Be based on the system of CAD of worm wheel hob of example

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Summary: It is platform with Pro/ENGINEER software, used example inference technology to develop the system of CAD of worm wheel hob that is based on example. Introduced library of example of worm wheel hob build, the retrieval of example, evaluation, revise and of memory method and CAD system form. 1 foreword is based on example inference technology (Case-based Reasoning, CBR) is a when artificial intelligence domain applies extensively in recent years new technology. CBR technology is method of a kind of similar inference, its core is to pass example warehouse kind to apply the past already some experience will resolve new issue. In products plan, design experience often is having crucial effect, the architect can be used design experience with what go to, undertake assorted through devising example to already having, revise and design new product, because this CBR technology suits very much,use at solving design problem. Because the design of a large number of mechanical products is,change to already the product undertakes model design, because this had product model to become the jumping-off place of the design, use existing product to be equal to directly used before design experience and knowledge. Accordingly, have CBR technology application capacious development perspective at system of mechanical product CAD. Use the method that is based on example inference to undertake worm wheel hob is designed, can make full use of already some design experience, the modification of optimal example in passing pair of worm wheel hob to design example library and optimize, the design gives new worm wheel hob, shorten greatly thereby the design of worm wheel hob is periodic, raise worm wheel hob to design efficiency significantly. The author is the software that prop up with Pro/ENGINEER, used tool of Visual C++ process designing to develop the system of CAD of worm wheel hob that is based on example, undertook analytic study to relevant technology. Of library of example of design of hob of 2 worm wheel building worm wheel hob to design example library is the base that applied CBR technology has turbine hob CAD is designed, it should be included before the design data of hob of of all kinds worm wheel. When building worm wheel hob to design example library, the problem such as Lv of take an examination and the organization that solve library of the expression of the content of example, example, example. This literary grace builds warehouse of example of worm wheel hob with technology of ODBC(Open Database Connectivity) , the method that uses diagnostic operation and parameter to change a design to be united in wedlock builds the initiative example model of hob, convey the three-dimensional model of example to prop up an environment with Pro/ENGINEER software, store with the form of model file example, with parameter of example of database means memory. The expression of example because the complexity of example structure, need to use much view means to convey example commonly. If use 2 dimension view to express kind, can include a few information such as example graph only, bring about example to revise trival, cannot update in real time. Especially to more complex example, view amount is more, make need to undertake modification to each view after example evaluation, workload is bigger, design efficiency is low, and appear easily mistake. Be based on this one consideration, the article props up software environment to fall in Pro/ENGINEER, convey example of worm wheel hob with the means of three-dimensional feature model. Brachylogy of means of expression of this kind of example is intuitionistic, the modelling function that can use the software that prop up undertakes the modification of example and real time are updated conveniently, what added a system greatly is practical. When building initiative example, the parameter that needs to build worm wheel hob above all turns diagnostic model, namely compose builds in-house project database. Because initiative example parameter needs to be inputted through the user interface of application software, because this still needs custom-built interface of a data, in delivering example parameter the software that prop up. The parameter that establishs beforehand changes diagnostic model to pass the parameter that calls an input, build the model of specific parameter, can finish the expression of example. The organizes design example organization of example basically should consider the memory structure of example when means, because retrieve parameter and model file,two parts become independent relatively, because this uses the means that the retrieval of example parameter and example model departure save, namely example retrieval parameter maintains existence database in, and example model maintains presence with the means of Pro/ENGINEER model file below specific table of contents. Means of organization of library of this kind of example can simplify the retrieval of example library mechanism, rise retrieve efficiency. The retrieval of the retrieval of example of design of hob of 3 worm wheel and memory example the retrieval of example is a basis given problem description, use example index, search those who suit current problem from inside example library the most similar example. To amount to this purpose, example index must have high generality, can represent the main feature of example; In addition, index content must sufficient, specific, facilitate identify and operate. Of index choose with application closely related the domain, of index choose the organization that also can affect example. The actor bad that retrieves algorithm affects the efficiency of CBD system and usability directly. The retrieval of example needs to rely on the guidance of index and structure of example library organization. According to the analysis of similar to worm wheel hob sex, the retrieval of worm wheel hob parameter is type of hob type, the chamfer that hold bit, whorl to come back surely to, number of number of structure of feed means, hob, modulus, head, circumferential tine and gear-hobbing machine model. Can make through these crucial feature parameter