Double tall embedded labour accuses the machine platform application in power system

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[dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control] assure high dependability, improve moving performance, still can apply neatly at the same time and facilitate expanding is the key that monitoring of power system personal computer designs. In traditional design, basically adopt two kinds of platform: Special structure platform and current project accuse platform. Former and main use 8051, the sheet such as 80C196 piece machine decide CPU, with RS, 485, CAN and LonWorks regard data as communication network, introduce veneer or the small bus line that define oneself mostly, have stronger specific aim, construction of system is compact, integral function and reliability are higher, but existing versatility, but expanding and the system upgrades the inadequacy that waits for a respect. Latter uses the worker worker of STD bus line that uses extensively at present to dominate the bus line such as PC of machine, industry and PC104 normally, structural versatility, but expanding better, also easily of the system upgrade, but because use current structure, make the system has more redundant, of bus line " golden finger " , the reliability that overmuch plug-in unit and compressed cable also reduced a system. For this, development of company of computer of industry of Beijing health develop goes can contented high reliability, high-powered, have again better versatility and but expanding, the project that fits power system accuses machine platform. Whole system is used modular plug-in unit structure, interconnection of reliable collateral bus line is passed between pattern plate; The system includes with 8086 be core with LonWorks network advocate accuse board the intelligent I/O that reachs independence of high-powered, function. Already began to apply in respect of monitoring of a few protection at present. 1 modular   of   of plug-in unit structure from " construction of system and combination design open form method " in light of the thought, systematic design still uses modular plug-in unit structure, bus line structure is being used to join between pattern plate is a kind of better method, benefit at the system expand and upgrade. 1.

The join of the line in system of power of   of   of structure of 1 plug-in unit and I/O pattern plate is used commonly circle received kind, like Ou Shi 48 core circle contact; Ask at the same time I/O interface from pattern plate back end derivative, pattern plate basically is man-machine interface before, if liquid crystal interface is mixed small keyboard interface, the worker worker that uses general STD or structure of PC bus line accuses machine is very difficult satisfy this requirement. Because of the design of structure of this plug-in unit, use standard VME double expensive measure, box is 6U height, on half part is I/O bus line, give out directly circle the interface that receives kind, below half part is data, address and control 3 bus line (1) seeing a picture. Graph Fig of   of   of   of block diagram of structure of 1 pattern plate.

  of   of 1Thestructureofmodule     1.

  of   of 2 bus line uses the system of plug-in unit structure, use a level extensively collateral motherboard bus line. It can support high speed to data is transmitted and be handled with simple hardware, make whole system has taller compatibility and agile configuration. Use structure of pinhole of type of 96 core Europe. Carry out a proof, the means that insert a needle is compared " golden finger " means contact is more reliable, asking to dependability taller harsh environment is medium especially, insert a needle whole package is in socket, with outside ambient segregation, can resist more the influence of harsh environment. Signal uses standard ISA definition. ISA is to suit the bus line of 8086 most. To using the system of 8086, need to add chip of bus line drive to be able to be satisfied basically only at present the requirement of ISA, at the same time OK also utmost favourable geographical position is used at present the chip with 8086 form a complete set, apparent the price of these chip is more appropriate also. 1.

