G82 of whorl cutting loop dictates

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* onefold cutting dictates circularly (G80, G81, G82)3) G82 X__Z__R__E__C__P__F__; of loop of cutting of straight whorl of A of instruction of G82 of whorl cutting loop sees a picture 1 show 29 times one, implement this directive but be favored with cuts awl whorl and columnar whorl, and cutting tool begins from circular start A, whorl of → of A of classics loop start only then → of C of terminus of whorl of → of dot rank B retreats a knife to nod A of start of D → loop, 4 paragraphs of contrail, among them AB, DA is pressed two paragraphs definitely fast R is mobile, BC, CD moves two paragraphs by instruction speed F among them X, Z: The coordinate that is whorl terminus C when absolute instruction: Whorl terminus is when increment dictates the mobile distance of A of start of C opposite loop. R, E: Whorl ending length on direction of axis of Z, X time cancel an amount, its are increment. When omiting, express not ending. C: Whorl head is counted, take 0.

1 or when omiting, for only head whorl. P: When only head whorl, the main shaft corner that gives priority to axial radical pulse to be in distance cutting start (change since the cutting that head of photograph adjacent whorl is when default value is whorl of bull of 0) ; between corresponding main shaft corner. F: For cutting of whorl of whorl lead B circular G82 X__Z__I__R__E__C__P__F sees a picture 1 30 one are shown, among them X, Y, R, E, C, P, F is Alexandrine narrate consistent, I is awl whorl only then dot and the radius with awl terminal whorl are poor, namely F only then, F eventually, for example: (see a picture 1, 31) %1031N1 G55 G90 G00 X35 104 M03N2 G82 X29.

2Z56 F1.

5N3 G82 X28.

6Z56 F1.

5N4 G82 X28.

2Z56 F1.

5N5 G82 X28.

04Z56 F1.

5N6 M05N7 M30 for example; (see a picture 1, 32) %1032G92 X80 Z62N1 M03N2 G91 G82 X, 31 9 Z, 50 1, 5 F2N3 G82 X, 32.

5Z, 50 1, 5 F2N4 G82 X, 33.

1Z, 50 1, 5 F2N5 G82 X, 33.

5Z, 50 1, 5 F2N6 G82 X, 33.

6Z, 50 1, pitch of whorl of 5 F2N7 M05N8 M30 is 2MM. Divide second treatment, deepness of penetration of a cutting tool is α P1=0 respectively.

9, α P2=0.

6, α P3=0.

6, α P4=0.

4, α P5=0.

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