Opening of film of gas of tall eddy lamina machines craft to analyse

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High-pressured turbine lamina is the crucial part in machine of aviation engine turbine, its work environment is very harsh. In engine loop, the high temperature high pressure of the generation after high-pressured turbine lamina is bearing to burn lights angry concussion, significant cooling step can assure the job of engine on the safe side already, prolong the service life of engine, also can reduce the Cheng Mu of high temperature material. The function of engine depends on greatly the discretion of turbine inlet temperature, it gets the limitation of turbine lamina material and structure. Because lamina of this pair of turbine undertakes continuous refrigeration, those who make is OK the melting point that exceeds material in permission working environment temperature still can ground of on the safe side works. Technology of the refrigeration that enrage film is to have representative important structure to improve one of, improved the performance of engine greatly: Gas film cools even if along Xiegao on body of turbine lamina leaf direction distributinged N platoon refrigeration enrages velar opening, from gas film opening ejective cooling air current is in foliaceous body surface forms gas film, cut off of high temperature burn gas, what improve blade data thereby is high temperature resistant function. The treatment quality of opening of cool air film affected the cooling result of high-pressured turbine lamina directly, affect the working life of blade. The treatment method of aperture of the refrigeration that enrage film has laser beam machining normally (Laser) , electric spark is machined (EDM) wait for means. Former treatment rate is rapid, cost is low, but the action burning frit as a result of laser, the surface roughness inside aperture is inhomogenous, form thicker remelting layer, what the aperture diameter that measures actually wants to be less than aperture is actual shed a diameter; Latter treatment precision is tall, the surface roughness inside aperture is even, and remelting layer is thinner, can machine figuration aperture, but handling time is longer, cost is higher. Better to get gas film opening machines quality, at present opening of film of gas of lamina of tall in aviation manufacturing industry eddy uses electric spark means to undertake machining mostly. In enraging the electric spark of velar opening to machine a process, exist the following to the problem: Force of ① job hydraulic pressure is reduced, the meeting such as attachment of remain of surface of matrix impurity, lumen core brings about handling time to lengthen, create remelting layer Zeng Houchao mark, appear even micro-crack. When ② is enraging velar opening filling treatment, electrode and former aperture are complete coincide is difficult, produce discharge easily 2 times, to spare parts surface condition can cause an effect. At present home did not enrage ③ the mature processing technique that the circle pours by the side of needle of acute angle of inclined hole of velar opening lumen. This shows, the ply of remelting layer is the crucial essential factor that affects quality of gas film opening, those who pass craft parameter optimize can realize remelting layer ply the smallest change, in order to improve the treatment quality of gas film opening. Remelting layer ply is parameter quality of treatment of opening of magnanimity gas film uses in the design point to border, it is the core element that parameter designs, its are basic the optimal level combination that the thought is all parameter in adopting selection system, make the treatment quality of gas film opening best, value of remelting layer ply is less, the treatment quality of gas film opening is better. The analytic process of remelting layer is a preferred issue actually, it carries use orthogonality list, the evaluation index that regards the Kong Jia that enrage film as labour quality with T of remelting layer ply, apply statistical technology to undertake an analysis, decide optimal level is combined. The extreme difference that remelting layer ply is worth is bigger, influencing factor level is higher. CNC Milling CNC Machining