The technology of cutting tool coating of ceaseless development

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Coating of all sorts of new-style cutting tool are in ceaseless popularity, its characteristic is to be aimed at specific treatment demand, use multilayer coating and new coating material, make machine function optimization. Be located in new York association of exterior project coating (Fred Teeter of executive director of advisory company of Chairman SECA) , Teeter expresses, "Any existence tatty places can consider to use coating of filmy pottery and porcelain. " although coating is in wear-resisting spare parts (like turbine engine spare parts) the application that go up is in constant growth, but coating still held the majority in the application on cutting cutting tool. Coating also proved the value of oneself really, according to the statistic of SECA, compare with photograph of blame coating cutting tool, the life of coating cutting tool can rise 2 - 10 times. The new coat that top job temperature and hardness raise ceaselessly still is in ceaseless emerge in large numbers, a few specific function of coating (wait like wearability, tenacity) also improving ceaselessly. A few years ago, nitrogen changes titanium (the first selection that TiN) coating once was filmy coating, although this is planted,everybody's familiar golden yellow coating often still is used nowadays, but all sorts of new-style coating emerge in endlessly already. Multilayer what the assorted application of coating can achieve performance is balanced change, monolayer coating accomplishs this hard. As the ceaseless emerge in large numbers of new-style and filmy coating, now, the problem that a lot of engineers may face is the coating sort that can offer an alternative too much (is not too little) . Canadian Eifeler coating serves Mahesh Sukumaran of company general manager to point out, "In the past 5 - in 10 years, of preparation time shorten make coating cost is reduced considerably. In addition, use multilayer coating can produce the advantage with different respective coating adequately, reduce the demand to lubricant thereby. " when the overall development trend that evaluating cutting tool coating, his explanation says, at present still a lot of users refer the case of TiN coating to him, they are not clear already a lot of new coat can offer an alternative now. Eifeler company can offer 9 kinds of different PVD coating products, have TiN coat of the standard already among them, also include ZrN, TiCN and AlTiSiN coat. Exxtral Plus is one of the most welcome coating, this is what by AlTiN + AlTiCrN comprises one kind is multilayer coating, suit to be used at hard alloy to establish milling cutter, can process hard steel of temper by dipping in water with working cutting or high speed of dry cutting means partly. The heat-resisting threshold value of this coating can amount to 800 ℃ , diamond pyramid hardness is HV3500 ± 500. Sukumaran points out, the main challenge that coating technology faces is the conglutinate that raises certain coating function and reduce coating thickness further. General coating does not have lubricity, and our multilayer coating collect lubricity and wearability at a suit, can reduce the attrition between cutting tool and workpiece, can decrease thereby or cancel the use of lubricating fluid, it is better to still can be obtained at the same time cut bits to flow. Cutting tool coating a remarkable development trend is its application is becoming special with each passing day change. Coating and Ou Ruikang of exterior technology supplier Baerchasi (Christopher Halter of director of Oerlikon Balzers) company also noticed this. This company can offer 24 kinds of different coating products at present, among them Balinit Alcrona is coating of a kind of AlCrN, be this company development is the last general-purpose coating brand. Halter points out, a variety of new special model coating (the Balinit Aldura coating of the steel of strong tool of temper by dipping in water that if be used at milling treatment hardness,exceeds HRC50) the development trend that represented future. Balinit Helica of coating of another kind of AlCr radical is designed technically for twist drill. Balinit Aldura brand is again deposit on the TiAlN coat that has bearing effect an AlCrN base functional coating. TiAlN layer can ensure good adhesiveness and mechanical intensity, and AlCrN layer can supply exceedingly good heat rigid and fight oxidation function (be as high as 1100 ℃ ) , open cutting tool and segregation of heat in metal cutting come. Ou Ruikang the company has developed Baerchasi to will cause cutting tool engineer one kind the coating new technology of great interest -- P3e(pulse enhances an electron to launch technical) . Use this technology, can issue the Al2O3 that has tall hardness and good thermal stability and chemical stability with PVD craft preparation for the first time base coating, as a result of deposit temperature under 600 ℃ , the cutting tool that uses matrix of fine grained hard alloy also can have coat and won't be out of shape. P3e technology applies Yuouruikangbaerchasi first of the company " X3turn " on coating brand, this coating was used at turning is machined to achieve very good test result. Below dry cutting condition, the function of X3turn and brand of groovy CVD coating razor blade are about the same. This coating is used to also can achieve very right result in interrupted cutting and the treatment of use cooling fluid. Now, all fine grained and it is OK to exceed matrix of fine grained hard alloy besmear Fu α falls in the deposit temperature under 600 ℃ - Al2O3 base coating, and