Numerical control is automatic punch makes medium application in dynamoelectric door

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Before numerical control does not have punch technology, cannot finish large quantities of much punch production, confine is made at the punch production of medium, small lot, consequently not only exorbitant and cost is extremely wasteful. Compete as manufacturing industry however intense with each passing day, the product updates cycle shorter and shorter, punch production means must suit actively big, medium, small the requirement that mode of these 3 kinds of production plants, while numerical control technology sweeps across whole manufacturing industry, numerical control is automatic punch also is born subsequently. The flying development of technology of profit from computer, the perfect union of computer technology and numerical control technology makes the computer " soft control " oneself replace gradually vintage " strong control " . On numerical control machine tool, want to change the software course of punch spare parts only, can rush make new part, the flexibility that changes treatment target is very big, and the time that needs to adjust is very few however, accordingly, technology of punch of numerical control automation special agree with the medium, small lot of much breed is made board makings spare parts implements punch automation and large measure punch automation. The characteristic as a result of dynamoelectric door (market demand is abhorrent) , the gate dimension of every unit is differ, and the client also goes after each to have distinguishing feature on the exterior. Because this takes numerical control,treatment of automatic punch means is mode of a kind of feasible production. The door that technology of three-dimensional and stereo bent housing makes the numerical control that if tycoon of dynamoelectric door industry is red,place of Inc. of door intelligence science and technology uses is discharged. Use technology of three-dimensional and stereo bent housing to be told from item characteristics make dynamoelectric door door discharges whole not to have join, get sth done without any letup, make door body whole more hard, firm, durable; Say can agile operation from manufacturing mode, different measurement, different specifications need not trival hand moves hardware adjustment, can get used to all sorts of production demand; Tell from economic benefits, can save labour cost, cost of material (if the hand changes the condition that treatment makes raw material discards as useless) , economic production cycle promotes unit time to produce can value. Accordingly, numerical control is automatic punch makes a trade in dynamoelectric door is indispensable " edge tool of cut into a mountain " . CNC Milling CNC Machining