Fu of frit of laser of broadband of surface of hot forging die exceeds experiment of fine carbonization tungsten to consider

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The article makes mould steel in heat (H13) surface is passed beforehand buy exceeds fine carbonization tungsten alloy layer, through high power laser of successive CO2 broadband is handled beforehand buy surface obtains frit cladding. Use optical microscope and scanning electron microscope (SEM) observed frit cladding organizes form appearance, with appearance of X ray diffraction (XRD) undertakes appearance of frit cladding substance is analysed, undertake with appearance of X ray stress leftover stress is analysed. Checked processing around frit cladding is microscopical the change of hardness, wearability and leftover stress. Does the result make clear: ? Turn up soil of  of this Sao of  of scull of  of  of Piao of  of straw of Mo of rice huller of  of Xi of Che of す Xun  ends in all scull  is foolish ⑾ of А of  of children's hair of word of  of ⒅ of Rong Xun А feels > Ш of road  honest pushs Mu Min of correct slave-girl У to wash  of  mallet mulberry Xi.

4mm, exterior remains presses stress to get rising significantly, 1 what hardness is matrix.

8 times, wearability gets bigger rise. 1 foreword Normal > makes the environment with harsh mould to get used to heat, improve service life, outside the superior mechanical performance such as the thermal conductivity that heats up mould steel itself to should have become reconciled of tall tenacity and plasticity, small hot coefficient of expansion besides the requirement and performance characteristics, should have high heat more to the mould surface that contacts directly with workpiece particularly intensity, good fight temper sex, accordingly, traditional adoption all sorts of (nitrogen, carbon, sulfur) the service life that dissolve ooze and PVD craft will come to raise a pattern, have better effect, but below the operating mode requirement that makes a model in heat, modified layer face is thinner, and incidental oxidation, flake and bring about invalidation, best settlement method besmears in mould material surface namely Fu putamen, use the cladding of frit of high temperature hard alloy such as the WC of fetching such as with OK and effective technology of laser frit Fu, and form metallurgy with matrix be united in wedlock, obtain good wearability at the same time. Normal > H13 (4Cr5MoSiV1) is international a kind of empty cold sclerosis that applies extensively heats up mould steel. The article passes preparation of craft of Fu of broadband laser frit to exceed fine carbonization tungsten in H13 surface (if the graph shows carbonization tungsten powder 1 times,average bead diameter is cladding of 200nm) alloy frit about, the microcosmic organization structure that analysed frit cladding, hardness, wearability and leftover stress. Normal Align=center>normal >2 reachs technique Normal > Normal > base material is the H13 steel of temper condition, sample size is Value="100" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">100mm* Value="50" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">50mm * Value="20" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">20mm, if its chemistry composition is expressed 1, be opposite before the experiment sample surface burnish, clean with anhydrous alcohol next. Normal > will exceed what fine WC and certain amount proper motion make up to contain Cr, fe, the powder of the element such as Si adds a person in coating suction light together, after changing processing equably with what ultrasonic has a hour to solution, tu Fuyao 0.

The layer with thick Value="2" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">2mm is in of sample apparently, blow next dry. Normal > is used hydric regard protection as gas, secure aeriform protector go up in laser focusing lens, move along with camera lens, real time undertakes to bath gas is protected, use most the successive CO that high-power is 7 KW. Laser, 9*value="2" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">2mm2 is in facula dimension, scanning speed is 0.

25~value=" .

4" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">0.

40m/min, power falls to undertake to test block surface laser is handled for the condition of laser technology parameter of 2~3kW. Normal > , with HXD-1000 model microscopical sclerometer, WM-2002 attrition wears away electron microscope of emissive scanning of experimental appearance, Hitachi S-4700(II) field, Thermo NORAN VAN-TAGS EIS can balance of appearance of diffraction of ray of chart appearance, Thermoarl-SCINTAGX TRAX X and Sartorius-BS21S electron (arrive accurately 0.

Olmg) is opposite respectively appearance of form of hardness, wearability, surface, element distributings, appearance of micromechanism, substance and weightlessness undertake detect and be analyticed. Use stress of ray of Xvalue="350" HasSpace="False" Negative="True" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">-350A X to determine appearance undertakes stress analyses frit cladding remains. Normal >normal >3 reachs analytic Normal >normal >3.

Appearance of 1 macroscopical form reachs leftover stress Normal >normal > is shown 2 times like the graph it is 9*value="2" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">2mm to adopt facula measure, of preparation of craft of laser frit Fu exceed surface of cladding of fine WC frit and sectional sample scanning photograph. The appearance of primitive surface form after be burnish of metallographic sand paper and B place to be handled for laser from place of graph Value="2" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">2A, can see level off of frit cladding surface is smooth, and appear without crackle stoma, is frit cladding sectional and OK is cent 4 areas: ? Zou arm scrupulously and respectfully cladding of frit of? of ⒐  Shan and the have a common boundary that heat up influence area) , the ply of hot influence area and cladding of matrix; frit is about 0.

