Shipping is fictitious emulation technology builds the applied research in evaluating in shipping

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Research of fictitious emulation technology and applied current situation are in 1 shipping try to apply to fictitious emulation technology inside shipping industry, can make collateral project and nimble shipbuilding, digitlization shipbuilding are able to come true, at the same time it also is one of important segment that mode of our country traditional shipbuilding turns to modernization. Try to apply to fictitious emulation technology, before building ship, the engineer can build a process to undertake emulation to marine below fictitious environment, be improved thereby and evaluate marine craft and design, such facilitating that directive dockyard undertakes the spot produces operation. Fictitious emulation technology is used in shipping industry, can make produce efficiency to get promotion, reduce manufacturing cost, make building cycle shortens, the development that is industry of our country shipping thereby lays good foundation. Marine is built evaluate and design the project that can make previous craft or early days design are brought about to revise be able to eliminate, produce immediate effect to the cost of shipping company, quality and manufacturing efficiency then. Now nowadays, a lot of countries are being begun with fictitious emulate the shipping that evaluate and digitlizes a description to be united in wedlock fictitious make, the applied research that designs emulation technology, and be built in shipping in also applied a variety of emulation to evaluate software, and its develop level and efficiency to still be in got promoting considerably in recent years, a lot of countries that include our country inside are seeking promotion to develop quality, economic development charge, shorten the new way that develops time. Norwegian UD company regards shipping as the person above average of the design, now nowadays, they are opposite new vessel when undertaking designing, complete metropolis tries to use to three-dimensional model, the equipment position that evaluates artesian well boat integratedly below fictitious environment next, decorate, the exterior, analyse motivation of fictitious shipping water, right fictitious evaluate undertake section differentiates, emulate marine exercise process. From 20 centuries 90 time come, our country begins to try to consider to all sorts of advanced emulation technologies, develop large-scale system simulation. But the getaway that uses fictitious emulation technology in ocean and shipping domain is later, now nowadays, its work the mainest concentration is in preliminary the applied phase that carry out and studies theoretically, in addition, shipping institute of home also is developed have fictitious copy true software system and hardware platform. Application of 2 will fictitious emulation technologies builds this technology in evaluating to pass pair of fictitious and hypostatic models to try to use in marine, will achieve the goal that evaluates shipping to build a course, include shipping to produce system of test and verify of order of technology program, operation, production to found. It can support shipping to produce management, robot to emulate, man-machine effect analysis, basic cycle time determines, the content that craft plans to wait with test and verify. 2.

One of 1 content that apply shipping to build in building the argumentation of early days to evaluate are a basis requirement of business productivity layout and practical capacity, try to consider to the economy of shipping company, technology and development condition, to the development of shipping company direction and dimensions undertake forecast and be provinged, the enterprise protocol of construction technology economic norms comes out. Plan to undertake proving evaluating is to production in the early days that builds shipbuilding ship omnibus very strong job, this process needs to undertake an analysis to information of enterprise many sided. This technology can be used at distributinging to current business environment, scale of production and structure to undertake fictitious, be in by design personnel fictitious in imitate all sorts of tentative ideas, by analyses information database to undertake an analysis to all sorts of tentative idea advantages and disadvantages, to its at the same time feasibility tries to prove, this includes analysis of protection of environmental influence, boat choice, zoology, current situation to wait for the job. This technology built early days argumentation to provide argumentation means and technical measure for marine. 2.

2 shipping is applied to make plan in building the design of plan to evaluate all sorts of idea through designing staff ceaseless figure law is mixed notional law, use corresponding production shift to try to convey at the same time, this process needs to undertake consulting to around, when devising plan, the initial design of requirement program and thorough design must have alternant sex. The alternant sex that has to place of fictitious emulation technology and authenticity feature try to use, can use at undertaking to three dimensional space fictitious, make design personnel to be able to design a thought to have more accurate expression to theirs thereby. For example, what by institute of group of Chinese shipping industry development comes out is fictitious emulate evaluate a system. Pass the comparison of plan of total to differring group, build marine design thinking to be shown in fictitious environment come out, let design personnel to be able to be opposite intuitionisticly its undertake reviewing analyse, the harmonious sex that produces composition of environment, structure through case of the other side undertakes observation is compared, can undertake modification perfecting to designing thinking. Try to use to fictitious three dimensional space, be in to produce program then design of field place place, trends is adjusted, the respect such as manufacturing distribution choice, structural adjustment provides a basis, it is OK to make sequel produces a course thereby more reasonable. 2.

The 3 this technology place applies to found in comparing environments that producing program are three-dimensional and fictitious environment, it can build an environment to undertake to compose all-around reveal, and pass fictitious current situation, it is OK to let make plan more true. This technology can let build plan to break through the mode of original plane, static state on expression, the thought that lets build staff is OK more figure and appear intuitionisticly before handlers, make there can be stronger alternant sex between program program and handlers, be opposite thereby much personnel is mutiple level harmonious participate in marine to build advantageous. Can realize plan to design the goal that need achieves through a lot of ways, and indispensable one annulus is plan is compared among this. Fictitious emulation technology offerred to use a tool more effectively with what go to the lavatory quite for plan. When undertaking plan is compared, to production plan tries to be used directly in the fictitious system that can make in shipping, let design plan to be able to get reflecting in fictitious three dimensional space. To the program with different try out, inspect its opposite to produce the effect that environmental place forms, different to each factor of production tentative plan undertakes evaluating comparative, undertake the real time switch of different program, be in next same distinct manufacturing effect is felt in making alignment and manufacturing item, try to judge to designing rationality thereby. Meanwhile, still can apply technical measure to quantify an analysis to compare the specific target in plan, make shipping production plan more can sound thereby. For example, apply SPD-V3.

