2 dimension of Adopt.EACD and three-dimensional design come true associatedly

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The 1 foreword development as computer hardware and software, CAD software more and more the main tool that makes design unit. From original 2 dimension design, use three-dimensional design extensively to now, CAD software acted more and more important role in the design. In the design that waits in shipping, plane, car, three-dimensional design software applies more and more extensively. Electric design designs the main component of the domain as the system, also phase-in three-dimensional design. Electric design basically involves the content of 3 respects: Three-dimensional structure design, analysis emulates electric principle design, system to detect with the number. Electric principle is designed, with the form of blueprint of 2 dimension project, reflect the logistic concern that the join between the equipment inside the system and signal deliver, state the working principle of whole system. Three-dimensional structure designs the system, install equipment through be on three-dimensional digital prototype three-dimensional model, lay cable, pipeline, the physical attribute of imitate system, the dimensional geometry that mirrors equipment, cable, pipeline concerns. The analysis is emulated detect with the number, basically be to examine design rationality and validity, involve electromagnetism compatible, signal is emulated and breakdown detects the content that waits for a lot of respect. When designing electric principle to pursue, what use generally is the CAD software with current planar, for example AutoCAD, the electric component graph of scale is graphical information only, without electric attribute. The electric design software of a few major, although can the element that scale has electric property establishs logistic relationship, but confine is in this software, in the three-dimensional software that cannot guide logistic relation design unit is used. In three-dimensional design, what electric model more mirrors is geometrical information and without logistic information, the design with 2 three-dimensional peace keeping rises without correlation. Although have some of software (for example CATIA) can be in three-dimensional li of definition is electric and logistic relation, but the principle plan with good scale of need according to, new input concerns logically. How to make planar logic design and three-dimensional model design correlation, make planar logic relation can guide in three-dimensional design, three-dimensional positional information feedback answers 2 dimension is the problem that faces currently in the design. Dalian big project brings shipping technology the Adopt of electric subdesign software that finite liability company develops.

The settlement with very good EACD afore-mentioned problems. 2 Adopt.

Intelligence of EACD software brief introduction changes electric subdesign and Adopt of drawing management software.

EACD is big project brings shipping technology management of the collect wiring that finite liability company develops, standard component library, forms for reporting statistics outputs a function the line of new-style system level at a suit cable lays software system, this system applies to the domain such as aviation, shipping, car, provide the alternant environment that the user goes to the lavatory, complete the transition that designs to construction from principle design. Adopt.

EACD provided the electric component library that accords with mark of GB, boat, the geometrical information of component and electric property are included at the same time in the library, can go to the lavatory the cell that searchs need, allow to design personnel basis to need warehouse of patulous and electric component. Design personnel uses unified electric component warehouse, in assuring different blueprint thereby electric symbol and electric property information have oneness. Can build a project and undertake administrative to the blueprint in the project. The electric attribute of electric symbol in 2 dimension blueprint and the three-dimensional geometry property that reflect physical position are associated. Change a design in coordination, shorten the design is periodic. Use the regular warehouse that can expand, the real time in realizing design process is monitored. The system is a foundation with the unified electric component library that has electric property, realize the automatic examination function inside the project, avoid to design all sorts of medium mistakes. According to the information of the design, make the etc that designs a need automatically, the format user of this forms for reporting statistics can undertake according to need custom-built. Solved traditional pattern servent effectively to be versed in statistical forms for reporting statistics takes a variety of issues that come. Provide drawing government and version control function. The correlation of design of 3 2 dimension and three-dimensional design reachs implementation Adopt.

EACD is in planar design, the attribute of electric component and logistic join relation are come down by memory, these attribute and join relation can derive with the file of definite pattern, 2 development that carry pair of three-dimensional software perhaps derive three-dimensional software can know the document of other form, realize the correlation of 2 dimension design and three-dimensional design. The implementation of as three-dimensional as CATIA associated design introduces below. CATIA is France amounts to all alone (Dassault System) the CAD/CAE/CAM unifinication software of the company, occupy the leadership position of world CAD/CAE/CAM domain, wide application is made at aerospace, car, shipbuilding, machinery is made, industry of electron, electric equipment, consumable. The module that CAITA offers for electrical system design includes electric function to define (wiring of EFD) , electric lead is designed (EWR) , electric wiring harness installs a design (EHI) , electric wiring harness exhibits smooth design (library of EHF) , electric component is designed (ELB) , these module solve three-dimensional wiring effectively to design an issue. EFD module is to apply CATIA to have electrical system the necessary step of electric scale. Define the join relation of the lead in wiring harness and signal here. Guide the file after the definition is finished into CATIA three-dimensional design next, the equipment in defining EFD, electric coupler, pinhole and three-dimensional graph correspondence rise. EFD module offers an Excel form (CSV) the join relation that the file defines guides the function into the system, accordingly, the join of the blueprint that finishs scale concerns, according to EFD data format, derive CSV file, next EFD takes derived CSV file through reading, the join relation of the hookup that finishs scale is read take, reintroduce arrives in CATIA. Guide each other with respect to what can realize data. The component of EFD system (component) the relation pursues as follows the flow that shows implementation is: Build the warehouse of three-dimensional and electric model of CATIA according to library of symbol of planar graph diagram, in 2 dimension design, tone takes scale of library of planar graphic symbol 2 dimension graph, define logistic join relation at the same time, these data derive with definite pattern. EFD takes derived file through reading, guide attribute of planar graphic symbol and logistic join relation in CATIA EFD module, from library of three-dimensional and electric model tone takes three-dimensional and electric model, the relevant component in concerning with the 2 dimension logic that guides is associated. Built the correlation with 2 three-dimensional peace keeping. Can read from inside three-dimensional design take spatial information (for example cable length) in guiding 2 dimension are designed. The associated practice with other three-dimensional design software and this photograph are similar, according to actual condition, some need to be developed 2 times to three-dimensional software. Adopt of 4 last words.

EACD had gotten applied actually in the electric design of ship vessel and plane, run a proof actually, adopt.

The use of EACD, reduced the repeatability in the design greatly, and the accuracy of actual wiring is tall. Its convenient alternant environment, suit the characteristic of electric design more. Especially the correlation of 2 dimension design and three-dimensional design, make the mutual data of 2 dimension design and three-dimensional design alternant more convenient, design efficiency is taller. 2 dimension design can adopt different CAD platform (the) such as AutoCAD, CAXA, three-dimensional and electric design can use the three-dimensional design software of current main trend, make the user chooses more. Current, we are right Adopt.

EACD has the development of following respects: (1) develops version of general and electric design, made satisfaction works at major electric design. (The shipping with 2) original augment is electric the function that designs version, those who make suit marine design more. (3) emulates the data of the respect such as software to share through as compatible as electromagnetism, signal, compatible, signal emulates implementation electromagnetism and breakdown detects wait for a function. CNC Milling CNC Machining