Coordinate of workpiece of CNC Milling setting was at 0 o'clock

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Organic in CNC Milling operation inside to be opposite outside knife and machine the knife is opposite two kinds knife method. Cutting tool is passed directly to the knife inside so-called engine certain work coordinate is, need to use the instrument to the knife to the knife outside machine, the circumgyrate radius that measures cutting tool and point of a knife are opposite the height of datum plane. 1.

Installing workpiece coordinate was at 0 o'clock (if the graph is shown 1 times) graph coordinate of 1 setting workpiece was at 0 o'clock 1) to the knife the operation installs CNC Milling hand to move advocate functional condition cutting tool is located in workpiece left, slight contact workpiece is left, record X coordinate cost. The side before cutting tool is located in workpiece, the side before slight contact workpiece, record Y coordinate cost. Cutting tool is located in above workpiece, the surface on slight contact workpiece, record Z coordinate is worth 2) = of X0 of computation of coordinate of origin of workpiece coordinate department - (∣ X ∣ - D/2) Y0 = - (∣ Y ∣ - D/2) Z0 = Z 2) set workpiece coordinate fastens mobile cutting tool to position of coordinate of X0, Y0, Z0, right now knife dot and workpiece coordinate were at 0 o'clock coincide, buy of set CNC Milling 0 child functional condition, set coordinate of X0, Y0, Z0 to be worth for 0, built in interior of numerical control system with the knife the workpiece coordinate that the dot is origin is. 2.

To the knife to Dao Yi the law pursues 2 pairs of Dao Yi pursue to Dao Faru 2 are shown, determine the point of a knife of every knife is worth to the radius of main shaft axes and point of a knife comes the height of point of a knife of datum plane, computative the poor value of height of each knife point of a knife and height of point of a knife of standard cutting tool, input these cutting tool parameter after numerical control system, adopt the compensation statement of cutting tool, numerical control machine tool realizes the length compensation of the radius compensation of cutting tool and cutting tool automatically. CNC Milling CNC Machining