2 designs software is fictitious the structural program that arranges engine room pipeline. On the foundation that evaluates program, to engine room pipeline design rationality and craft rationality undertake test and verify, locate the defect that exists in the design then, make rate of manufacturing site do poorly done work over again is able to reduce thereby. 2.

4 apply in building a course when building ship, right fictitious emulate evaluate a technology to try to use, can come true to build plan to carry out the effect to undertake in advance examines to shipping, see its namely whether the optimal and integrated beneficial result that achieves environment, production, choose ceaselessly in carry out and revise, final help policymaker will decide follow-up producer case. For instance, can pass fictitious emulation technology to produce fictitious plan and some ship real phase tie, will build plan to carry out a state to give then true show, the benefit loss situation that because plan is defective,make thereby and creates is able to decrease. In addition, this technology still can undertake imitate to the sightless phenomenon such as temperature, noise, achieve thereby detect the purpose that affects shipping to produce each ingredient. Fictitious copy evaluates 3 shipping really application realizes ① of existent problem   fictitious emulation technology standardizes application. Make the technology with very main field as shipping, fictitious emulation technology must with build the conform to such as technical standard, regulation. But by current condition knowable, because shipping builds standardization problem to had be notted solve, to ensure the software independence of fictitious software business, the compatibility that makes presence poorer between software system, those who want to make emulate achievement coordinate and share be able to come true, must try to consider to emulating technical application to standardize a problem. Carry the development of pair of same design platform, make cooperate with platform collect gets promotion into efficiency, be shared in what information comes true on bigger range thereby and design cooperate with. ② is improved make design technology. In traditional marine design majority plane writtens guarantee the expressive means of composition of a picture is 2 dimension to convey, the last few years begins to introduce three-dimensional technology, formed thereby three-dimensional create technical pattern with what 2 dimension photograph is united in wedlock. But be in our country, because fictitious emulation technology is defective and perfect,the emulation software that change and standardizes serves as carrier, if can mix the three-dimensional expression that produces technical instead standardization,design pattern, the farther application in will producing a design to this technology is advantageous. ③ production designs habit and traditional idea issue. Because this technology even lies,extend operating period, design personnel to be not worth to the understanding even of this technology nowadays now, and traditional idea was not improved as technical progress somewhat. Majority shipping company stops in in the even on this technology demonstrate administrative levels, did not realise the deep-seated effectiveness of this technology. In addition, because the tradition designed a habit to be formed to the use of new method,restrict action certainly, want to change habit of this kind of design to still have certain difficulty inside short time. Undertake to this technology seasonable development is used, to the three-dimensional platform of this technology design platform tries to build, will popularize a gender to developing design personnel advantageous. ④ is fictitious emulation technology remains to perfect. Because this technology oneself is put in certain limitation, make this technology designs the applied even in certain circumstance to exist in shipping certain difficulty. For instance, to building plan to be in the expression of conception period blurs sexual problem and problem of sex of modification real time, the system of index evaluation body that builds standardization, build the technical barrier with forecast the problem such as analytic model to go up to exist as before certain. Effect of application of fictitious emulation technology is not distinct in ⑤ shipping industry. The development of this technology needs to throw a large number of capital and sophisticated equipment. Although this technology is studying form of shipping production operation is mixed,build high-tech shift is attributed on plan, but because develop the price of this software product,comparative really costly, and its system compatibility also compares difference, now nowadays, home still relies on an entrance to offer likely to the application of this system, because at present the scientific research courtyard of our country cannot undertake comprehensive configuration to relevant equipment, what also cannot apply much system to realize student in each college is comprehensive groom, bring about this technology to be able to not obtain very good application result in shipping industry, this also is a difficult point that in realizing this technology to be designed in shipping, uses. Want to make afore-mentioned problems get settlement, very important is to use this technology in the round, below the effect that develops a company in software, development is had gain ground model emulation technology software is very necessary, need scientific research courtyard and relevant school cooperation at the same time, undertake grooming large-scaly to this technology. Because 4 epilogue produce the application in evaluating a course in domestic shipping fictitious emulate evaluate a technology to still be belonged to start level, and also do not have standard application mode in abroad can offer draw lessons from, have plus domestic shipbuilding current situation not at abroad, in addition, as a result of shipping fictitious copy assesses a technology really is the development that accompanies shipping workmanship and technology and development rises, so, a lot of respects such as its research work, fictitious maintenance, new technology still remain to perfect and be improved. Now nowadays, compositive change emulate the development way that has made shipping make, the application of this technology also has become shipping to make the technology with most decisive mode, and had turned shipping into one of passports that engineering capability obtains promoting, in addition, this technology uses in shipping company, will offer a technology to prop up for the progress with further business. CNC Milling CNC Machining