Shallow analyse brings about engraving tool main shaft to damage at 4 o'clock reason

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Engraving tool main shaft is a when engraving tool switchs on the mobile phone to move surely main fittings, also be one of indispensable important fittings. Engraving tool main shaft allows easy damage in use process, the account that produces breakdown has a lot of, we are main for say the following at 4 o'clock reason. 1, the problem of the quality that the first reason is engraving tool main shaft, that is to say quality of main shaft itself involves the damage that caused bearing nevertheless. Those who use is the bearing with very poor quality, when high speed of engraving tool main shaft runs life shortens, easy attaint explained easily also. 2, the 2nd reason carves system of main shaft refrigeration to do not have the effect namely. Of water-cooling of engraving tool main shaft have boiler circulation system, if long-term boiler circulation is bad, perhaps forgot boiled water circulates, time grows, go up with respect to meeting occurrence heat effect, bring about attrition to increase, caused the damage of bearing. 3, the 3rd reason and operation of body of sculpture machines and tools are relative, rotate speed has not achieved some main shaft to begin to carve, cause the damage of bearing easily, some clients carve material resistance size in carven moment different, did not adjust speed in time to cause a damage of engraving tool main shaft. 4, the 4th step that makes good prevent frostbite certainly to winter of water-cooling main shaft namely, water freezes the its common occurance that brings about tubal point out to crack in cold winter, engraving tool main shaft also is to meet by frostbite. CNC Milling CNC Machining