example of a hob is distinguished at other hob example. Because these parameter include to be in database of parameter of feature of worm wheel hob, can regard similar example as the database database of parameter of feature of worm wheel hob directly accordingly. This system used collateral retrieval means. When collateral retrieval, all parameter act well at the same time, do not have the cent of primary and secondary, every is contented collateral retrieval conditional example all is the most similar example. The retrieval of the amount that retrieves the most similar example that give and set parameter is concerned, and the set that retrieves parameter depends on again crucial feature is decided really. The similar rate of crucial feature is higher, affirmatory retrieval parameter is more, the likeness that retrieves example namely is spent taller. The advantage that collateral retrieval is not to need to undertake classified pretreatment beforehand to example, can be opposite directly all records undertake the database all previous in order to obtain optimal example, retrieve speed fast, the operation is simple. Applied retrieval parameter undertakes retrieval to example library also come true through ODBC technology. This technology uses standard function and structured inquiry language to undertake operating to the database, and need not care " data source " come from why to plant database management system, operations of all database ground floor all are finished by corresponding driver. The memory of example keeps the product that already completed a design existence example library with example form in, augment the content of example library, reflected the ability of self-study be used to of CBR system. The CAD system that is based on example must have example retrieval link, the retrieval of example involves the memory issue that retrieves parameter again, and the memory question that left the expression of example model to bring example model again in environment of the software that prop up. As a result of the retrieval of example parameter and example model become independent each other, accordingly need is saved respectively. The example memory of this system uses the means that parameter and model save respectively, namely hob parameter maintains database of existence Microsoft Access in, the diagnostic model parameter with hob is common a database; Hob example maintains presence with the form of Pro/ENGINEER model file below specific table of contents. The example that the evaluation of example of design of hob of 4 worm wheel and the evaluation of modification example extract from inside example library (or the example that founds afresh) all need to be evaluated through example, dissatisfactory to evaluating a result example should undertake modification. Example evaluates content to basically include functional evaluation and cost assessment. Cost evaluation basically is the example model that opposite becomes make and cost of material undertakes evaluating, decide whether do its satisfy design requirement. The cost of material that the cost evaluation of worm wheel hob basically is evaluation hob and production cost. The rationality of the contented rate that functional evaluation basically uses at evaluating generated example to just face a design to ask in the function and parameter. The modification of the modification example of example is the process that the similar example that chooses to example extraction phase has necessary modification ask in order to get used to new design. The modification of example can divide a pace to undertake: Decide above all new design and retrieve the difference between the example that give; The example that gives in order to retrieve next undertakes modification for start (can undertake modification to a certain example already, also can undertake recombine and modification) to many example. The modification of example can use two kinds of methods: It is artificial interpose law, undertake be modificationed artificially to devising example by the architect namely; 2 it is the modification method that is based on knowledge, had revised Cheng Zhongke to use specific domain knowledge and the knowledge that have nothing to do with the domain namely. The modification that retrieves example to worm wheel hob basically uses artificial interpose method. What this system uses is modification law of parameter modification law and combination. Of system of CAD of worm wheel hob make a plan of system of CAD of hob of 5 worm wheel make the system of CAD of worm wheel hob that is based on example main by worm wheel hob initiative example builds module and the worm wheel hob that are based on example to design module composition of two functions module, every function module by corresponding child module composition, if right plan institute is shown. Worm wheel hob is initiative example builds module the main function of this module is the initiative example that establishs warehouse of example of worm wheel hob. It creates module by parameter input module, data interface module and initiative example composition of 3 stature function module. The worm wheel hob that is based on example designs module the main function of this module is after building warehouse of example of worm wheel hob, use initiative example to undertake worm wheel hob is designed. It revises module and example to save module by example retrieval module, example evaluation module, example composition of 4 stature function module. 6 conclusion will be based on example inference first (CBR) technology application is designed at worm wheel hob, with Pro/ENGINEER three-dimensional software is platform, developed the system of CAD of worm wheel hob that is based on example. The success that in order to of can significant benefit goes this system devises example, have function of self-study be used to, expand of the library ceaselessly as example, design ability of the system can increase ceaselessly, design efficiency can rise ceaselessly. The worm wheel that put forward to be based on collateral processing means the evaluation of hob retrieval and example, revise and memory method, have certain and direct sense to the development of system of cutting tool CAD. CNC Milling CNC Machining