can become the certain operation after treatment, be measured for instance and workpiece desired result. Assisting the ability respect that the machine tool machines, intelligence changed a robot to increase new function. They are had increase force to pass feel and can look a function, can realize the work that carries different measurement; They not bureau be confined to workpiece of capture of a kind of specific means, and also can handle dimension each different or carry a group of work, and when capture workpiece, force transducer can adjust capture force according to different condition, is not to use already the force of set; The robot still can put work accurately or through process designing setting the such as that finish changes the machine tool of chuck dimension size is adjusted, so they can cancel or reduce the labor with artificial need. The key of all these is robot program and machine tool or the connection with unit machine tool. CNC Milling CNC Machining