Our country rolls out high-power of completely own intellectual property Europe Ⅲ engine

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10 litres when our country owns completely own intellectual property the first times, engine of Ⅲ of 12 litres of high-power Europe finished prototype trial-produce by Inc. of Wei bavin motivation a few days ago and will formal put into production, this will make the person's situation gets be enslaved to be enslaved to of technology of core of industry of our country motor change, indicate internal-combustion engine makes an our country the period that begins to enter own innovation. Attending in Beijing " two meetings " when Tan Xu of president of Inc. of motivation of bavin of delegate of countrywide National People's Congress, Wei announces this one news 13 days solely, say, wei bavin 10 litres, the basic function of engine of Ⅲ of 12 litres of high-power Europe and each index, had been achieved or exceed abroad to be the same as a type advanced product level. Industry public figure thinks, the development of this one crucial technology is successful, will mix to line of business of our country car mechanical equipment manufacturing industry produces far-reaching effect, equipment of adumbrative our country machinery made an enterprise be obtained on Europe Ⅲ platform as equal as foreign enterprise start opportunity. The schedule that the development of this product succeeds to carry out Europe Ⅲ to discharge a standard than predicting the whole nation is unified shifted to an earlier date about 3 years. The engine of high-power Europe Ⅲ that rolls out this is named by Inc. of Wei bavin motivation for " La Qing WP10/12 " . Tan Xu Guang says, name brand-newly, show this series is not is to introduce digestive foundation to go up transform, however a brand-new crucial technology that owns own intellectual property and own brand. Ni Hongjie says director of association of industry of Chinese internal-combustion engine, the development of heavy-duty engine develops high-power and productivity, it is the important sign of capability of technology of core of internal-combustion engine production industry and market competition ability, representing the overall level of manufacturing industry of equipment of machinery of a nation. Go to Europe from engine of Europe II high-power the product replacement of Ⅲ high-power engine and upgrade, can say the technology revolution that is internal-combustion engine industry. Wei lane diesel engine factory predecessor is the munitions factory that before liberating, establishs. In recent years, wei bavin motivation will raise own innovation ability to advance the central segment that structural adjustment and technology upgrade as the enterprise, throw many yuan 20 continuously, undertake large-scale technical reformation. Current, 10 litres of engine produce per year Wei bavin dynamic first what measure employment of house world person of the same trade. Sales revenue of Wei bavin motivation broke through 10 billion yuan last year, become the large company that industry of Chinese internal-combustion engine passes one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan first times CNC Milling CNC Machining