Value="4" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">4mm.

Normal Align=center>nextpagenormal > to obtain cladding of larger area frit, we used experiment process to take received measure, from the graph 2 in also can see build cladding of ground connection Fang Rong to transfer natural, the mould surface of aggrandizement of this large to need area has important sense. Normal > determines with stress of ray of Xvalue="350" HasSpace="False" Negative="True" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">-350A X appearance will determine stress of its surface remains. Stress measurement technique is secured for list use a method, the method that decide a peak is meet relevant standard, radiate of feature of α of Cr target K, time is invariable 1.

5s, pace of scanning of a flight of stairs takes part 0.

1º , scanning is initiative horn and stop horn to be 162 º and 146 º respectively, list horn Ψ is taken respectively 0º, 20º, 35 º and 45 º , stress constant K=-318MPa/ is spent. Normal > is shown 3 times like the graph, matrix remains presses stress to be worth X to for 118MPa, y to for 127MPa, exceed remains of cladding of fine WC frit to press stress X to for 468MPa, y to for 566MPa, remains of the surface after explaining Fu of frit of laser of H13 surface classics exceeds fine WC to handle pressed stress to get rising significantly. The surface is put in bigger remains to press stress to be helpful for raising those who heat up a mould to fight fatigue life. Because be below laser bath action,this is, the interpose person of outside WC and other element, arrive into the person with the form of solid solution or compound frit cladding, substance appearance produces change, the WC that the bath that cools quickly does not have a law to make add a person is complete as even as matrix element fusion, make fault of the place inside crystal many increase, consequently the surface behaves remains to press stress, additional from " circular arc form " frit cladding also can see, in laser scanning process, laser scanning direction (Y to) dimension of sectional frit cladding (Z to) the cladding that it is frit is the biggest ply, and X decreases successively with arc to frit Fu ply, so Y to relatively X to leftover stress should be gotten greatly much. Normal >3.

Appearance of 2 microcosmic form reachs analytic Normal >normal > can see the form appearance that whole frit cladding organizes from graph 4(a) , come from the watch in ordinal to wait for an axis brilliant, columnar the SEM picture that branch brilliant, petty afterbirth form any crystalline substance and union of planar brilliant compound take; graph 4(b) to be frit cladding, can seeing from inside the graph whole frit cladding is main is comprise by meshy crystal boundary and the grain that surround by its, 6 μ M controls grain bulk, the shows like arrowhead place austenite crystal boundary in matrix of opposite graph 4(c) (40 μ M is controlled) the substance appearance result of the XRD that grain has gotten huge refines; graph 4(d) to be frit cladding, the result that analyses from the substance appearance of the XRD of cladding of graph 4(d) frit is informed, the substance appearance of frit cladding is relatively complex, basically have Fe-Cr, wvalue="3" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3 C, fe.

, wvalue="3" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3 C, fevalue="3" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3 C3, w, cr and C0.


86. From substance appearance the result can know, in Bencishi check condition falls, WC is decomposed more adequately in dissolve pool, below high temperature, c atomic active is bigger, diffuse capability is stronger, diffuse the Fe element that comes from matrix is encountered in the process, combine stable Fevalue="7" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">7C3 to it, and decrease as C atomic, the time that bath exists short, the carbolic atom in coming from matrix again is compensatory, because this is much the W that come out is atomic the form that can combine with many W atom and atom of a carbon only generates Wvalue="3" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3 C of another kind of photograph that be short of carbon, , even as common as the Fe atom that comes from matrix C atom forms Fe3Wvalue="3" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3C of photograph of horniness of double entry tall stability, till bath medium C atom spends an end, still have C: ? Jun of exuviate an old name for Japan did not form compound and the formal consist in with simple substance the; in frit cladding is additional a kind of C0.


86. The occurrence of the photograph more showed C atom to be lacked mediumly in bath. Substance appearance result makes clear likewise, fe3 Wvalue="3" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3C and Fe-Cr are the photograph that forms frit cladding framework, grain of horniness photograph Fe3 Wvalue="3" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3 C is in of tension of fluid photograph surface drive next hair unripe displacement, the atom of grain surface dissolves gradually at fluid photograph, lift and increase what follow temperature, because move, begin to draw close between grain, the contact forms solid solid photograph framework, the reticulate structure that research makes clear to WC of laser frit Fu is formed as a result is Fe-W-C photograph, with generated Fevalue="7" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">7 C3, wvalue="3" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3C, fe-Cr photograph and Fe fluid a fill is mixed at the clearance between framework empty in, form the constituent structure that shows like graph 4(b) place. Normal Align=center>normal >3.

