The new requirement of gear

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"915 " reach ever since longer period of time, our country will develop large, efficient, cleanness to generate electricity energetically equipment. Aircrew of unit of cable of nucleus of 1 billion made of baked clay class, large water and electricity and pump water harbour can aircrew, super- exceed group of critical fire electric machinery, burn gas - vapour combines circular aircrew, high-power wind- driven generation set all is development key. More important is, what what the development of these industries brings is the change of market size not just, to the metal processing technique and method or will bring a revolution. Will integratedly look, these industrial place use data Xiang Chao high strenth, high temperature resistant with ultralow temperature, fight corrode, light quantify direction to develop, the proportion of metalloid material, composite material is increased gradually; And the manufacturing technology of these domains also mostly forward automation degree the way of compound, close clean figuration develops a variety of tall, technology, the appearance of many component is complex curved surface; Demands of these domain product quality are higher and higher, tall to the dependability requirement of equipment, raise taller requirement to the support service ability of equipment provider at the same time; The equipment that these field place use also forward way of tall parameter, high capacity, high-power develops, operating mode condition gradually hasten superhigh temperature, superhigh pressure, exceed the extreme condition such as high speed to develop. Serve the machine tool of high-grade numerical control at these domains, contain necessarily large, heavy-duty, nicety, high speed, intelligence, flexible wait for a characteristic. The gear case in spending highest wind- driven generation set in order to get attention is exemple, gear case is an important mechanical part, its are main function is the motive force that leaves wind rotor a generation in wind- driven action deliver a dynamo and make its gain corresponding rotate speed. Because aircrew installation is in the blast tuyere place such as high mountain, wild, beach, suffer mobbish to change to, change the concussion of the wind- driven action of bear and strong flatus, experience the effect of severe cold of intense heat of summer and extreme difference in temperature all the year round, the environment traffic with located together with is disadvantageous, gear case installation is inside the narrow space of cat head, once appear breakdown, repair is very difficult, to its so dependability and service life put forward to compare average machine to get much demand high. Be opposite for example the requirement of component part material, besides function of the machinery below groovy condition, still should have low temperature cold-short sex is fought to wait for character below condition, to gear and axis kind the spare parts, transfer dynamic function as a result of its and the select material with very strict requirement and structural design, semifinished product of general situation gear is forginging only inside the range that the condition permits, use the form of forging of spoke flange whole. When gear very round diameter is when diameter of 2 times axis is the following, because the join place between gear and axis is restricted, often make the form of axial gear. All the time since, gear cutting uses the general appearance that special machine tool is an industry, have mature technology and applied flow, it is especially when big batch production, the value that system of special device place reveals is the overtest. Of course, replace a method to emerge in endlessly, machine gear hobbing and typical machine means for example, for example turning, milling or auger cut tie, have cost the characteristic with rapidder rate of lower, treatment, but still cannot get used to the demand that at present large quantities of quantities produce, can serve as efficient compensatory way only. The Ma Yuanjing of technical assistant factory director that comes from Beijing gear total plant is born with first hold this viewpoint, the product that north ages has a lot of application in automobile industry, automobile industry is big batch production, although also be involved,arrive flexible the development need that change. When the trial-produce that they are new product and small lot merely at present, just use flexible turn more powerful compound treatment machine tool, the price that changes a product to change equipment after all is too high. But it is flexible that he also conveyed what future needs turn equipment, "Big batch need is certain flexible change, the repetition of product of that is to say is machined, answer a precision, treatment precision to be used quite, the operation is handy, increase machine tool stability, can undertake large quantities of quantities are produced. But if change breed very frequent, have height with respect to requirement machine tool flexible change, if housing is machined, private plane is used a few years previously changeless, the product should change as vicissitude of the market now. Small lot production is flexible change a dominant position a few more apparent, get used to the much breed of the product with changeless machine tool. Machinery of Shaanxi Qin Chuan develops the manufacturer of Inc. gear plant to grow Mr Liu Yu to set out from cost angle, the possibility that thinks to use standard machine tool to machine gear now is very little, the reason is cost too tall; Additional, the environment that gear uses and industry are disparate, to gear the requirement also differs, have soft tooth flank, hard tooth flank for example, quench material is chosen different, heat treatment is different, do heat treatment rework impossibly first so, can machine one part ability to quench only, after quenching, ability achieves exterior hardness. He says abroad is useful also exceed mill of strong cutting tool to age, but cost is too high, do not suit batch to machine likewise. And he should boil again to a machine tool cut want grinding hold doubtful point again. Be in probably? 1.

The gear cutting circumstance of 2m less than if it is so, traditional private plane will continue to hold the position of forestall, the evidence of opinion on public affairs of above terminal user this conclusion. But in? 1.

The gear cutting of 2~3m less than, this kind of circumstance will be broken, machine of strange Xia Mier of A of De Maji, GF, dark essence is in in succession this domain rolls out a solution, after the success that scores practice examines, has a conclusion arisen it seems that -- ? 1.

The machine tool of gear cutting standard of 2~3m less than will have overwhelming advantage. Whether has the new interface of large gear cutting spread out? CNC Milling CNC Machining