New-style cermet cutting tool is doing the application in cutting

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Summary: ? The cermet cutting tool of modified of IN of the Zhu that review do sthon one's own authority is research target, with pulverous metallurgy Leng Yacheng craft makes standard bit, stability of the hardness that through only factor cutting 45 steel experiment discovers this razor blade and photograph of common hard alloy are taller than having, high temperature and fight wear away ability. It is one kind can be used at doing cutting to produce the ideal of practice cutting tool. 16% what the charge of cutting fluid uses to hold whole production cost about in traditional cutting treatment, not only such, the use of cutting fluid already notted allow to ignore to environmental pollution, healthy to handlers menace, accordingly as compasses of law of environmental protection become better day by day, green makes this one cleanness produce means to will become production company must choice. Dry cutting is the treatment means that does not use any cutting liquid in machining, do not use cutting fluid to be in in treatment bring favorable point while also worsened treatment condition, of the thermal stability to cutting tool and machine tool system, cutting tool fight wear away ability raised taller requirement. Belong to the TiC fund of modified of accept rice TiN cutting tool of pottery and porcelain now (rice of accept of the following abbreviation cermet cutting tool) in applying at doing cutting, study its are in the cutting property that leaves without cutting fluid condition. The TiC fund of modified of TiN of 1 accept rice belongs to cutting tool of pottery and porcelain to make TiC fund belong to pottery and porcelain is to go up 70 time are in the century WC-Co base the new-style hard alloy that the development on hard alloy foundation rises, normally the TiC Ni felt base hard alloy calls cermet. Fine grain structure is the foundation that assures cermet data high strength and admirable and mechanical function, below the premise that there was certain development in production technology of accept rice material so, use fine pink of accept rice class to make high-powered data make one of way that material studies. Namijin belongs to rice of accept of composition of cutting tool of pottery and porcelain composition of cermet cutting tool is: 53TiC-10TiN(nm)-18Mo-18Ni-1C, granuality of TiN accept ground rice is 30 ~ 50nm. The experiment considers to make clear, each peak value of mechanical function parts the accretion of corresponding and certain accept rice TiN is measured. Should add a quantity to achieve 10% when the left and right sides, can obtain relatively the integrated physics of actor is mechanical function. Can be the making craft of razor blade of pottery and porcelain of rice of production accept of razor blade of accept rice pottery and porcelain divided for: of 8 working procedure?  of ァ of You of rare  of an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast of childish ⅰ  a bit Sha  boil in water for a while! ? of Pi of ブ of  of curtain of battle of  of  urinate a low bank of earth between fields uses ultrasonic instrument ground rice of dispersive TiN accept. Accept ground rice has iota granuality and fast face active, because Fandewasili and coulomb force exist between grain, extremely easy agglomeration becomes grain 2 times, make grain increases form soft reunite and hard reunite and lose the function that exceeds fine grained place to have. Because this must pass physics and chemical craft undertake finishing to accept ground rice, make its fill minute of diverge in liquid medium. Undertake mixture equably after wet medium is joined in mixed powder end. Abrade to mixing powder to undertake on ball mill. Can make pulverous granuality is refined further, also make mixed powder end is achieved mix equably. This is crucial working procedure, powder mixes to whether will decide to burn formed bit mass equably, affect the bending strength of cutting tool. Undertake dry processing to mixed powder end, make powder sufficient and dry. Powder is joined to shape in mixed powder end the agent undertakes building bead. Through building bead in order to increase the liquidity of powdery body, shape gender and reduce powder to chafe in the felt in suppress process. The pressurization in using Leng Yacheng method to be provided in die for special purpose shapes. Can choose different pattern according to cutting tool type, cold the pressure when pressing wants even, send density consistently in order to make sure material has. Wait with hot pressing and heat static press powder to shape the craft that make is compared, leng Yacheng process cost is low, manufacturing efficiency is tall. Cermet cutting tool is become in agglomeration of base of knife of vacuum furnace lieutenant general. Agglomeration knife base is whole the key of the process that make, the vacuum in vacuum furnace is spent, the temperature of agglomeration and time must accurate, accurate temperature and experiment of again and again of time need course in order to find its optimal value. The firing temperature of knife base and time have main effect to the physics of bit and mechanical function. Grind knife base with tool grinding machine make standard machine place but dislocation razor blade. The production principle of cermet razor blade and craft and WC-Co base hard alloy razor blade is basic and similar, use method of fluid photograph agglomeration. Mix what mix powder among them equably with knife base agglomeration be among them two most crucial step. The accept rice that accept rice TiN belongs to pottery and porcelain to the influence of microcosmic organization is made via afore-mentioned craft and be become to TiC fund cermet razor blade and not the photograph of scanning report lens of the microstructure of the cermet razor blade of Ghana rice TiN is like a graph respectively 1, the graph is shown 2 times. Graph graph 2 TiC of 10000) of × of Cermet(SEM of modified of TiN of 1 accept rice base Cermet(SEM × 10000) by the graph 1, graph 2 visible: ? Fund of IC of Zhu of Jia alcohol deep and remote arrogate to oneself belongs to photograph of pottery and porcelain to compare, the TiC fund that adds accept rice TiN belongs to organization of material of pottery and porcelain to be refined apparently, this basically goes up in TiC/TiC crystal boundary because of accept rice TiN distributing the accretion that prevented TiC grain. TiN is in cermet one part and TiC, Ni fashion solid solution, cover the face in TiC, one part remain comes down to serve as horniness photograph, be in when its " SS " (photograph of Surrounding Structure round) when can prevent Mo to horniness photograph core diffuse, make granuality of horniness photograph core and " SS " ply is reduced. At the same time TiN still can make material medium the temperature of occurrence fluid photograph rises, can restrain the Ti in Ni and Mo thereby diffuse. The effect of this two respects made cermet grain refine. In addition, porosity (graph 1, 2 in black share) regarding parameter of a microstructure as the influence to cutting tool life is clearly, use ration is microscopical the concentration percentage by volume that the technology can decide the porosity in cutting tool is compared, cutting tool function is as porosity decrease and rise. The physics that fund of TiC of modified of accept rice TiN belongs to cutting tool of pottery and porcelain and the cutting tool sample that mechanical function makes via afore-mentioned craft are measured on machine of DSC-5000 material experiment at 3 o'clock flexural strength, measure so that Rockwell hardness is worth on Rockwell hardness appearance. Graph 3 coefficient of friction measure physics of cutting tool of cermet of modified of TiN of rice of principle graph accept and mechanical function to express hardness of cutting tool sort (HRA) flexural strength (MPa) pounds tenacity (density of KJ/m2) coefficient of friction (G/m3)cermet929202.







