Industrial robot solders to apply mediumly in the car

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Solder the traditional foundation craft that the technology regards manufacturing industry as and technology, the history that uses in industry is not long, but its development is very rapid however. Solder the robot is what rise in the development on industrial robot foundation is advanced solder equipment, it is to be engaged in soldering (include cut and spray) industrial robot, basically use at industrial automation domain, its apply extensively at car and its component to make, the industry such as machine of autocycle, project, process of 4 big production has outfit of the punch that produces in the car, solder, besmear outfit, general assembly to apply extensively, apply among them most give priority to with arc solder, spot welding. Solder typically robot system is like below a few kinds of forms: Solder robot workstation, solder robot product line, solder private plane. Solder robot system suits medium, small lot to produce commonly, by the welding line of solder workpiece can short and much, form is more complex. Flexible solder wiring suits product breed particularly much, quantity of every lot number is used below very few circumstance again. Solder private plane suits batch the product with big, slow remodel, less to welding line amount, longer, the workpiece of appearance custom is relatively applicable also, as to choose deliver a child of which kinds of automation solder to produce a form, need to be decided according to the actual condition of the enterprise. Solder in what the representative application of car domain reviews whole auto industry the current situation, analyse those who give auto industry not hard to solder development trend is: Development automation is flexible manufacturing system. And industrial robot, because of collect automation production and flexibility produce a characteristic at a suit, friend car production used a robot quickly in recent years. Soldering respect, what basically use is spot welding robot and arc welding machine implement person. Especially in last few years, domestic car produces an enterprise to take soldering automation seriously very much. The automation rate of 13 product line that amount to automobile body solder to hold a workshop like the nimble that one steam introduces amounts to 80% above, each line by the computer (can make up Cheng controller PLC-3) to control, complete work automatically convey and solder. Solder by R30 polar coordinates type robot and robot of G60 toggle type are undertaken 61 times in all, robot drive is controlled by personal computer, number and character show, tape recorder is inputted and output a program. The movement of the robot uses the foreword pace contrail that selects a site, have very tall solder automation level, improved working condition already, improved product quality and productivity, reduce material to use up again. The product line of similar Gao Shuiping, have in and other places of Shanghai, Wuhan introduce. But these are far still after all the need that cannot get used to auto industry of our country nation to develop quickly, we must hold to technical innovation, develop quickly energetically efficient and energy-saving solder new material, new technology and new facility, development uses robot technology, develop light and address intelligence device, build efficient economy solder automation system, must transform traditional industry with the computer and IT, increase class. Big market of industry of automobile of service of deepness of new loose robot serves as home exclusive " research center of robot country project " , inc. of automation of new loose robot is engaged in the development of robot and technology of automation forward position, development and application. Application of its series robot basically covers solder of spot welding, arc, carry, assemble, gelatinize, spray, mould, note cut of model, water to wait for all sorts of automation exercise, wide application is made at car and its component, machine of autocycle, project, metallurgy, electron is assembled, content shedding, nicotian, hardware makes the trade such as report, military affairs. Current, content of equipment of technology of whole set of robot set technology and application, automation, storage sheds automation technology to equip to already formed new pine company domain of industry of 3 big dominant, aim to provide outstanding technology and service for the user. Heretofore already accumulative total rolled out system of many 800 robot to the market, it is the market go up highly competitive " robot and Wu of automation technology kimono " solution provider, also be the dominant power that home has the robot studies development and industrialization apply. The robot industry application of new soft company basically is to assume automobile body of of all kinds car to develop solder of line ball, white automobile body automatically to install clamping apparatus of assembly line of line of general assembly of line, car, motor, tool and the design that carry a system to make; Solder installs the design of route steel structure, project tubal a network to make; Design of technology of solder outfit line, plane is decorated, robot type selecting, robot designs as mechanical as mark of type selecting, blame equipment with automatic solder clamp, complementary, the design that controls a system is made with production craft is debugged etc, main application creates a field at the car. 2002, the bibcock company that new soft company gives city of lake of overgrown with weeds auto industry -- on limited company of car of steam group strange luck offerred 8 robots to solder system, make noise of strange luck car reduces 4 decibel, product quality exceeded the product that the product line that course of study of person of the same trade provides produces. As a result of reliable project quality and perfect after service, on steam group signed batholith of A11, B11 with new soft company again product line, solder of lengthen car white automobile body holds a line, the supply agreement such as assembly line of motor of A11 model AGV, solder and assemble product line mediumly in order to comprise extend project. The first car of Chinese plant of group Qingdao car, it is China wholy-owned subsidiary of company of group of the first automobile, the nation is large enterprise, solder installs robot of this factory cab the line is the project project that new soft company implements, also be the first is designed by domestic company proper motion, those who carry out is truckload product line of factory robot spot welding. As a result of this product line move smoothly, improved a product solder quality and stability, reduced labor intensity, improved manufacturing efficiency, solved decisive technical difficult problem for the client. New soft company makes full use of the technical advantage of oneself and industry position, have product of series of automation of robot of own intellectual property besides development outside, the company returned numerous and as famous as international robot automation business to form close commercial partner relationship, closely around client demand, the company designs the research and development with abroad's advanced robot automation technology, product and powerful oneself ability, advanced technology equipment and perfect service system undertake perfect conformity, produce respective technology and resource advantage adequately, offer complete technology for the client solution and " make the key " project. The product technology standard that assured a company is as synchronous as world advanced level from beginning to end, offer the greatest rise in value to serve for broad client, good company image was established in industry, formed the core technology that gives priority to body with robot and advanced equipment, formed stronger integrated competition dominant position and poor dissimilation to compare competitive dominant position thereby. Current, the business domain of the company already pervaded the whole nation, be in not only the car is truckload the domain if: One steam, on cup of suitable, gold is general in steam, Shenyang, the enterprise such as long abundant of Chongqing Chang'an, Hunan is having wide application, be like,still be in enterprise of numerous car a replacement: Fojiya, Shanghai collects Xin Di of god of horse of dragon of Dalian China gram, Shanghai China gram, Shanghai, Nanjing, Changchun numerous wait for an enterprise to also having more typical application project. New soft company depends on old major just about experience and to the client sincere letter serves, make the sexual price of equipment compares the robot technology of the company to be in lead position from beginning to end in industry, its industry position gets consolidate and promoting ceaselessly, the robot technology that also is a company and equipment can get the base that uses extensively is ensured. Solder the robot is mixed as the development of our country auto industry in the applied trend of auto industry rise ceaselessly to what automation level asks, will to solder the rapid growth of robot market offerred a good opportunity. Predicting home company to soldering the demand of the robot will increase with the speed of 30% above. From robot technology development trend looks, solder the robot changes direction to develop to intelligence ceaselessly, the group that implements the robot in producing a system completely is coordinated and compositive control, achieve higher reliability and security thereby. And use solder the car production company of the robot is below condition of hi-tech, high quality, low cost be sure to achieve high speed progress, the development that also is sure to be automobile industry brings new lease of life. Believe, be in before long in the future, pass our joint efforts, of domestic automobile industry solder the technology can shorten stage by stage the difference that holds technical level with foreign advanced solder, receive WTO to bring the good luck of auto industry and challenge. CNC Milling CNC Machining