Sea day fine is versed in the machine tool uses WorkNC to machine process designing software as dominant

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Limited company of machinery of industry of energy of day of peaceful wave sea, inc. of day of sea of subject Ning Bo, major produces numerical control lathe, machining center, rely on the advanced management concept of sea day Inc. , introduce Japanese new have diarrhoea (NIIGATA) , Darijin is belonged to (DAINICHI) wait for product technology, be versed in through essence of life advanced treatment, assemble, detect wait for a method, the series of high-quality goods of 3 big numerical control that produces a technical maturity: Type of door of series of HTM-H of horizontal machining center, dragon series of series of machining center HTM-G, HTM-TC of numerical control lathe, machine of a few breed. Can satisfy the requirement of all sorts of machining domains such as car, mould, hardware. The company has induction of machine of boring of grinder of slideway of pentahedral machining center, numerical control, coordinate, Laser Cutting, slideway to quench grinder of circle of inside and outside of machine, high accuracy, 3 coordinate measure interferometer of machine, laser to wait for equipment, bring up machinery of spotless numerical control high-quality goods! Regard domestic large scale computer as bed firm, peaceful wave of base oneself upon of industry of sea day energy, the machine tool of radiation Huadong and even whole throughout the country sells a network, held significant position in company of domestic mould treatment already, also machined an enterprise to build good cooperation to concern with a lot of moulds. And regard vendor of famous software of CAM process designing as Sescoi company, also reached close cooperation with industry of sea day energy. The company covers an area of a face to accumulate 100 much square metre, have formal worker many 2000, it is China at present the biggest plastic orgnaization produces base. Purchased software of axis of 3 WrokNC 5, regard the dominant process designing that its are machined and produces as software. Chief of process designing department gasps in admiration: What I value WorkNC very much is convenient operate a gender, this saved the time cost that a lot of engineers groom, additional, when the skill that WorkNC 5 axis machines makes we are undertaking large part is machined safer, the leave out after one-time process designing a lot of a lot modification, this let us do not have trouble back at home, our process designing group also very value this software, make clear, workNC is the most appropriate software that we had used so far. In addition, sescoi China gives us the after service before offerred complete carry out, very reach the designated position, we go up in Chinese market in active discussion, especially Hua Dong, the in selling an item further cooperation of Hua Na area plans. WorkNC Auto5 includes 2 functions module (graph 1) : 1.

3to5axis module is automatic press 3 axes or the cutter track that secure 5 shafts linkage of translate into of strategy of make choice of 5 axes cutter track. This module detects and evasive cutting tool reachs the collision of hilt. This changes a course is the geometry that does not depend on a machine tool and athletic feature. 2.

5 axes cutter track undertakes the linkage that the machine tool that 5tomachine model root tuber occupies make choice of outputs to 3to5axis be handled automatically, detect and the collision of evasive machine tool, make this cutter track satisfies the geometry of machine tool of make choice of and kinematic tie requirement. Processing follows a machine tool as a result and different. WorkNC Auto5 solved a standard ably the applied limitation with 5 axes politic treatment, extended linkage greatly what 5 axes treatment machines a domain in the mould is practical, and its inheritance of the 3 axes process designing of WorkNC efficient, automatic, simple process designing concept, the program personnel that makes have masters linkage quickly the advanced technique of process designing of 5 axes treatment turns into likelihood. CNC Milling CNC Machining