The   of independent character   of 3 functions passes bus line interconnection between module, chip of bus line drive is adopted between pattern plate and bus line mix 3 bus line board outside bus line segregation, reduce the interference between pattern plate. Whole system can be divided collect processing module for routine module and data. Routine module by 8086 with LonWorks network advocate accuse CPU to finish: Handle network operation, consultative changeover; Man-machine interface (show like small keyboard, liquid crystal) ; Use the large-scale blame on pattern plate to break location easily, save data to collect the data on processing module; Use board the calendar bell that go up, serial mouth complete other routine operation; Still can operate a few switch to measure input and output, leave in order to make up for what data collects processing module, open the inadequacy that go out. Data collects processing module basically is the intelligent A/D that is core with DSP, its bear is worn the collection of imitate quantity, processing reachs a few main export to control a function. There can be many data to collect processing module in a system. Because sex of this matter Wu handles module and data to collect processing module and by routine processing module pilot leaves / piece, can achieve the dispersive control inside a system and centralized administration effectively. The independent character of systematic function also is indicating of systematic whole dependability rise. Advocate the function of CPU is independent, the function of intelligent A/D is independent, all data changeover come true through double mouth RAM, any one person the invalidation with disastrous blame (be like power source and ground as a result of chip puncture short circuit) , won't create be no longer in force of other pattern plate. Every module moves independently, make can be supervised each other between pattern plate. Functional independent character can be configured neatly according to systematic dimensions, the system with routine less processing is OK V40 is given priority to accuse module, routine processing can use 386EX morer, it is ST company 486PC even. Same data collects processing module to be able to choose 16, 32, 64, imitate of more even road measures an input, can use high-powered like TMS320C32, low function is like TMS320F206, it is 80C196 even. In the module of all and same kind, divide advocate CPU is different outside, module of other hardware function maintains do one's best consistent, can make software is in so advocate class of the collection in accusing module is compatible, in other module C language class is compatible, the transplanting of convenient user system. The characteristic that   of   of 2 intelligence communication runs according to power system, use control mode without the center, make control node to stand by equipment be accusinged as far as possible. Transformer substation layer and unit layer can use unified LonWorks network, use same communication agreement. Transformer substation layer includes complete station (net) the monitoring lead plane of the gender that is used at this station monitoring, system and the engineer station that are used at the network to safeguard, general outfit is in control room. The equipment of unit layer is put in the spot commonly, according to the principle of distributed system, there is circuit join between each unit, can pass network reciprocity (Peertopeer) exchanges data. Occurrence malfunction of equipment of the monitoring when an unit, protection or unusual, can stop only this unit equipment undertakes checking handling, do not affect other unit. LonWorks technology, accord with agreement of 7 of ISO open networks, solve each other effectively to handle sexual issue. Regard the spot as bus line, better application received in system of transformer substation automation. 3 with 8086 be core advocate accuse   of module     since 80 time, roll out in succession with the 8086 PCs that are core, apply at the domain such as industrial control, OA, commerce, family widely, corresponding also ground got applied in power system. V40(uPD70208) is a kind of high-powered CMOS, whole static state embedded 8 microprocessor chip (be equivalent to 80188) . V40 is compositive a lot of periphery parts of an apparatus, mix completely on software 8088CPU is compatible. 386EX is Intel company rolled out 1994, suit industry to control 32 high-powered embedded CPU. Use CMOS craft and design of static parts of an apparatus, the low power comsumption that accords with industrial spot completely, high reliability, requirement that can use in harsh environment. Besides afore-mentioned CPU, advocate accuse module to still include restoration of bus line part, system, power source management to wait. Bus line matchs, bus line drive and bus line segregation basically finish bus line to be opposite advocate the segregation that accuses module, a number that assures chip of drive of 3 bus line at the same time concern with a number of systematic module only. Systematic restoration can use restoration output or input according to demand. When using output means, advocate accuse CPU to be able to undertake restoration to other pattern plate; If use input means, the system has a total n is monitored and watchdog restoration is outputted, other to the system module undertakes restoration is controlled. High capacity is read-only electron dish, use at memory user program; High capacity is readable written electron dish, use M, the DOC2000 of System company, the largest space can amount to 100MB, save as extensive data; Tall reliable and readable blame breaks memory easily, use tall reliable E2PROM, use at memory to decide a value. Advocate CPU module still includes control of calendar bell, liquid crystal and small keyboard to control, can realize man-machine interface conveniently. DSP of   of   of   of   of DSP of processor of 4 numbers signal and current and general CPU are different, it is a kind of microprocessor that has special structure to reach fast maths operation. Multiplier of operation of structure of fast instruction cycle, haing Buddha, running water, appropriative, special DSP dictates, optimize a design plus integrated circuit, can make the instruction cycle of DSP amounts to 200ns. DSP has quite powerful processing capacity, be in identical advocate below frequency, want than current PC even 10 times faster ~ 50 times. DSP no longer pure collect as data, still at the same time bear before by advocate the main operation function that CPU fulfils. Use DSP to be the intelligent A/D of core, can finish the functional module of an independence in power system completely independently, in be being protected for example, can give out protective act through DSP directly, need not upload advocate CPU, can accelerate reaction time of the system greatly. Because this intelligence A/D has switch at the same time,the quantity is inputted / the function of output. CNC Milling CNC Machining