8 graphs 4 graphs sample of cutting tool of cutting tool of pottery and porcelain of 5 accept rice, YG8, YT15 falls to use M-200 to wear away with the dry coefficient of friction of 45 steel in normal temperature experiment machine is measured. Of coefficient of friction determining is obtain through measuring attrition moment of force secondhand. If pursue 3, the attrition when instantly sample runs deputy between F of generation attrition force, staff guage of attrition moment of force indicates M of corresponding moment of force, the basis is formulary (1) thereby can cipher out coefficient of friction. U=F/P=M/(rP)(1) its physics and mechanical function and individual plant continent if what right watch shows,cutting tool of hard alloy of the YG8 of the identical norms that hard alloy factory produces, YT15 is compared. By the numeric and knowable: in right watch? Arrogate to oneself catchs fish hawk Xian to touch foolish poison kowtows flinch T15 of the Xi that catch Ran, YG8 is tall, the dry coefficient of friction with 45 steel is lower than hard alloy cutting tool. Nod flexural strength to compare MC thirdly hard alloy is low, concussion tenacity compares hard alloy apparently low. The density of cutting tool of accept rice pottery and porcelain is bordering on the half of hard alloy cutting tool. The accept rice TiN that adds certain amount improved TiC fund to belong to the physics of pottery and porcelain and mechanical function. The device of experiment of cutting function cutting when 45 steel machines dry cutting of cutting tool of pottery and porcelain of 2 accept rice condition: CA6140 lathe: Without cutting fluid: Workpiece material: 45 steel: Use machine clip construction of type cutting tool can be controlled on dislocation, bit dimension is 16 × 16 × 5. : of parameter of cutting tool geometry? Experiment of cutting of only factor of ° of S=0 of λ of ° of 0=7 of α of ° of 0=-7 of γ of ° of R=45 of κ of Sheng =45 ° is in cutting condition is secured in 3 element among them two element, change another measures those who undertake cutting experiment says to be experiment of only factor cutting. Graph 4, graph 5 for accept rice cermet cutting tool maintains deepness of cutting speed, cutting changeless, when changing feed, the average wear extent of face of the knife after Namijin belongs to cutting tool of pottery and porcelain (VB) and cutting time (T) concern plan, namely (does VB-T pursue) graph 4 graphs 5 graphs 4 cutting dosage: ? C=200m/min of Qu of Xing Liang Yu, feed F=0.

