Dark essence machine appears on the market new series of compound treatment machine tool

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The place of dark essence machine that make already began to accept the compound treatment machine tool that provides 3 knives station at most " NZ " the order of series. This product ever held in November 2006 " JIMTOF2006 (exhibition of machine tool of the 23rd Japan) " on had revealed. Include to support 6 inches of chuck " NZ1500 " with what support 8 inches of chuck " NZ2000 " 2 kinds of type, do not have stage of the 3rd knife according to having again, have without Y axis function, distribute 10 model in all. The strong capable person that basically faces equipment of pneumatics of · of product of communication of car assembly, electric · , oil pressure, flange dish reach an axis kind treatment. Through be in sign of all knife station matchs inside the 6 horn tool carrier of buy motor, enhanced speed and definition. Rotate the power of the biggest output of cutter spindle is 7.

5kW, top rotate speed is 6000rpm, have heavy cut function and high speed property at the same time. Additional, through shortening the 1st main shaft and the workpiece between the 2nd main shaft join time, raise feed speed to reach rotate the rotate speed coming back of cutting tool is spent, shortened handling time. 3 knives stage provides Y axis function entirely " T3Y3 " the archetypal date photograph of 2 main shaft compares model and 2 knives stage, handling time shortens about 40 % . Additional, to enhance security, still deployed 3 dimension interference to detect function. The action of many knives stage can confirm in the synchronism when machinery moves. Should detect when having interference, can stop to move mechanically to collide with preventing to happen instantly. The layout of bottom knife stage and tubing classics road are configured at inside of the shield inside the machine tool, rose to cut the processing function of bits. Construct through using round neck form, in prevent to cut bits to pile up on knife stage while, reduced the gap with structural shield, prevent to cut bits to enter shield interior thereby. The diameter of the biggest treatment of T3Y3 model is 320mm, length of the biggest treatment is 260mm. Respect of fast feed career, axis of X, Y, Z reachs 20 thousand Rpm for 30 thousand Rpm, 50 thousand Rpm respectively. Price respect, NZ1500 is 36.9 million yen, NZ2000 is 38.4 million yen. CNC Milling CNC Machining