Slant with be being set beforehand carry a law to reduce type compressor integrated horn is out of shape

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The summary was listed reduce type compressor horny metabolic a certain number of methods, the key introduced Japanese meeting cropland (of AlDA) company set beforehand slant carry a law, the action mechanism that analysed this method and this method are right machine tool the influence of each respect, confirmed the applicability of this method from the angle of theory and practice. The keyword opens type compressor horny stiffness horn is out of shape   of   of Adopt Preset Offset Loading To Reduce General Deformation Of Open Type PressZhou Wen Abstract: Gives Out Several Ways To Minimize Angular Deforming Of Open Type Press.

The Paper Mainly Introduces Preset Offset Loading Ways Of Ai Da.

Analyzes Mechanism Of This Ways And Its Effect To Presses.

The Feasibility O F The Ways Is Proved By Theory And Practice.

Key Words:oPen Type Press, angular Rigidity, stiffness of horn of Angular Deforming   (or horn is out of shape) a be compressor opening type main mechanical function index. This index is mixed to mould life make a precision having direct with distinct effect. Horny stiffness points to the horny stiffness of type airframe commonly, its meaning and test method are in ZBJ62.

027-89 " condition of technology of compressor opening type " in already had descriptive regulation. And be out of shape to horn, existing in fact two concepts: It is to show the horn of airframe is out of shape firstly, it is corresponding the horny stiffness at airframe; It is to show the integrated horn of the machine tool is out of shape secondly, namely the included angle between the plane on plane of slide block bottom and working bedplate (dehisce degree) . Article general reduces type compressor in a few more existing kinds on the foundation of horny metabolic method, the introduction reduces horny metabolic new method one kind -- set beforehand slant carry a law. 1 reduce type compressor below the limitative condition that a few kinds of groovy measure are in horny metabolic not to add airframe weight, be out of shape to reduce the role of type compressor, take the following kinds of step normally: (3 when 1) undertakes optimizing designing inclusive pair of airframe among them to airframe structure main and sectional undertake optimizing designing, in order to increase each sectional (especially the waist is sectional) inertial quadrature, make as far as possible above 3 sectional form hearts draw close to airframe larynx mouth. Of course, this kind is optimized and " draw close " should get inevitably the limitation of compressor structure and parameter respect. As the wide application of computer technology, run from opposite directions type compressor airframe undertakes optimizing designing already was not a very difficult job. Like company of American parameter technology (the structure in the Pro/ENGLNEER of CAD software product of PTC) analyses module Pro/STRUCTURE, can with the form of cloud atlas ground of very visual image shows member the stress of each place and value of meet an emergency. (The data that 2) uses high stretch standard to measure produces airframe document [1] offerred airframe part is out of shape computational formula is as follows: In type: Δ α -- airframe horn is out of shape; Pg -- compressor nominal force; E -- the stretch model quantity of airframe material; L1, L2, L3 -- the line segment length that hangs down to pass heart of 3 main and sectional form continuously (constructive get) ; β -- the included angle between line segment L2 and L3; J1, J2, J3 -- 3 main and sectional inertial quadrature. By go up type is knowable, the stretch model of airframe material measures the horn of E and airframe to be out of shape Δ α becomes inverse ratio. So, solder with armor plate structural airframe replaces cast-iron airframe to have distinct effect to raising horny stiffness. But, because cast airframe easily and very economic ground make appearance complex sectional, the actor chemical industry that makes airframe sectional is made more complete, plus cast airframe batch cost low and cast-iron have relatively good suction brace up fall function of a confusion of voices, reason casts airframe to still have its original advantage. (3) adds draw bar in the side outside the larynx mouth of airframe opening type actually, type of this kind of structure has been in drew close to the airframe that shut type. Its defect is to may give user operation to bring a few inconvenience. If the user thinks this one defect is negligible, so this law can yet be regarded as one kind handy easy travel and the good method with not high cost. The user that in me the factory carries on ever had this kind of method on special indent product use. 2 Japan meet what Tian Gong manages be set beforehand slant carry a law to reach its to analyse the following introduction theoretically the unique structure of company of meeting field of a kind of Japan. This structure goes easily simply, do not raise cost, the integrated role that reduces type compressor effectively is out of shape. Because, the action line design that the core of this method is will active force is apart from certainly to compare reach of laden action line (like 10mm) , cause a design to slant thereby carry, so, weigh this kind of method to slant to deflection measures a way or set load beforehand beforehand carry a law. On specific design, namely the ball head inside slide block the center is opposite go up at bedplate of plane of slide block bottom and job planar center reach is apart from certainly. Such, when compressor is laden, slide block will slant to carry and arise to overturn ahead because of be being set beforehand (common says " lower one's head " , with term of precision of compressor opening type the description should is " batter " ) the tendency. This kind of tendency will be quits on certain level airframe the tendency of because of load dehisce. Accordingly, this structure runs from opposite directions not only the airframe horn stiffness of type compressor has faint improvement, and the integrated role that can reduce type compressor significantly is out of shape. If plan institute is shown, rectangle piece represents the slide block in be in airframe slideway. In groovy structure, when slide block is laden, slide block general because of airframe larynx mouth stretch admire after that, make the clearance between slide block and airframe slideway is in the state that graph A place shows thereby. And used set beforehand slant after holding a construction, because slide block bears to overturn ahead pitching moment, batter of slide block general, make the clearance between slide block and airframe slideway is in the state that graph B place shows thereby. Can see from inside the graph, the included angle between plane of bottom of the slide block below these two kinds of condition is Δ α ′ , its value is: (In 1) type: C -- the clearance between slide block and airframe slideway () of the sum of around slideway clearance; L -- the effective oriented length between slide block and airframe slideway. As a result of minimum extraction a cost, according to Arctg θ = θ can get: 2 × of ≈ of Δ α ′       (2) is used set beforehand slant the change of angle of slide block of around carrying a law if the horn of airframe is out of shape the α that it is Δ , so use set beforehand slant the integrated horn of the machine tool after carrying a law is out of shape a α that it is Δ - Δ α ′ . This shows, use set beforehand slant after holding a construction, the integrated horn of compressor opening type is out of shape can reduce Δ α ′ . 3 set beforehand slant carry a law to show to be with the design of JE21-160 compressor opening type in the application in products plan exemple, ′ of computational Δ α is worth. Take C=0.

