Develop cutting tool of accept rice coating, reduce finished cost

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Current, each tool manufacturer is developing coating technology energetically. If mere bureau be confined to improves base material hard alloy and high-speed steel, can not improve the performance of cutting tool further from raw material respect, accordingly, develop superior coating material only, ability makes cutting tool function gets rising revolutionarily. The crucial skill that masters coating craft comes nearly 10 years, tool industry uses TiAlN coating extensively already, but be opposite merely the improvement that already had coating technology, already cannot satisfy what current user puts forward to cutting tool function to ask higher. In view of this, day established tool company to advance new coating idea, make organization of plated film crystal be changed imperceptibly namely. Through the joint research with European tool manufacturer, development is successful a kind of brand-new coating furnace, this device can make the plated film that forms by grain of accept rice class, from this and appeared " accept rice coating " this one new technology idea. "Accept rice " the 1/1000000 unit that is 1mm. Up to now, day establishs tool company is the company that first success develops the whole world to change coating technology imperceptibly so. Because grain reachs accept rice level imperceptible degree, plated film won't appear poriferous clearance, this can restrain cutting to machine phenomenon of occurrence oxidation of the plated film in the process greatly. Do not produce oxidation, also won't injure cutting tool cutting sharp degree, in the meantime, still can maintain longer service life. Accept rice coating is new-style cutting tool is current, the plated film that uses technology of accept rice coating to be developed has two kinds, one kind is be bases with TiSiN " TH coating " , one kind is be bases with CrSiN " CS coating " . Former and main the treatment that is used at tall hardness material, latter basically is used at the treatment of low hardness and weak qualitative data, cutting tool of these two kinds of coating already all put in the market at the beginning of 2002. The watch is shown 1 times for PVD coating the function of all sorts of plated film. Coating of watch 1 PVD the bead of crystal of characteristic of utility of function coating sort of all sorts of plated film hardness of diameter plated film (HV)(loads: 9.

8mN) combines strength (nick type hardness experiments) Max:100N oxidation temperature (according to oxidation deepness conversion) coefficient of friction (μ ) the common cutting of TiN general steel flakes not easily 500nm2200100N600 ℃ 0.

The ℃ of tall 300nm280060N500 of hardness of high speed cutting of 7TiCN general steel 0.

Steel of 6TiAlN tall hardness (the cutting hardness of ~ 55HRC) is tall, ℃ of hear resistance good 100nm2800100N800 0.

9TH coating (steel of TiSiN) tall hardness (high speed of 50 ~ 70HRC) engraves film to machine hardness tall, fight ℃ of good 5nm3600100N1100 of high temperature sex 0.

9CS coating (the mild steel SUS of CrSiN) easy conglutinate the force of attrition of big feed cutting that wait is small, do not produce conglutinate 5nm2600100N900 ℃ with iron 0.

