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Be apt to is used at join with join interface all sorts of cutting tool, its action grows day and day. Current business is faced with production lot to reduce, the challenge that manufacturing time shortens and machine utilization rate of equipment and installations raises, because this requirement manipulates the more agile, rate that change a knife faster and cutting tool stock is smaller. Modular of cutting tool introduce the solution that can offer contented above to ask, enhance the competition ability of job shops thereby. But, is cutting tool need how old of degree modular and how should knife handle and knife head reach join in where after all? The clamp of cutting tool of cutting tool system, changing knife, memory, processing and management is the important segment that assures to complete treatment successfully. Although have reel of good cutting blade, knife,tighten method, knife handle or cutter hub however, but if knife handle and machine tool main shaft, turn tower or cutting tool be deficient in somewhat with the interface between cutting head, that cannot realize good performance, dependability and quality, also improve manufacturing efficiency hard. For example, will place the arbor that hold boring or expenditure several hours to change and install knife handle with inferior clamping apparatus, it is the typical blemish that affects manufacturing efficiency and result. Be in more and more in making a machine tool newly, wait like center of turning of machine tool of center of CNC lathe, turning, much task, machining center, vertical and boring machine, the action of cutting tool system increasingly important. Such a lot of machine tools are used blame rotate cutting tool, and need hand is moved change a knife, because of this cutting tool loose, change and clamp and the accident that build the time that place of proper cutting blade position spends to affect machine down time directly. Also a few machine tools are used trade knife unit automatically, go to cutting tool from transhipment of through cargo of cutting tool room with mechanical means cutter spindle. But no matter be a hand,change knife way automatically, cutting tool system is the crucial factor that improves efficiency. Why to need system of two cutting tool? Rotate to be not the application of cutting tool, system of coke full Capto offerred very comprehensive radical solution, enclothe arrive from machine tool main shaft between cutting blade requires knife handle, receive handle and cutting unit. System of this kind of main cutting tool deserves to have the range of products with all ready norms, and all be a foundation with stable and accurate short polygonal interface. The cutting tool that this system includes is applied all sorts of newest with principle of optimal cutting cutting tool, the treatment of can contented almost all type asks. Turn from all sorts of CNC tower lathe arrives giant vertical boring machine, standards of measurement of every cutting tool stands originally in C3 – C8(note: Interface external diameter is limits of 32mm ~ 80mm) between, this system can change quickly cutting tool, what own perfect and basic system is special with interpose at two kinds of dimension between receive a power, can make thereby utilization rate is achieved the biggest change. But to obtain full Capto of such as coke truly the optimal possibility of this kind of system, offer the port that suits deep boring cutting tool more, auxiliary interface is added to have an advantage more undoubtedly in knife handle front. For this, coroTurn SL(tine locks up type) the interface that the system is based on toothed face this kind namely, this kind of interface serves as all the time for years 570 model interface is used at boring cutter lever, and be in the interface application of main transfer machinery prove tall and intensity is accurate. The smallest and the space that the advantage of this kind of interface depends on it taking up is right cutting tool function does not have any limitation. Front and back end are complementary coke full Capto is modular system of main cutting tool and photograph of system of cutting tool of module of CoroTurn SL front are united in wedlock, mean can reduce amount of knife handle inventory not only and reduce attaint risk, and still can rise change Dao Hean to hold rate. But the knife handle service life of dislocation razor blade has certain restriction. During treatment, hard alloy razor blade falls in machinery and thermal stress action, be lasted to press metallic bit in. Additional, a lot of reasons cause cutting tool rupture likely. When common turning, knife handle estimation can be used for about 400 razor blade; But if mount is cut off long and thinly with grooving razor blade, after using 40 bit about, can wear away discard as useless. But if with SL system union is used, often need not change knife handle of costly coke full Capto or any other type knife handle, and need to change only the one part with cutting tool very small front. This is mixed to cutting off grooving is particularly useful, after wearing away because of knife plate, can change rapid and handily, and can promote treatment flexibility. CoroTurn SL system is inside round outside mixing, round turning offerred identical port, mix to cutting off grooving especially such. CoroTurn SL extension bar and CoroCut SL and photograph of knife plate of cutting of T-Max Q-Cut SL are combined, can comprise many cutting tool solution, and the choice provides diversification more, and need not survive knife handle of a lot of form a complete set fully. Its treatment function and integral type knife handle are identical, but treatment flexibility rises greatly, and stock cost also drops considerably. As a result of this advantage, this system still is applied to and the miniature on much task machine tool turns tower form a complete set is used, this knife handle can hold 4 SL knife. Deep Kong Jia is versed in another field that reflects CoroTurn SL system to have very large dominant position is to be used at deep aperture boring. If hole depth is more than 5 times aperture, be achieved then and more than 10 times aperture, hang extended influence as a result of big cutting tool, treatment requirement is sent more with respect to what change slashing. Exceed 7 when hole depth when times aperture, exclusive and reasonable solution uses rod of vibration isolation boring namely -- damping cutting tool, and the advantage place that this is SL system. Applied circumstance waits in flatbed tricycle bed and machine tool of large much task, when machining big diameter aperture with long boring lever, before needing to be in, end is used modular cutting tool, its purpose is for quick change cutting head and adjust all sorts of treatment configuration neatly, and more adjust conveniently cutting point position. CoroTurn SL integrates lever of vibration isolation boring and system of tine lock type, apply to a diameter the 80 boring lever that can amount to 10 times aperture with deepness of 100 millimeter, bore. Equipment extension bar criterion but with other already some systems (for example 580 with 570) compatible, can use groovy knife handle in boring lever front. The weight that a when vibration avoids when boring important principle is boring lever front wants as far as possible light. The tine lock of CoroTurn SL system and head of S form cutting reduced interface and the quality that cutting wants to the greastest extent, offerred rough machining / finish machining turning is deep bore hole and whorl cutting, cut off the cutting tool process designing that needs with grooving place. Have the SL system that changes a function quickly to also can be in 80 adjust with the radial on lever of 100 millimeter boring cutting blade. Because can quick adjustment boring lever endmost F1 dimension, make thereby the machine down time that cutting tool holds clip and cutting to measure place to need decreases greatly. CNC Milling CNC Machining