Machine tool clamping apparatus has which a few parts to comprise commonly

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(  of component of 1) fixed position the fixed position of it and workpiece is fiducial and conterminous touch, use at defining work the proper place in clamping apparatus, the workpiece when assuring to machine thereby is provided relative to Yu Dao and the relatively proper place between campaign of machine tool treatment. If pursue,the fixed position in 6-1 is sold 6. (  of 2) clamp device tightens workpiece with Yu Ga, make when cutting workpiece holds established position in clamping apparatus. The nut in the 6-1 that be like a graph 5 with mouth gasket 4. (3) is to assure the proper place between workpiece and cutting tool to the knife, action that conducts these component of component or device   . Use at deciding the component of proper place before cutting tool is being machined, call pair of knife element, be like pair of knife piece. Use at deciding cutting tool position guides to bring cutting tool to have the element of treatment, call guide make component. In the 6-1 that be like a graph change quickly get the   that cover   (  of 4) join component makes component of clamping apparatus and connective of machine tool photograph, make sure the mutual position between machine tool and clamping apparatus affects. (  of body of 5) clamping apparatus is used at join or each component reachs unit on stationary fixture, the foundation that makes its make a whole. It and machine tool undertake about the component join, right calm, make clamping apparatus has definite place relative to the machine tool. The mix in the 6-1 that be like a graph is particular 7. (Some clamping apparatus of 6) other component and device   ask according to the treatment of workpiece, want to have index mechanism, milling machine clamping apparatus has fixed position key to wait even. Above these component, not be right clamping apparatus of every kinds of machine tool is to be short of one cannot, but any clamping apparatus must have fixed position component and clamp unit, they are the key that makes sure workpiece machines precision, the purpose is to make workpiece decides accurate, clip. CNC Milling CNC Machining