The connotation of PDM and project are carried out

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One, the connotation of PDM project and limitting PDM is a on current international popular IT technology, also be home is made enterprise, software company, institution of higher learing in last few years of widespread attention and rapid development one big popular. Because the CAD application of domestic company has gained ground quite,this basically is, enterprise Technical Division applies CAD software generally to design plot for years, use the software such as form of word processing, electron extensively to enter style or manner of writing to archives is written and design computation, produced blueprint of many different compose electron and documentation. The enterprise is pressing the management that need application advanced technique will come to have these blueprint and documentation and use. The effective demand of the enterprise is the market is extended, the impulsion that the technology progresses. Each software company also notices the metabolic trend of this kind of market, the constituent force that lose no time, devoted capital, build a team, developed a variety of PDM software and throw on the market competes, the mainstream that caught up with the market grows closely. We think to be engaged in the company staff of informatization, understand stage by stage and be perfected only possibly to the understanding of PDM in project practice. About limits of bound of the definition of PDM, contain domestic and international very much article and book offerred respective view and view. Need understands deep and I think to have the following discuss: 1. The characteristic that is aimed at domestic company will construct the PDM software of ourselves. PDM is software of a management. Environment of concept of the computer application level of it and enterprise, level of management, management and company culture, market is close together and relevant. Existing to compare big difference in these respects as a result of domestic and international enterprise, make PDM software of abroad gets in domestic application block up. But this also of the PDM software that as it happens studies to develop for domestic proper motion grow the market space with was offerred better, make numerous domestic software company organizes forces to march in succession this one market. The serious current situation that analyses domestic company reachs demand, the client that is aimed at ourselves group the characteristic will construct the basic jumping-off place that the PDM software of ourselves should be us, and not the should simple a few ideas that copy abroad and practice. 2. Understand the difference between PDM and ERP correctly, both organic ground union rises. PDM is organize and run relevant information data and course with the product for the center. The stock detailed account that its output basically is many a product reachs all sorts of classified collect forms for reporting statistics. General the concept that it also does not have manufacturing cycle and delivery time without the information that produces an amount. And ERP is the management with the enterprise is a center, the product measure of all sorts of model that offer according to the client's contract, order for goods, norms and date of delivery are restricted, produce and assemble ability according to the enterprise to make advocate manufacturing plan, collect must to go out thereby in sometime paragraph (some month or some week) enterprise total stock demand and process capability demand. The inventory of goods and materials of recombine enterprise and the detail that purchase deadline to establish a company purchase plan, capital requirement plan and workshop exercise to plan, ensure the manufacturing activity on the rails of the enterprise. In ERP, it contained the element of time and amount clearly, is not some collect demand of single product. Construct inside the frame of PDM unlikely and such mathematical model comes true. Namely PDM also should not attempt impossibly to cover is to attribute ERP or the problem that MRPII place needs to solve apparently, if inventory management, cost management, workshop management, procurement control, sale quotes,management is waited a moment. PDM system manages a system only possibly to provide an accurate product stock demand for these detailed list. The detailed list of demand of stock of contract indent product after perhaps asking to undertake the product configures modification design by the contract. Should not oppose PDM system and ERP system rise undertake discussion, should rise union of both and organic ground however, such ability have the possibility that realizes CIM philosophic theory. Be about to the compositive platform that PDM regards industry technology information as the system, and the compositive platform that regards business management information as the system ERP. Organic ground combines both, the information system that mutual complement forms an enterprise to unite may be an actualer and feasible solution so. 3. Take data seriously guide, derive, safe backup and restore a function. PDM software is software of job of platform of a network. The network that it makes through network coupling working group is united in works on platform, mutual communication contact, pass information. After when the enterprise accordingly executive PDM project applies generally, the consistence of network work platform, stability and dependability to the enterprise it is crucial issue. Of the network breaking down is a major disaster to the enterprise. Because the safe backup of this data is reached,restore a function, of data guide the facet with reach a when derive the function should be software of assessment assessment PDM very important. 4. Will improve development PDM software according to the effective demand of the enterprise. PDM software is software of a management, it is the main tool of technical administrator. What their place basically pays close attention to is to be able to manage a gender, can charge a sex, namely the safety of documentation of the management of personnel attributive, management of working flow, blueprint is confidential etc. And personnel of large-scale project technology basically is to use it to retrieve, inquiry, scan data of all sorts of electron blueprint, documentation, have communication contact, pass information, output all sorts of stock detailed account and classified collect forms for reporting statistics. They basically are those who pay attention to used convenient and agile, inquiry retrieval is fast and effective. The demand of this two respects should be software is improved ceaselessly perfect the main motive force that upgrade. 5. The product structure in PDM cultivates an image that should be subordinating relation of the component in product blueprint. CAx software (CAD, CAPP, CAM... ) it is applied technology software. They basically are the work efficiency that helps project technology personnel raise its individual, quick implementation designs an intent, generate the data such as instruction of file of technical blueprint, craft, numerical control, it is the source that generates data. And PDM software system is these data management rises, among them structural feature data extraction comes out, put into relation database to try to manage, in order to facilitate the user inquires, retrieve, statistic, collect, make full use of thereby enterprise already some design resource, improve the group of whole job section, work, work efficiency with whole industry. There is product structure tree in PDM, but it is subordinating relation of the component in product blueprint only (still not be to assemble a relation) an image. Because this attempts to pass pair of PDM,medium product structure tree undertakes be modificationed directly, increase, delete wait for an operation, the purpose that will obtain modification product structure and BOM list is ill-considered. When have a mistake or having a change, the relevant blueprint that should revise a product above all, dimension reachs list, refer PDM to make new product structure tree afresh next. Of the complete correspondence that such ability assure to blueprint documentation and PDM product structure are cultivated and BOM watch do not have correctly by accident. In also should returning former blueprint documentation to create an environment to the modification of blueprint documentation mistake likewise, go revising, and should not ask fast browser itself has an editor to revise a function, this also is impossible. 