Tool of material of 3 water chestnut offers those who be used at plane utility to differ gyroidal shape establishs milling cutter

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The graph is used differ of gyroidal shape " VF-MHV " and " VF-6HVRB " . Tool of material of 3 water chestnut (head office: Tokyo) differ through be in the 4 knives head of gyroidal shape stands milling cutter " VF-MHV " on increase heads of a pair of 4 inches of knives, new roll out to use identical differ the circular arc of 6 knives head of gyroidal shape establishs milling cutter " VF-6HVRB " (graph) . This are new the product is OK and efficient treatment is multi-purpose the difficult cutting material such as the stainless steel that waits at plane part and titanium alloy. The characteristic of VF-MHV was to use make different helix angle compound be together differ gyroidal shape (consult tool of material of 3 water chestnut appears on the market to come to those who reduce vibration to establish milling cutter through optimizing horn coming back) . Can reduce vibration so, realize the efficient treatment of difficult cutting material. This, face deep treatment utility, added way of a pair of handles smaller than external diameter " go against paragraph model " head of 4 inches of knives. As a result of outside Zhou Ren's knife handle uses curved surface blade, because this was reduced,establish paragraph of difference when the wall is machined. VF-6HVRB respect, increase labor efficiency greatly to rise, knife head amount is added reach 6. Machined a respect to improve efficiency in flank especially. To satisfy the making requirement of many airlines part, part of this new product edge all designs form of the arc that it is a circle. Two new products all used the coating with admirable hear resistance. Such, raising leather film hardness and be able to bear or endure oxidisability while reduced coefficient of friction, can realize treatment of high accuracy, high grade from this. Price respect, of long 22mm of 8mm of diameter of external diameter 10mm, handle, blade " VFMHVD1000A100S08 " for 20 thousand 2260 yen (contain tax) . CNC Milling CNC Machining