JK604D laser is used at aviation bore

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GSI group rolled out his the new product of laser of industry of JK of popular series product. The percussion drill that new JK604D laser is aviation industry and auto industry technically is designed with starting a hole; The cooling opening that basically uses in the reaction engine (spout) with component of turbine burning gas, if nozzle is oriented blade, paddle piece with firebox gasket. New product JK604D is a foundation with JK704, have a variety of advantages. Above all, in wide moving range, quality of beam of light keeps consistent, and had risen than occupation standard JK704LD 30% , because this reduced focusing to order measure, increased the density of focus of peak value power and depth at the same time, can machine the surface of more sort, applied parameter is affirmatory more convenient. Next, need not alterable inside brace up optical parts of an apparatus, more extensive operation surface is OK more agile choice operates parameter, more agile get used to treatment rate change. The action is quick and the preparative process with consistent around, reach tall stability, let JK604D laser make the optimal choice of instant drilling equipment, below the case that getting irregular hole especially, JK604D is good choice more. The 3rd, product of series of JK pulse laser is reliable, and have module power offer a technology, the sources of energy of the need when using is fewer. User interface of use LaserViewTM graph can finish all control, use interface of OK and convenient high-speed controls the person that the system is controlled. Providing power of highest peak value is 16KW, new JK pulse laser can have enough energy to complete percussion drill on all sorts of aviation components. The quality of beam of light that JK604D precedes with the industry can complete the pass of high quality, the laser site of high density can change quickly except material, apart laser head is OK better compositive in work area. The ability of high grade bore accords with its high speed the need of special device. CNC Milling CNC Machining