the thermodynamic performance of deposit craft is very steady, won't make cutting tool happening is out of shape. Halter expectation, new P3e technology can the applied field with new open up, improve the productivity of use turning and user of milling razor blade. Swiss Platit company is a company that sells coating equipment to tool industry, a large number of experience were accumulated in coating technology respect. Platit company is developed and PVD coating equipment of production used multinomial and patent technology, can have groovy coating, accept rice coating and gradient coat not only, and usable still Yunami is compound coating. Accept rice coating is only actually a kind thinner multilayer coating, its every ply still is less than 20nm, the hardness of coating depends on the coating total ply of alternant besmear Fu, the number of plies of coating can amount to hundreds. Accept rice is compound coating is by typical coating (if TiAlN) embeds Si3N4 is not place of brilliant condition matrix,form, complex structure can improve forms accept rice the hardness of coating and lubricant function, raise the top job temperature of coating. Platit company still produces the three-layer coating that owns patent, it by a layer of a felt, intermediate layer (single construction or gradient structure) with an accept rice place of compound top layer is comprised, have fight attrition function and tenacity outstandingly. For example, NACo3 three-layer coating is it is ground floor with TiN, alTiN is intermediate layer, compound coating is NACo accept rice a layer. And NACo itself is the accept rice that TiAlN embeds Si3N4M is not brilliant matrix place to form compound coating. According to the data that Platit company provides, this coating hardness is as high as 38 – 45GPa, top job temperature achieves 1200 ° C. The magnetism that the coating equipment of this company uses a convention accuses principle of cathode electric arc (ARC) and flank rotate cathode (LARC) and center rotate cathode (CERC) patent technology. This company can supply 29 kinds of different coating, the standard of coating equipment is configured but Tu Fusan is planted " foundation " coating (namely TiN, TiCN and TiAlN) . This company says, these 3 kinds of coating occupy the 80% above of world coating market at present. The other coating that this company provides is for a few special application design, include coating of 17 kinds of optional coating, rice of 6 kinds of accept and coat of three-layer of 3 kinds of appropriative. President of Niagara Cutter company holds presiding apparitor Sherwood Bollier concurrently to point out, the 3 old technologies that cutting tool designs include base material, coating and form of cutting tool geometry. He thinks, although new coat can improve cutting tool performance, but if do not have,undertake optimizing to whole cutting tool, can not achieve improvement certainly purpose of cutting tool function. Bollier points out, "Obtaining a kind to have the new coat of new facial expression, taller hardness and top job temperature is easier, however the function that truly important is cutting tool. To new coat, we through detecting cutting tool function undertakes adjustment according to machining need. We discover, once be material of some kind of cutting tool and coating of make choice of of cutting blade form hind, the preparation of cutting tool point is very important. " company of Niagara cutting tool specializes in circular cutting tool (if establish milling cutter) and (through its miniature establishs milling cutter branch) the miniature that is used at machining medical treatment and electronic parts establishs milling cutter. Appropriate point makes the material of the coating that be on the waiting list uses at place definitely and place cutting, the cutting blade with very good effect of cutting aluminous material may be behaved when cutting is cast-iron not beautiful. He still thinks, 2 processing after besmear (be like coating polish) be designed with correct cutting tool and point preparation is likewise important. Bollier explanation says, "Although coating makes cutting blade keeps sharp, dan Ren mouth may be too sharp. Not the cutting blade of coating can have after a few original cutting tiny wear away, be helpful for ' stable ' cutting tool and eliminate brace up quiver, use method of accurate cutting blade preparation to undertake pretreatment to cutting tool, it is imitate not coating cutting tool is in the first time when cutting ' stable ' process. " Bollier expresses, "We have the new coat with a few kinds of very good performance, but they apply to specific treatment. " for example, a kind of when the company recommends Baerchasi AlCrN new coat that calls Alcrona already was proved to apply to gear hob, it seems that very naturally also can popularize application at establishing milling cutter. "We must work hard, make what Alcrona coating uses for me. It suits the point preparation that provides with Yu Dao really. Once we made experiment enoughly and detect, we can expand Alcrona coating in the treatment that uses at us. " Niagara company alleges, in a specific cutting experiment, the circumstance of 35% rises to fall in cutting speed and feed, this coating can make the cutting tool life of the user raises one times. Shanteweikekeleman (Sandvik Coromant) company has a group of widespread coating project technology. Although this company can work coating of its cutting tool outside bag, but it thinks, it is very important that oneself has coating technology and capacity. The global manager Margareta Palsson that company of gram of hill spy dimension is in charge of managing