16mm, l=800mm, criterion horn of airframe of actual measurement of the JE21-160 in this exemple compressor is out of shape = of the α that it is Δ 2.

1 ′ , so integrated horn metabolic reduces a quantity to be relatively: According to ZBJ62.

027-89 " condition of technology of compressor opening type " run from opposite directions the regulation of α of C of stiffness of horn of type compressor airframe, c α ≥ 0.

001PgkN/ μ Rad, can beg from this go out to bear when the machine tool the airframe horn when nominal force Pg is laden is out of shape for: Opposite at 3.

The airframe horn of 4 ′ is out of shape, integrated horn metabolic reduces a quantity to be relatively: From this products plan example can see, use set beforehand slant carrying a law to be affected to reducing the integrated horn metabolic of type compressor is very remarkable. This product already saved the appraisal of achievement of science and technology that machinist trade office chairs at Jiangsu was being passed by 1997. Actually, set beforehand slant the horny stiffness that carries a law to did not raise airframe (if this method brings about oversight slide block is right the word) of the capsize moment of force of airframe slideway, the integrated role that can reduce a machine tool significantly however is out of shape. Investigate pledge actually, it just changed horny metabolic initial cost and final cost, make horny metabolic initiative the value is worth to lose (slide block is in airframe slideway batter) , reduce metabolic of machine tool horn significantly thereby final cost, expression is reduced significantly for metabolic of overall and integrated horn. The structure of cropland of this kind of meeting that we see is on the compressor opening type that even if put,uses in crankshaft, open type compressor to go up in crankshaft thwart in fact more appropriate uses this kind to be set beforehand slant carry a law. Type compressor leaves to go up in crankshaft thwart, when slide block begins load, connecting rod has not obtain perpendicular position, consequently connecting rod force will have component of force of a level to make slide block generation circles laden center backward retroflexion. Slant through be being designed appropriately carry, make its are offsetted by the part, improve slideway to get the quality of strength condition and journey of slide block load thereby, reduce integrated horn to be out of shape. Carry out a proof, with set beforehand slant carry a law to reduce type compressor integrated horn is out of shape be in not only theoretic it is reasonable, and have economic value. CNC Milling CNC Machining