Bearing science and technology: Market technology is double forestall

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The axis grinds science and technology (002046) has double monopoly of market forestall sex and technical forestall sex. Company bearing product basically includes special type bearing and bearing of accurate machine tool, both be in to the contribution of company gross profit 72 % above, among them technology of special type bearing is in absolutely monopoly position in home, countrywide market is had rate in 90% . And bearing of spaceflight special type basically is to be used at spaceflight and war industry respect, product technology is add the cost is high, gain capability is strong. Import the addition of machine tool equipment as our country, the addition that the product maintains, predict pair of form a complete set " accurate bearing " market demand is counted in future year will with year all the rate of 45% rises, bearing of P4 class nicety replaces an entrance will be the axis grinds the profit point of growth with new tomorrow of science and technology. The axis grinds science and technology is produced to the accurate bearing of P4 class above can cover for 180 thousand only, and predict to 2007 market demand is covered for 1.11 million, gap is huge. Came 2006 the company will enter a high speed to grow 2007 period, gain ability will rise considerably. In the near future the develops order form quickly fast growth of career of our country spaceflight is a company tall growing sex is offerred assure. CNC Milling CNC Machining