3 hardness and wearability analyse Normal > Normal > uses HXD-1000 model microscopical sclerometer, 15s of time of load Value="200" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">200g, to load, measure so that hardness curve shows like graph 5(a) place, is frit cladding sectional 4 areas: ? Zou arm scrupulously and respectfully ⑷ of  of ⒐  Shan throws postscript bright  dash forward tip of ministry of  Dan  grows deceive Min Ban to catch the Gu that offend  is  of  of Zheng of Qiu of grandma of Mei of Mei glue Xiong from  of Mou of  of  of brilliant of haze of α bright Gou Lai mires shank of scull  Mou Ju.

2, matrix hardness is 465HV0.

2, the hardness of the frit cladding after be being handled through laser it is thus clear that got rising significantly, basically be the Fe3 Wvalue="3" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3 C of photograph of meshy and stable horniness as a result of frit cladding horniness photograph Fevalue="3" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3 C3, wvalue="3" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3 C, fe-Cr surrounds amid in unoccupied place grain, the drawing action of the existence of horniness photograph and photograph of meshy Fe3 Wvalue="3" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3 C, boycotted frit cladding effectively to produce small deformation when load action, raised the exterior hardness of frit cladding thereby. Nextpagenormal > the function for cladding of further analysis frit, what become sample line cut thick Value="2" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">2mm of 8*value="8" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">8mm2 is rectangular a shape test block, wear away with WM-2002 attrition test meter, load Value="250" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">250g, rotate speed 800r/min, attrition deputy check for ball of Si3 N4 pottery and porcelain, test time all is 2 hours, the coefficient of friction below two kinds of condition and if graph 5(b) place is shown,grind caustic weightlessness result, the average coefficient of friction that laser exceeds cladding of fine WC frit and weightlessness are the 3/4 of H13 matrix and 5/8 respectively. Because exceed fine horniness,this basically is of WC add a person, fall in the action of laser bath, generated horniness photograph Fevalue="3" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3C3, wvalue="3" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3C raised form nucleus rate, bit more heterogeneous interpose person's significant at the same time obstacle grain is grown, make grain huge is refined, a many fault is formed in fast and cooling process, when action of the load outside sufferring, as a result of action of bad set back, the action propping up of hard particle, the drawing action of meshy framework Fe3Wvalue="3" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3C, what be united in wedlock between grain is very close together, frit cladding arises not easily be out of shape and adhesion, be like graph 5(b) place to show curve of flowing coefficient of friction then, raised wearability effectively consequently. Normal Align=center>normal Align=center>normal >3.

The processing of 4 objective mould and analytic Normal >normal > uses has optimized craft parameter to undertake to crossed forge mould broadband laser is handled, the result is shown 6 times like the graph, if graph arrowhead place shows place: ? Long of Can of midge of rice huller Lei circles  seeks salt of Nie of  of  of Piao of  of straw of  of miserable lie of midge of rice huller Lei to defeat  at present to finish? is built receive place transfer natural, and the appearance of mould of former appearance; that maintaining form antrum is used portable sclerometer is measured for 780HV, through 0.

The frit cladding with thick Value="4" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">4mm (graph 2) , the metallurgy between frit cladding and matrix is united in wedlock, in making sure the mould is using a process, do not mix with ooze layer PVD layer oxidizes euqally thin and easily, fall off; is mixed from the small coefficient of friction in attrition wear process wear extent, explain as much hard when can assuring punch with slick surface easily drawing of patterns, increase the stamping workpiece number of the mould thereby. Normal >normal Align=center>normal MARGIN of conclusion of 0cm 0cm 0pt">4: 0cm 0cm 0pt">normal > expresses Fu of frit of face broadband laser to exceed fine WC to be able to be obtained in H13 realize what bedding face accumulates to build receive relatively ideal frit cladding, exterior level off is smooth, and exterior remains presses stress to get bigger rise. Normal > exceeds fine WC added a person to refine grain, frit cladding by brilliant waiting for an axis, columnar branch brilliant, petty afterbirth form any crystalline substance is comprised, main photograph is Fevalue="3" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3C3, wvalue="3" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3 C, fe3 Wvalue="3" HasSpace="True" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3 C, f3, c3, w and C0.



86, main framework is reticulate structure of Fe3 Wvalue="3" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3C. Normal > is microscopical 1 what hardness is matrix.

8 times, coefficient of friction and wear extent are the 3/4 of matrix and 5/8 respectively, because fine brilliant aggrandizement, horniness chooses the action that prop up, wrong block up action and action of drawing of meshy framework Fe3 Wvalue="3" HasSpace="False" Negative="False" NumberType="1" TCSC="0">3C, make frit cladding shows better hardness and wearability. Normal > is favorable, fu of frit of demonstrative broadband laser exceeded fine WC to offer a kind of effective and practical surface aggrandizement to heat up forging die craft. CNC Milling CNC Machining