Change the design of curved private plane

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1 design goal is common Ban gold kind curve figuration: If casing figuration is used mostly,curve model or figuration of general the machine that fold a turn. But the elephant curves modular figuration, although have product measure stability, control the good point with dimension high precision, have the drawback that grinds scrape mark easily in product surface generation however. And the general aircraft that fold a turn can discount common product only, and product measure also is not stabilized, productivity is low. The product that if the graph is shown 1 times,resembles especially. The 45 ° butt joint of two little margins is more helpless. Must get for this reconsider devising plan. Graph 1 board makings spreads out a graph to be the casing outside the small refrigerator that the company design of some large-scale production freezer makes home to fold curved machine to be an introduction with the author next the design train of thought of this private plane and method, the hope can give each person of the same trade to rise to draw lessons from action. The movement of 2 private plane is compared above all certainly intuitionistic is to one break curved movement, must have one impaction moreover the movement of board makings. There must be one pattern when folding curved casing additionally, and when should folding a turn to become casing, because have side of one additional edge, must ask so matrix stretch, after waiting for the figuration that fold a turn, shrink inside matrix, just can take out work at this moment. Because casing is put in one arris edge,still have, should be when the figuration that fold a turn, if pursue,generation of inevitable meeting builds 2 butt joints that show two arris side receive bad, or squeeze the spare parts bad. The orthogonal arris side that still must have a graphic representation so makes sunken motion, and be gotten quadrilateral hit sunken. Graph because be in design process,2 casing figuration pursues final, because the company asks, produce great height likely later outside casing, when board kind when putting, must one is assist prop up, before and should have folding a turn, auxiliary prop up contract first reach the designated position. Because private plane movement is overmuch, auxiliary prop up did not introduce. Decided afore-mentioned can undertake our theory and structure are designed after a few movements. The plan design of 3 private plane had afore-mentioned a few movements, we decide the movement of private plane is ordinal first: Above all matrix is extended reach the designated position right angle of → of workpiece of the impaction below pressure head of → of the workpiece on → folds sunken → to fold → of sunken go back to fold a turn to fold the curved pressure head that retreat → to retreat → lower mould to retreat → to take out work into → by the side of arris, so far, can fold curved figuration casing, and 45 ° crimp is used by the side of Shuang Leng, the spot welding when arriving, already solid beautiful. Use the implementation with can very good fluid drive afore-mentioned requirements. Hydraulic pressure system basically distributes part type of agglomerate type, overlay a powerful person and insert the type that hold a powerful person form of a few kinds of control. Because of type of overlay a powerful person control has setup convenient, design is intuitionistic, and be maintained easily advantage, plus the price not expensive. This hydraulic pressure system uses reason control of type of overlay a powerful person. According to above circumstance, if the graph is shown 3 times,design hydraulic pressure system. Graph principle of system of 3 hydraulic pressure pursues (1) every oil cylinder controls its advance and retreat by reversal valve of magnetism of 3 4 electrify; (Every groups of oil cylinder use 2) two-way throttle, can control the rate of advance and retreat of oil cylinder respectively, very convenient to producing the adjustment of metre; (Because if pressure is too great,3) makes sunken oil cylinder, easy cause mechanical harm, reason increases a pressure-relief valve to control oil pocket pressure; (4) of every oil cylinder only then dot, terminus has be close to switch to send message, can dominate the voluntary action of equipment. If the graph is shown 4 times,the structural design of 4 private plane designs private plane structure according to afore-mentioned movement and hydraulic pressure system. Graph 4 this folds place of curved private plane to if the graph is shown 2 times,lose curved work, make the case when structure and specific work the introduction now: Above all oil cylinder 6 drive drive pattern 5 stretch, by fixed position bolt 10 with block a hammer 11 fixed position. Oil cylinder 1 drive casing 2 fluctuation move with impaction workpiece, again by oil cylinder 17 drive by runner shaft 18, join board 19, transmission shaft 15, press dozen of sunken orgnaization of a 14 composition to make sunken work the 45 ° sunken edge of butt joint of two arris edge is regressive time. Oil cylinder 3 belts the 4 workpiece that fold a turn become dynamic pressure board to back down squarely time, next oil cylinder 1 retreat to origin. Final matrix 5 inside shrink, take out work. So far a process that fold a turn is finished. 5 last words change curved machine structure this kind simple, design easily make, the price is not expensive also, and working procedure of achievable much talk, efficiency is taller, and in light of the case that uses from the user, the effect is very ideal. CNC Milling CNC Machining