RFID technology runs the application in the system in cutting tool

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Systematic introduction now, more and more production enterprises are trying to improve the management to cutting tool, explore pattern of new cutting tool management or administrative method, try to pass active cutting tool management, improve the function of cutting tool and life substantially, reduce production cost, improve productivity and treatment quality. In inventory management, the sort of cutting tool is various, the amount is huge, discrepancy library operation is frequent, if do not have effective, reliable identifying technology, inventory management is immersed in a disorder very easily. The code that the identifying that traditional cutting tool manages basically relies on bar code, carve characters on a seal or blade holder to go up dish etc will identify, type message artificially, undertake dogging to cutting tool, measure, record. Rise as what machine efficiency and automation degree, change a knife more frequent, of this kind of tradition dog artificially the means of cutting tool information already satisfied the current requirement that processes pair of cutting tool information hard. Because of itself of this cutting tool or cutting tool user, the cutting tool that needs an automation identifies a system, emerge as the times require of label of electron of cutting tool RFID. Its meaning depends on identifying with monitoring cutting tool, ensure to there is appropriate cutting tool in machining a process. Systematic principle is in every room (maintenance room, storehouse, workshop, product line) mount RFID reader, when the cutting tool that contains RFID label shift arrives when this area, read the working status that take RFID label and updates cutting tool in time and position to arrive through reader systematic terminal. Cutting tool registers: Put in storage of each new cutting tool distributes ticket of a piece of RFID, sign and issue card through   RFID mark implement the detailed information that binds label ID calm cutting tool, be like a name, model, library area library etc, the record library of informatization replaced original manual record, can choose to print a paste of label of one not dry glue to use at the vision to check in surface of RFID electron label at the same time number of facilities of;   machine tool: The machine tool that works in every makes up reader of a stationary, every reader has a number and bind with machine bed calm, every time this reader is read when taking cutting tool label, delivery of cargo from storage of cutting tool of   of; of position of position of newer in the database cutting tool: Doorway of cutting tool storeroom reads a system of passageway of a RFID, pass doorway time when cutting tool, reader is read take cutting tool label, mark in the database of label place correspondence " delivery of cargo from storage " or choice by click screen to affirm the machine on cutting tool of condition;   artificially: Before the machine on cutting tool, the reader that goes up through the machine tool reads the electronic label that takes cutting tool, in label at the same time corresponding database keeps reader number (namely) of machine bed information, if inquire a certain cutting tool, can input cutting tool number in the system directly, see inquiry where is cutting tool, what doing, when to begin the work, accurate use RFID hand-held reader to read to; of every machine tool or optional choose take news of label of cutting tool RFID, cutting tool of   of the; in replacing applied system through holding position of machine general cutting tool deplanes: Cutting tool job ends, with reader scanning issues electronic ticket, the system marks in the database of label place correspondence " the job ends " or choice by click screen to affirm cutting tool of condition;   to answer a library artificially: When cutting tool put in storage passes a doorway, read a system to read through RFID passageway take label, the system marks in the database of label place correspondence " put in storage " or choice by click screen to affirm cutting tool of condition;   to safeguard artificially: If get offline,cutting tool occurrence damaged needs to maintain, when entering maintenance room to enter the mouth, read a system to read by RFID passageway take label, make an inventory of goods in a warehouse of;   cutting tool grows when hinting the staff member inputs necessary maintenance information to reach predicting maintenance: The staff member can be used hold reader fixed make an inventory of goods in a warehouse, close quarters is read take news of cutting tool label, manage systematic comparing to be opposite with tiring-room, artificial check library whether is the breed of cutting tool, amount fastened with tiring-room interconnected system is uniform. Be like abhorrent, but the spot undertakes correction to systematic information. Means of this make an inventory of goods in a warehouse can shorten time of enterprise make an inventory of goods in a warehouse the time of 85% , improved work efficiency greatly, return the cycle that can add make an inventory of goods in a warehouse at the same time. Systematic function achieves cutting tool of RFID of Yi science and technology to manage a system to realize user factory through RFID technology of of all kinds cutting tool superintend: Working status: Position of stand-by state, maintenance, using condition physics position: System of modular maintenance room, storehouse, workshop, product line basically comprises reader of stationary of RFID of   of label of   RFID electron reader of   RFID hand-held achieves software of Yi RFID system (can match oneself) CNC Milling CNC Machining