Avoid nap model flexible the structural design of emery wheel and precision

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Develop as the high speed of modern technology, taller and taller to requirements of all sorts of precision of grinding spare parts. The vibration in grinding treatment process is one of main factors that affect grinding precision. To the research of oscillatory influence in grinding, had made more detailed narration in a few document. To overcome the effect that emery wheel vibration brings, some document put forward a kind of hole model flexible emery wheel (the design method of graph 1) . Use axial symmetry design, remove a rod asymmetrical brought vibration; Use flexible the requirement that the structure satisfies accurate grinding. But the production with flexible hole is more difficult, and hole structure makes the stiffness of emery wheel shows a curve for many times to distributing. The article offers a kind of structure simple, use special arenaceous belt serves as abrasive tool, have at the same time flexible the disappear of emery wheel brace up the new-style emery wheel of function. Graph 1 hole flexible emery wheel structure 1 flexible the structure of emery wheel is new-style emery wheel reachs arenaceous belt place to form by annulus of annulus of a powerful person of inner tube of type of emery wheel noumenon, gasbag, gas, bedspring, balata. Its structure is shown 2 times like the graph. Graph 2 avoid nap model flexible principle of work of emery wheel construction: (The model that 1) asks to choose arenaceous area according to grinding material (the) such as structure of granuality, bond, belt radical; (2) installs arenaceous belt below gasbag deflate condition; (The atmospheric pressure that 3) chooses to need undertakes aerating to emery wheel gasbag; (4) tightens solid emery wheel through bolt noumenal two sides, make bedspring annulus is in fixed condition; (5) undertakes dynamic balancing of essence of life to emery wheel; (6) undertakes grinding is machined. The pressure that moves solar term bursa can control emery wheel circumferential the Zhang Jin of arenaceous belt is spent; The balata annulus that chooses different hardness can control the stiffness of emery wheel. 2 bedspring annulus is out of shape primary reason pursues the structure of 2 emery wheel can see: The tensile force that the Zhou Sha outside emery wheel heads is those who carry bedspring ring be out of shape have pilot. Size of bedspring annulus deflection affects the grinding function of emery wheel and treatment efficiency. Go to the lavatory to achieve change arenaceous belt, control the demand of the tensile force of arenaceous belt effectively at the same time, need undertakes designing to the deflection of bedspring annulus. Graph 3 continuous bedspring loop composition of a picture 3 be out of shape for bedspring annulus principle. Use this to plant continuous bedspring loop compose, the M computation type of You Mou document is attainable every bedspring annulus piece curve deflection δ 1. In type: M -- torque, n · Mm E -- stretch model measures B -- annulus width, mm T -- annulus wall is large, mm K -- tie coefficient δ -- annulus aperture radius, mm every bedspring annulus piece drawing deflection in 2 type of δ : T -- equivalent pulling force, n A -- annulus cut area, mm2 L -- equivalent length, mm employs beryllium copper alloy when bedspring annulus material; Gasbag presses force P=3.

5kPa; When restraining L=3mm of coefficient K=3; equivalent length: Get δ 1=0.

016mm, d2=0.

0001mm. At this moment the deflection δ R=0 on direction of radius of whole bedspring annulus.

24mm. Graph the 4 deflection curves that get bedspring ring to be measured in the experiment. Can see from inside the graph: Average deflection and theory calculate the actual measurement on direction of radius of annulus of the bedspring after aerating deflection is conterminous close; The circumferential error of annulus of the bedspring after aerating is reduced greatly. Graph 4 continuous the precision of 3 bedspring annulus analyses the deflection curve of bedspring annulus to work to get first-rate parameter, change of research gasbag actuating pressure is circumferential to bedspring annulus the influence of the error. In P=2.

5 ~ 8.

The test has to emery wheel inside 5kPa limits, get pressure change is opposite if the influence curve of bedspring annulus error pursues 5 are shown. Graph 5 aerate the pressure influence to circumferential error can reach from inside the graph: P=3.

Bedspring annulus error is the smallest near 5kPa, because this chooses P=3.

5kPa serves as the actuating pressure of emery wheel. Take actuating pressure P=3.

5kPa; Adjust the bedspring annulus in emery wheel and gasbag are in optimal position, measures bedspring annulus is circumferentially error curve is shown 6 times like the graph. Take actuating pressure P=3.

5kPa; Use aerate, deflate, aerate again the repetition of means research emery wheel precision. Graph the 7 repetition that get bedspring ring to pass an experiment 3 times to measure precision curve. Graph the circumferential error of 6 bedspring annulus pursues the repetition of 7 bedspring the dynamic precision of 4 emery wheel uses precision continuous bedspring loop compose, because rotate speed changes,decrease the influence of circumferential to emery wheel error. Graph 8 to use continuous and cut off type construction, rotate speed change is circumferential to emery wheel the curve that precision affects. Graph the influence of change of 8 rotate speed to circumferential precision is on bedspring annulus adhesive bonding 50 balata annulus, use emery wheel of shape of 280 alumina cups to undertake to its one-time long form, measure balata annulus is circumferentially curved surface error is shown 9 times like the graph. Can reach from inside the graph: The biggest round error on annulus of balata of the emery wheel after long form is worth < 20µm. On annulus of balata of the emery wheel after metal mold arenaceous belt fits long form, take actuating pressure P=3.

5kPa, measure arenaceously if the graph is shown 10 times,take error of circumferential curved surface. Can reach from inside the graph: The biggest circumferential error on arenaceous belt of the emery wheel after long form is 50µm. Arenaceous belt is taken base primitive precision and the circumferential precision that install parameter to will affect emery wheel directly. Graph the circumferential precision of 9 balata annulus pursues 5 conclusion research makes clear the circumferential precision of arenaceous belt of 10 emery wheel: Compose of successive bedspring loop avoids designs gasbag type inner tube nap emery wheel, came true flexible the basic function of emery wheel and the characteristic that avoid nap emery wheel. Analytic test result can reach: · chooses proper gasbag pressure to be able to make emery wheel gets taller circumferential precision. The production precision of · gasbag and bedspring annulus and installation position affect the circumferential precision of emery wheel. · is continuous the emery wheel that bedspring loop compose reduces to be caused by rate change is circumferential error. The matrix of · emery wheel (balata annulus) the 20µm of circumferential precision < that go up, achieve design requirement. CNC Milling CNC Machining