The innovation that Yi Sika cuts off

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Yi Sika (ISCAR) recommends for you cut off new series: TANG-GRIP cuts off knife plate from clip type, reached grooving to offer outstanding solution to cut off. Ink Media=screen Href="http://e-cuttech.


Yi Sika of Css" Type=text/css Rel=stylesheet> (ISCAR) recommends for you cut off new series: TANG-GRIP cuts off knife plate clip to hold from clip type at TRAUB (TNL and TNK model) reach INDEX(MS18C model) turning center. Result from the structure with strong knife plate, its can apply at be being hanged greatly to extend treatment, and the part that wants deep to cutting length only undertakes decreasing thin processing. Relatively thick clip holds a share, ensured the tigidity of knife plate and stiffness. The design of knife plate reached grooving to offer outstanding solution to cut off, no matter be outfit clip,the main shaft at car mill center still is layshaft. Tall rigid clip holds only head razor blade, because this is had,hold the dominant position with more prominent system than other clip. The alloy name that the razor blade of DO-GRIP double head of series of Yi Sika GRIP adds bit newly is SUMO TEC(bundle demon technology) : IC807, IC808, IC830. SUMO TEC(bundle demon technology) alloy brand improves bit life considerably is to result from the coating technology of banner science and technology and coating aftertreatment technology. Coating surface low stress and more flowing surface are beneficial to improve cutting tool life. Flowing surface makes a bits fluent, heat in metal cutting is lower, attrition force is smaller. New coating technology raised the tenacity of bit, fight collapse blade sex, reduce attrition force and the generation of the tumour that accumulate bits. Apply at all sorts of by the improvement of the cutting condition of treatment material, orderly land improved cutting tool life. New PVD coating technology is the AL-TEC coating technology that is based on Yisika, realized distinctive finishing. CNC Milling CNC Machining