6. Take a product seriously to configure management to come true in PDM system. The comparison that product configuration management talks in the concept of PDM is much, more charming also. The enterprise also shows strong demand to this. The carries out seriation of the consideration when wanting the characteristic according to product structure and enterprise to be designed in component, standardization, standardization and parameter to change achievement of configuration management, the real case according to company product is particular study the way to deal with a situation. Want when custom-built enterprise PDM manages an object mature the demand that gets used to a product to configure management. The thing character that foreign data introduces them to use component commonly expresses the 2DCAD that changes with parameter or 3DCAD software to solve. Domestic company is average CAD application level is lower, short of the requirement of this respect. But configuration management should give in PDM system sufficient attention. 7. Should not be exorbitant to the requirement of project management. Project management labels it an important connotation in article of book of a lot of PDM, but also admitting to be returned in this respect mostly is more defective. Investigate its reason, I think is the inaccuracy in the design that develops in new product, process design above all calm element is too much, perfect ground program project impossibly beforehand differentiate, the computation of the configuration of resource, workload, have effective control thereby. In building project, project management application is more mature. Basically be it had had a whole engineering design, the programme of construction, workload and resource requirement are more specific. The reasonable configuration that consequently scientific and rigorous project management can realize resource and use, ensure project quality reachs finishing time limit, reduce project cost. And design phase is developed in new product, below the circumstance that realizes project management very hard still with handiwork management, the purpose comes true with computer management, I consider as not quite feasible thing. The computer can work only according to affirmatory mathematical model. And when the mathematical model that should concern is sealed still, the computer is helpless. The level of management that is aimed at current home company especially and personnel quality are not high, the demand of the enterprise still does not have the circumstance that form, the project management of PDM software can defer to consider partly, wait for the reentry when the condition is mature henceforth to be developed all right. The allocation that can realize working job above all currently the examines examine and verify simple government technological process of assign and in finished state. 2, a practical PDM should be built to run a system in carrying out the action in PDM project project and position to be in an enterprise, not be simple buy a few hardware and software product them coadjacent rise to be able to come true. PDM software just provided frame of a platform and tool, the effective demand that should join a company decides all sorts of government targets and its attribute and conjunction concern; Fix the constituent structure of personnel and corresponding attributive responsibility; Specific work flow and examine and approve a program; The BOM list that certain business place needs and the format of all sorts of classified collect forms for reporting statistics; The PDM of custom-built enterprise manages structure and administrative pattern. Should turn great effort the enterprise already documentation of some many electron data, blueprint undertakes standardization arrange, proofread, examination, in inputting PDM system correctly next, go. Should have PDM government to the various administrator of the enterprise and technical personnel method of thought, management, use a method with the operation groom, make they can use this adroitly to cover a system to have routine, it is good to defend management normal, safe, stability runs this system, the implementation company management to the comprehensive whole journey of product data. Above these working content are an enterprise to establish a practical PDM government systematic place needs the thing that should do, we say to carry out. With system of software of other business management (ERP, MRPII) same, carry out the position with be had very significant in PDM project project and action. The staff member of the data documentation of the advanced software platform frame that the executive process of PDM is a software vendor and enterprise and enterprise 3 person organic union rises, according to advanced management thought and administrative method build a truly economic technology news to run a system for the enterprise, satisfy the need of the enterprise. As a result of the arduous sex of the executive process of PDM system and complexity, involve an area wide, involve personnel much, executive process is longer, be changed even or adjust the administrative pattern with original company and administrative system. This should give height to take seriously with respect to requirement enterprise, establish strong executive team; Make detailed executive plan; In the enterprise the immediate attention of highest controller and leader reduce all resource that use a company to achieve each job goal reliably stage by stage. The advanced government idea that because be in executive process,implements PDM and concept, the product structure that should analyse a company reachs the characteristic of producer type; The desire requirement that wants specific company (current and anticipate possibly henceforth) what is current can come true, what is current still cannot accomplish, what is unworkable; Want to persuade business management layer to adjust backward administrative pattern and system regulation, correctly configuration and the technology that use sheet of good PDM system to rely on him enterprise and administrator are far insufficient. Software vendor is indispensible expedite keen-witted and capable and capable executive personnel to provide strong technical service, all usable resource that shift a supplier support executive work, the technical news that with making advanced PDM product becomes an economic advanced science in the enterprise runs a system. Actually, company place buys also be services of such support of a kind of technology. The technical information that PDM is level of a company runs a system, once it builds investment to use impossible backwater not before, and the progress of the demand that must get used to an enterprise to change ceaselessly and science and technology, ceaseless development rises. The demand of the enterprise is the power that PDM software expands ceaselessly. This also will make the improvement with ceaseless software upgrade. Come so the partner that long-term cooperation can form to support each other between enterprise and software vendor concerns, obtain pair of winning results thereby. CNC Milling CNC Machining