Home of fill of machine of silk of rub of DY43 Luo La is blank

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Yu of Inc. of machinery of classics abb spin second branch success research and development gives chance of silk of rub of the DY43 that owns own intellectual property Luo La. Machine of silk of make friends of DY43 Luo La makes full use of advanced technique and practical technology, use long rub with the hands filar board and fine tuning device, adjust cutting tool to go to the lavatory, manipulator expects automatically up and down, electric control uses control of numerical control system, can apply to many breed collect of my company to haul production. The price has 1/5 what import congener product only, function is close to or reach level of engine of silk of import roll steel. Function in some way is changed exceed them, electromechanical unifinication rate is high, manufacturing efficiency is tall, can rival with entrance equipment photograph, can take sb's place entrance equipment. Machine of silk of rub of DY43 Luo La raised level of quality of Luo La product not only, still reduced labor intensity of the worker greatly, improved productivity. Now, this machine already was passed small try, in try to be produced with productivity batch, product quality is all and eligible, manufacturing efficiency prep above designs a requirement. CNC Milling CNC Machining