An Li rolls out analyzer of new-style data quality

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Recently, how to establish company logarithm to have expansion according to the function of quality analyzer MD1230B, development went thousand new interface------The MU120131A of module of 10/100/1000M aether net of electric interface correspondence and thousand aether with smooth corresponding interface net module MU120132A. Begin to accept order formally from November 1. Current network receives mode to have LAN not only, still FTTH, ADSL, CATV, RAN(RadioAreaNetwork) , WLAN, mobile mode waits, sort is very various. Here setting falls, shirt-sleeve data communication and speech communication (VoIP) , include video news report even (the TriplePlay of IP-TV) and the QuadruplePlay that included mobile data communication, speech communication come on stage in succession, network service is developing toward diversity direction. Network capacity expands ceaselessly, transform device also is carrying mouth, high density to change direction to develop toward how. To provide easy communication environment to the user, the QoS that raises transform device became a crucial issue. Accordingly, logarithm of An Li company has expansion according to the function of quality analyzer MD1230B, development goes MU120132A of MU120131A of new module of 10/100/1000M aether net and module of thousand aether net. Each module are installed on MD1230B, make the QoS of the transform device that developing to direction of mouth of high capacity multiterminal (QualityofService: Service quality) test of test and verify, function and the monitoring that all sorts of networks serve and analysis pass a MD1230B to be able to come true only. Made contribution to checking what efficiency and sexual price compare to rise. This function can be used at Ethernet, IP the development of transform device and production; The compose of transmission system of Ethernet, IP is built with safeguard; FTTH (PON) systematic development and production; The compose that the network serves is built with safeguard. CNC Milling CNC Machining