cutting tool brand thinks, a complete cutting solution originates of appearance of coating and appropriate matrix, geometry and point preparation reasonable match. She says, "The requirement that avery kind of machines has slight difference, and this differentia can be not changed those who be productivity is remarkable and different. We devote oneself to to adjust manufacturing technology meticulously, in order to satisfy these treatment requirements. " Shanteweike should be developed every year 6 - 8 kinds of new cutting tool names, one part is to be new treatment demand place to develop, another some is right already had coat improve. This company thinks, when matching coating for cutting tool, should undertake overall cutting experiments, for this, this company wants every year to undertake to 25000 cutting blade cutting experiments, of generation cut bits to heft 45 tons. For example, teweike rolled out hill to use Yu Gang this year the GC4205 brand of turning, this brand uses TiCN/Al203 in lukewarm CVD coating, the design is used at the condition of 1200 ℃ above is as high as to fall in cutting blade temperature, with very tall metal excision leads steadily treatment steel. Because need to undertake choosing in razor blade of hundreds kinds of cutting, shanteweikekeleman realizes the problem that overmuch information makes user burden overweight, for this, shanteweike used a kind of means that call CoroKey, can make the engineer is based on its specific requirement, reduce the workload that chooses cutting tool. After condition of type of sort of material of workpiece of user make choice of, treatment, treatment and cutting data, coroKey can help them choose applicable cutting razor blade. Although coating to every cutting tool it is very main essential factor, coroKey machines means and commendatory cutting deepness, feed and cutting speed to match each other through making workpiece material is mixed, help engineer chooses correct cutting tool. Palsson believes firmly, prospective treatment will need much cutting tool performance to consider, include to be material of new aerospace titanium alloy, composite material, pulverous metallurgy and the squirm that are used at car engine cylinder body the treatment development cutting tool with cast-iron Chinese ink and its coating. "In these treatment, scale of atomic structure, metal, surface is bright and clean degree, what cutting blade preparation and crystal arrange directional nuance to will cause productivity is very big different. " Palsso says. Company of hill tall cutting tool (Don Graham of manager of product of Seco Tools) turning expresses, it is the new technology of DurAtomic and new coat to develop a name, hill tall cutting tool is undertaking study to the crystal structure of coating. Through making CVD - the crystal of Al2O3 coating is directional tilt, can make coating is when cutting hardness taller, tenacity is better. His explanation says, "We undertake crystal on atomic measure directional, increased the tenacity of cutting razor blade already, also increased its wearability, and this both opposes each other normally. Make even if,every grain tilts very small angle, also can enhance its tenacity adequately. DurAtomic coating uses TiCN to serve as ground floor, new Al2O3 regards a top as the layer. The brand that rolls out earlier (the TP000 series that is like Seco) used additional TiN regards a top as the layer, and already needed no longer now, because Al2O3 already was had,enough strength is mixed the surface is bright and clean degree. TP2500 is hill usury the coating name that is used at turning treatment with the first when DurAtomic technology develops, using extensively at all sorts of steel when treatment, can offer better wearability and tenacity. In addition, TP2500 still can optimize stainless steel and cast-iron treatment, effectively treatment arrives from K10 the material of M40. Experiment through cutting of 80 multinomial spots, prove TP2500 applies to treatment of the rough machining of all sorts of material, surface and finish machining. Field test makes clear, use TP2500 coating to still can reduce cutting blade to accumulate bits tumour, compare with the posture of coating cutting tool that adopts normally, TP2500 can improve manufacturing efficiency 25% , prolong cutting tool life 40% . In the meantime, measures coating hardness rose 11% , new TP2500 coat still can make cutting tool thermal drop small 3% - 4% . Yi Sika company (Iscar Metals Inc.

) for cutting tool of its nicety hard alloy (include milling cutting tool, Kong Jia to be versed in cutting tool, turning cutting tool is mixed cut off cutting tool) developed a kind of new Sumo Tec coating technology (can use at CVD to also can be used at PVD) already, technology of Sumo Tec coating is to build the base in this company's original ALTec PVD and technology of Alpha-Tec CVD coating over. Whole nation of Yi Sika firm grooms director Mike Gadzinski says, "The failure mechanism with the commonnest cutting tool is collapse blade, we are accordingly special used three-layer coating: TiCN serves as rock-bottom, Al2O3 or AlTiN serves as intermediate layer, tiN film regards a top as the layer. Wearability of TiCN ameliorable cutting tool stops in case collapse blade, intermediate layer provided hot protective screen. To improve coating of this kind of foundation, yi Sika used proprietary aftertreatment technology, in order to arise already the slick surface that heat-resisting fights collapse blade again. In experimenting in the light of the cutting of earlier product, cutting tool life has 15% - of 80% rise. Cutting tool life has 15% - of 80% rise.. CNC Milling CNC Machining