Accomplish milling machine the whole nation is best

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"Accomplish milling machine the whole nation is best " Zhangzhou assist industrial limited company realizes peak machinery double win report from our correspondent (Cai Jianru) the Brazilian client that has purchasing to our country on a special trip, arrive at Zhangzhou by Shandong flounder assist product line of machine tool of numerical control of limited company of peak machinery industry, he what be moved deeply by product quality decides on the spot, retreat the machine tool that orders in Shandong, with Zhangzhou assist limited company of peak machinery industry signs 2.5 million yuan buy a contract. Zhangzhou assist limited company of peak machinery industry establishs by Cong of Taiwan businessman Liao Yi in June 2000, it is company of our city new and high technology, give priority to in order to produce engine of machining center of machine tool of mould milling machine, numerical control, vertical, main product CNC Milling and fill of machine of vertical machining center the blank that I save machine tool job, its are technical it is with advanced sex in countrywide congener enterprise be among the best of candidates. Establish be not worth 5 years, it makes a bound win to applaud in machinery with masterly craft, excellent quality sound, product 80%% offers outlet, sell as far as to and other places of the United States, Brazil, Turkey. Mention a company to do poineering work history, cong of company president Liao Yi is very proud. At the beginning of 2000, establish at Taiwan Taichun assist decision of peak machinery Inc. moves production centre of gravity from Taiwan motherland mainland. Going coastal after a few province, photograph of Liao Yi Cong became medium Na Jing. Although the industrial manufacturing industry of the pacify austral at that time is a blank almost, dan Liaoyi Cong thinks the environment here is good, resolutely the decision runs a plant in this investment. In " accomplish milling machine the whole nation is best " below the drive of the concept, the potential of company staff is disentombed adequately to come out, product quality rises ceaselessly, produce can break up ceaselessly time, the company at the beginning of this year is judged to attach most importance to bit of enterprise and pay taxes large family early or late. (Information source: The daily austral Fujian) CNC Milling CNC Machining