Tycoon of green the sources of energy realizes micron precision to measure

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Use grating of Lei Ni carry on to undertake accurate and fast decisive measure, giant the mass production that machine of grinding of KMT Lidkoping VTG4000 can realize bearing of dynamo of high accuracy wind rotor. Wind- driven turbogenerator sees Weiwei far grand, somebody thinks it is a beautiful scenery line, also somebody thinks sight of its be a hindrance to, but right but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity the demand that grow day and day is a fact that does not dispute however. The large component such as manufacturing bearing posed new project challenge to machine tool manufacturer, and be located in Sweden the group of KMT Lidkoping machine tool that mid Lidkoping presses down captured successfully this one difficult problem. Its are new-style hard turning VTG4000 (vertical turning grinding) the precision that linear grating and round grating implementation need the SiGNUM that compound machining center uses Leinishao, the coder of magnetism of Lei Ni carry on that uses hard usage on the axis of cutting head. The say of total stylist Eive Johansson of Lidkoping VTG, "Our biggest machine tool can accommodate a diameter to be as high as the workpiece of 600 Mm in the past, but the work that VTG4000 can process a diameter to exceed 4000 Mm, namely the dimension of bearing of the largest wind- driven turbogenerator. The hard turning with this very slashing requirement and grinding, and fixed position definition is very fundamental, because this meeting affects the quality to finished product bearing directly. " the machine tool of measure of a standard, use the ball screw on the axis to be able to maintain the appearance deviation of 3 μ M, although be put in bigger difference in relevant measure, but VTG4000 has proved, it can is in feed resolution 0.

Outstanding excel is achieved below the circumstance of step pitch of 1 μ M the appearance deviation of 1 μ M. Outstanding coder function Mr Johansson points out: "The core part of Lidkoping machine tool is linear slippery course. The fluid is static the union that suppresses weather strip of slideway, air and linear electric machinery brought up to be mixed formidably, accurately the system of maintenance-free. Want to achieve dynamic tigidity, we need tall gain and the quality of this gain and bar rule is concerned. Angle coder is bar foot direct conformity reachs on cirque, this also can create very big difference. " Mr Johansson sees grating of Lei Ni carry on SiGNUM for the first time on exhibition of Han Nuowei EMO 2007, next Lidkoping had the strict test of period of time. If Mr Johansson place narrates: "The reason that chooses Leinishao is very simple: We contrasted the different grating that assembles reference slippery course to go up, bought a function is best that finally. Linear grating can with at least 4.

The successive length of 5 M is supplied, this bit is very important, and SiGNUM is the simplest method that achieves this requirement. Bar still has Leinishaoguang at the same time stronger fight corrupt ability. We had gone to installation of grating of Lei Ni carry on now on 4 linear slippery course, no less than what we expect, without any problems. Revolving stage has same design principle, have a fluid static press weather strip of radial and axial bearing, air and the torque electric machinery that are used at drive. After undertaking identical analysis, we chose round grating of SiGNUM of Lei Ni carry on. " handy coder installs Leinishaoguang it is very easy that one of optimal characteristics install bar namely, mix by right of accessary grating be located in the reading head near indicator light, whether has been the collimation that makes observe these two element adjusted and undertake be adjustmented finally becoming simple. Grating of carry on of all Lei Ni uses patent inside monitoring of indicator light of condition of buy LED installation, rose to install speed not only, and need not the installation supervisory and control arrangement with oscillograph complex etc. It is very easy that high quality promotes security us have visions of has a bearing only in wind- driven turbogenerator, but the bearing that has 3 different type in fact. Surprising is, blade base changes paddle bearing is the largest bearing, in a lot of wind- driven turbogenerator the diameter can amount to 4000 Mm, and probable it is the most important bearing, because they can adjust the span of blade. In moving process, span must match with wind speed, otherwise blade susceptive pressure will bring about them broken, because the dependability of bearing of this high quality becomes very necessary. If wind speed becomes exorbitant, exceed 25km/h normally, must create stall condition in order to protect blade. Main shaft bearing and crab bearing are very important also, because they let,turbine is able to rotate. The setting realizes all operations to carry out turning and grinding through using head of two independent cutting, the design of VTG4000 machine tool can make need not move between treatment operation except workpiece. Two cutting head can undertake configuration according to demand, it is grinding normally / turning or grinding / grinding. This means a machine tool to drive workpiece double the X axis of two cutting head must at least 4.

5m is long, such ability make grinding and turning cutting tool OK touch of workpiece exterior. Making function realizes best machine tool to design VTG4000 is a very solid machine tool, the weight of a few workpiece achieved 35 tons. Have the aid of at close pilot fluid static press temperature of oily gentle refrigerant, be able to bear or endure to what drawing twist and temperature change fight a gender extremely strong. Factory director Mr Henrik Jonsson of Lidkoping says when explanatory machine tool is tectonic: "Since 20 centuries 70 time begin to use a fluid static since pressing slideway, it is applied on all axes and linear electric machinery. This combination is faster, more accurate and can make sure bigger acceleration is spent with decelerate. Can move with finger when us 25, when the rotor with heavy 000kg, can realize the fluid is static press a system to have how outstanding. " the hot condition that another when producing big batch bearing main factor is workpiece. In producing a course, workpiece is in lade the environment of the factory must suit at least 48 hours before going up to the machine tool. The system of LM10 magnetism coder of the carry on of characteristic Lei Ni that enhances machine tool automation installs the B axis at grinding head. These coder all expose the harsh environment in the machine tool to fall, but all design to be not optics of contact, blame and sealed accord with IP68 standard, do not suffer refrigerant and the influence that cut bits. The distance that LM10 can achieve highest 100m and the high speed that are as high as 25m/s move (the resolution when 1 μ M is 4m/s) , can provide number or imitate output model, can choose resolution limits. The machine tool also uses radio of RMP60 of Lei Ni carry on to measure a head, in be being fastened to machine tool coordinate with putting work well and truly. Be put when workpiece go up at workbench of VTG4000 machine tool hind, RMP60 also is reached by to load with as same as cutting cutting tool way knife library, use at finding the exact place of crucial feature, this needs time a few seconds only. This data is fastened with the coordinate in update a loop, fall in the circumstance of the real position of accurate knowledge workpiece and dimension thereby, begin to machine instantly. To change another potential expatiatory hand task automation, also can use knife library to change grind annulus. Although to a lot of tasks, can use grind commonly annulus, but be necessary to change normally an appropriative plane is ground annulus, tilt annulus or of custom-built outline grind annulus, also call Xiu Zhuo to grind annulus. Like answering new challenge successfully to resemble itself of wind- driven turbogenerator, VTG4000 is in the machine tool that dimension and performance side are a beyond challenge as much, it can give a person a kind of awe-stricken sense. Will tell to the business before Lidkoping, supply VTG4000 the machine tool of so large size is remarkable apparently change, but depend on integrated and corresponding technology (like coder of Lei Ni carry on) , the company conquered this is challenged successfully. Choose Lidkoping about Lidkoping client, because Lidkoping is the grinding expert that from 20 centuries 20 time have to begin to produce grinding machine,be. Lidkoping to the whole world almost all main bearing suppliers offer money, business pervades North America, Europe and Asia. Company only then achieve 1875, UVA of its brother company held water in the Stockholm 1928. Lidkoping was bought by SKF 1929, and these two companies became the near future a of KMT group. In two companies, have exceed machine tool of 10 000 stage to be used in investment of global each district, and among them about 60% is make by Lidkoping. CNC Milling CNC Machining