1mm/r, cutting deepness Ap=0.

Does 5mm pursue 5 cutting dosage: ? C=200m/min of Qu of Xing Liang Yu, feed F=0.

5mm/r, cutting deepness Ap=0.

5mm by the graph 4 visible, range of the knife after Namijin belongs to cutting tool of pottery and porcelain to be below dry cutting position is average wear extent (VB) compares YT15, YG8 to want apparently inside same cutting time low, show Namijin belongs to what cutting tool of pottery and porcelain falls in high temperature to fight namely wear away ability is apparent prep above is common hard alloy cutting tool. Doing cutting and below the condition of cutting speed Vc=200m/min, cutting temperature all is in 1000 ℃ above. YG8 cutting tool is in just was in namely in the begining acuteness wear away condition, show this cutting tool does not suit the dry cutting below high speed condition. YT15 cutting tool begins namely after cutting 10min acuteness wear away. And cutting tool of accept rice pottery and porcelain achieves the ability after 6h in cutting time acuteness wear away, finally in order to wear away formal be no longer in force, show Namijin to belong to the red rigid with admirable cutting tool of pottery and porcelain and high temperature stability. By the graph 5 knowable: ? Cutting tool of G8 of of approach of  of Qiong of health grandma of  of  of honest Ju Qu, YT15 still with wearing away normally the form is inside short time invalidation, and it is normal that cermet cutting tool is in accept rice to was not achieved collapse blade produced before grinding loss effect. Although the concussion tenacity that makes clear cutting tool of accept rice pottery and porcelain has rise, return however do not common hard alloy. Namijin belongs to pre-test of failure mechanism of cutting tool of pottery and porcelain to be below the condition of dry attrition, the tatty reason that TiC fund belongs to pottery and porcelain is felt wears away with horniness photograph flake. The hardness that Namijin belongs to TiC of photograph of the horniness in cutting tool of pottery and porcelain compares common hard alloy medium horniness photograph WC is tall, and joined accept rice TiN to refine grain, increased the hardness of cermet material and strength from this. At the same time TiC matrix makes cermet has good thermal stability, red rigid and wearability, because of this accept rice cermet fights function of the tatty that wear bead tall. Namijin belongs to coefficient of thermal conductivity of pottery and porcelain tall, coefficient of friction is low, can make cutting tool maintains relatively inferior cutting temperature in cutting process, because cermet has this accept rice taller fight diffuse wear away ability. In addition because the formation of TiO2 film is mixed,the fine grain structure of material enhanced what Namijin belongs to pottery and porcelain to fight felt to wear away ability, below the condition of lesser feed so Namijin belongs to cutting tool of pottery and porcelain mostly in order to wear away formal be no longer in force, but the Co in be inferior to hard alloy to the wet sex of TiC as a result of the Ni in cermet is right the wet sex of WC, the flexural strength of cermet and concussion tenacity are not as so admirable as hard alloy, because this bigger feed is easy,cause Namijin to belong to the collapse blade of cutting tool of pottery and porcelain. But the TiC fund that is not modified of accept rice TiN relatively belongs to pottery and porcelain, the impact resistance of cermet has accept rice to change apparently. Cutting tool of accept rice pottery and porcelain falls in dry cutting condition with 200 ~ 45 steel still have the rate cutting of 350m/min good cutting performance, show Namijin belongs to cutting tool of pottery and porcelain to have good integrated cutting performance. Follow-up orthogonal cutting test confirmed this further. 3 conclusion joined accept rice TiN to refine TiC fund to belong to the grain of pottery and porcelain. Through the TiC radical of modified of accept rice TiN cermet cutting tool raised intensity and tenacity. Through the TiC radical of modified of accept rice TiN cermet cutting tool maintained stability of the red rigid with cermet tall cutting tool, high temperature and the inferior coefficient of friction with 45 steel, it is a kind of cutting tool that suits dry cutting treatment very much. Because use cold pressure shape, make the TiC fund of modified of accept rice TiN belongs to cutting tool of pottery and porcelain to make cost relatively inferior, and have inferior density, can make this cutting tool is used generally in production practice. CNC Milling CNC Machining