Fuzhou will have world top-ranking enamel-insulated wire to produce base

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Coronal city is big announced company of the as biggest as the world ESSEX of United States of enamel-insulated wire manufacturer develops collaboration recently, in Fuzhou joint-stock establish coronal city to tell Essex limited company greatly, this means Fuzhou to will have a world's top-ranking enamel-insulated wire to produce base. The personage inside course of study thinks, coronal city is big regard the whole nation as manufacturer of the biggest special type enamel-insulated wire, will borrow this to stride a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. According to introducing, the investment amount of first phase of joint-stock company is 96 million dollar, register capital to be 32 million dollar. Design of scale of production is year of productivity 50 thousand tons, joint-stock both sides can increase investment in time according to did not make progress, initial tentative plan will form the productivity that produces per year enamel-insulated wire of 100 thousand tons of special type in joint-stock 2010 company. According to introducing, at present joint-stock project has starred building formally in development of Fuzhou economy technology build, predict 2004 the put into production before the bottom. The enamel-insulated wire of joint-stock company after put into production of first phase year productivity will achieve 30 thousand tons, 2006 year productivity will achieve 5 tons, year industrial production value will amount to 1.5 billion yuan, profit tax amount will amount to 70 million yuan. CNC Milling CNC Machining