4 " TH coating " when changing material of treatment tall hardness thoroughly, tiAlN fastens the plated film oxidation that fails to solve since plated film is long-term and hardness to owe beautiful problem. Surface of TH plated film has 5nm class to exceed fine grain regulation to arrange, when high speed is machined, can prevent oxygen to enter plated film interior, because this can restrain oxidation happening effectively. Oxidation of TH plated film is initiative temperature is 1100 ℃ , hardness amounts to 3600HV, exceeded TiAlN to fasten plated film function greatly thereby, to the tall hardness material of all sorts of extremely difficult treatment, the high speed that all can have stabilizing cuts modular treatment. "CS coating " the key is reducing coefficient of friction, the conglutinate problem that so that restrain,appears in blade of the cutting when high speed of low hardness material is machined. Conglutinate is serious, certainly will injury machines exterior quality, life of oneself of short cutting tool also can shrink in the meantime. CS plated film is to be on the base that uses CrN of coating of low coefficient of friction formerly, add Si again. Only CrN composition, the oxidation when be being machined is serious, add Si and make plated film grain is changed imperceptibly, reduced coefficient of friction substantially thereby. When machining aluminium and stainless steel to wait for difficult treatment material with CrSiN coating cutting tool, very remarkable day establishs the effect the new plated film that tool company developed a kind to be bases with TiBoN again in July 2002 " TB coating " , although this kind of coating is not accept rice coating, but with B(boron) the plated film that is bases, still belong to initiate on the world. TB plated film also is with reducing coefficient of friction is a purpose, but with before the plated film that narrate CS is different, it still can retain exceedingly good low attrition character below high temperature condition, in the treatment such as the heavy-duty and puissant cutting that exceeds 1mm in every tine feed, the crescent moon that because tall cutting bear is brought,can restrain substantially wears away depression. Finished cost reduces 50% days to establish tool company to point out about the personage, new-style plated film " be not the coating that makes the tool prolongs life, however one kind aims to improve tool performance, shorten energetically thereby the plated film of handling time " . In at present deflationary circumstance falls, answer not to increase the workload of the user as far as possible, extend handling time, use small lot production to create benefit, for this, crucial step is to must make finished cost is reduced substantially. In producing cost, tool charge is occupied only 5% , the treatment charge such as electric power and artificial charge occupied the much that produces cost. Day establishs tool company to be the tool application of new development on high-powered machine tool, production has inside first-rate treatment period of time, have the real effect that reduces finished cost thereby. This company near future began to let machine charge to reduce an in part " PRODUCTION 50 " activity, the treatment charge calculation that uses a convention is formulary, adduce provides body example data, show the result that reduces finished cost actually. Watch 2 with the watch cutting tool of 3 coating of the rice that it is accept are opposite the action of cut finished cost. Charge of the treatment when expressing high speed of cutting tool of the 2 coating that use TH to machine SKD11(60HRC) of drawing model material is cut dimension of circumstance cutting tool (model) cutting speed (rotate speed) feed (feed speed) cut handling time of deep cutting means finished cost (it is with this experiment cutting tool definitely) use 8mm of cutting tool diameter formerly.

03mm/ ages (165mm/min)Ad8mm × Rd0.

4mm does type, suitable mill 62.

6 tine of × of 8mm of diameter of 5min100%TH coating cutting tool (EPHT6080)100m/min(3979r/min)0.

05mm/ ages (1194mm/min)Ad8mm × Rd0.

4mm does type, suitable mill 8.

Dimension of cutting tool of cut state of affairs of fare of the treatment when 6min46% expresses high speed of cutting tool of the 3 coating that use CS to machine PXZ of plastic mould material (model) cutting speed (rotate speed) feed (feed speed) cut handling time of deep cutting means finished cost (it is with this experiment cutting tool accurate) plain.

13mn/ ages (778mm/min)Ad0.

2mm × P50.

Fluid of 45mm oily cutting 64.

R5(EPBC2100)298m/min(9500r/min)0 of × of 10mm of diameter of 3min100%CS coating cutting tool.

16mm/ ages (2950mm/min)Ad0.

2mm × P50.

Fluid of 3mm oily cutting 16.

9min64% tool industry hopes to reduce the demand of tool charge to satisfy an user, mostly exert oneself is in the price that how cuts cutting tool, and " PRODUCTION 50 " the biggest characteristic, not be the price that lowers cutting tool. Day establishs tool company to think, below the premise that does not lower cutting tool price, use the tool product of this company, still can achieve favorable beneficial result. From the point of current respect, do not lower tool price, can make sure agency has higher profit to lead, the tool produces business to also can obtain good gains. Visible " PRODUCTION 50 " be opposite not only the user is advantageous, have profit as much to manufacturer, agency. This company thinks " PRODUCTION 50 " be a kind " with one action 3 " " win more " index. The company had extensive survey activity to this, the result makes clear, inside machining industry at present this kind of concept to this company had be notted agree with in the round, "Win more " of the effect reflect also need time to confirm; Current, still many users are hated to part with increase a few cost a little in tool respect, the understanding to be filled with interest rate also had be notted unite completely. Accordingly, this company advocates " reduce treatment cost 50% " activity, still be in starting phase at present. Go after cost-effective day to establish tool company to think, a kind of any tools cannot satisfy the requirement of all users, the product with low price is such, the product with function, very high price also is such, they have their specific applicable field. Cost-effective tool, face the user with cost-effective pursuit necessarily. This company will plan to use technology of accept rice coating energetically henceforth, develop the tool product with high-powered more; Heretofore has not introduce the partial product of new-style coating, will convert stage by stage new-style coating, the plan arrives 2004 end, company tool goods will use new-style coating entirely. Technology of accept rice coating is divided outside be being used at tool goods, discussing the finishing that how uses its effectively at mould etc spare parts at present. CNC Milling CNC Machining