The development of system of CAD of clamping apparatus of modular machine tool

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Of 1 problem put forward as CAD technology mature with each passing day, CAD received wider and wider application in each manufacturing domains. Throw drawing board, technology of CAD of comprehensive promotion application has rated a state " 95 " plan Chongzhongzhi to weigh. In the meantime, "95 " the pillar industry that the plan regards national economy as auto industry, the industry of modular machine tool that supplies technical equipment to automobile industry also is sure to get developing quickly. Modular machine tool is to belong to one-time design, one-time those who make is odd a manufacturing product, its structure change is diversiform, design amount is large, design work is intricate, it is especially in the market economy with current intense competition, the user is advanced to the technology of the machine tool gender, quality but * sex and the cycle that offer money asks very tall, traditional backward manual design method already cannot get used to the requirement of current products plan. System of modular machine tool uses CAD technology, with contemporary design the method replaces traditional design the method is imperative. In April 1997, we carried on Dalian city science and technology tackles key problem project: " the development of system of CAD of modular machine tool, augment, transplanting and commercialization " , main job is to design software of system of CAD of a modular machine tool. System of CAD of clamping apparatus of modular machine tool serves as the one part of whole system, content includes system of system of CAD of general clamping apparatus, CAD of clamping apparatus of modular machine tool and design manual of clamping apparatus of modular machine tool. Clamping apparatus is the important composition component of modular machine tool, be according to the specific requirement of the craft of the machine tool and structural program special design. It is to be used at coming true to be machined of the spare parts decide definitely, of clip pressing, cutting tool oriented, and assemble and unassemble of the action such as the spacing when workpiece. Its distribution is equitable, deciding the success or failure that modular machine tool produces directly. However, review home market, the system of clamping apparatus CAD that still did not perfect at present can be used for designing staff, especially system of CAD of clamping apparatus of modular machine tool. And application of clamping apparatus CAD returns the difficulty with constant presence and problem at home. It is capital problem, price of foreign CAD software is higher, most home manufacturer pays so costly fee very hard; The 2 modular machine tool that are our country have his level, level of foreign CAD software and country nots agree with, bring very great difficulty to the design. All these elements, more sturdy the determination that we design the clamping apparatus CAD that has him distinguishing feature. Overall design software designs 2 systems thought this system is to be on personal computer platform, be based on the most popular foundation on current world to support software AutoCAD R14.

The software of 0 CAD of clamping apparatus of modular machine tool that undertake 2 times developing. Because the design of clamping apparatus of modular machine tool is special the gender is very strong, if use automatic design, mere * inputs the CAD software that a few parameter design with respect to clamping apparatus of the modular machine tool that finish, applicable area is small, have very big limitation. This system uses parameter to change design and the method that seesaw pattern design combines. Parameter changes a design to input a few parameter through the user, the design of structure of the product that finish; Seesaw pattern design is participate in by the user, choose component, certain type interactively. Realize the design of product versatility by the computer so, and realize a product by computer of user have the aid of the design of special sex, the limitation with narrow range of the versatility difference that avoided automatic design, design. This system with Windows 95/98, Windows NT4.

Personal computer is the Pentium of 0 to develop and run platform, with AutoCAD R14.

0 support software for the foundation, use FoxPro 2.

5 build a database, apply dynamic data integratedly to exchange technical DDE, graphical software develops technical ADS/ARX 2 times, in Microsoft Visual C++5. The seesaw pattern graph of the 0 development in compiling an environment handles software. Systematic platform compose is built before developing a system, will choose appropriate hardware platform and software environment according to the actual condition of current business is especially important. In CAD promotion application, a lot of enterprises use high starting point, workstation the method that one pace reachs the designated position. But computer hardware development is very at present rapid, 3 two years one leaps, a few enterprises buy costly workstation, did not wait use had fallen into disuse, create waste. And as personal computer gain ground with function rise, the CAD/CAM system that is a foundation with personal computer of Ⅱ of Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium predominate. In CAD promotion application, "Good with, use quite, practical " still be the mainest, the CAD technology that is hardware platform with personal computer is to suit our country generally at present the choice of the state (of course, the workstation that this does not mean a tradition is met with each passing day type is small, in the product modelling, three-dimensional emulate wait for a respect to still need high-powered workstation to finish) . To the operating system, windows 95/98/NT is optimal choice. DOS system has been washed out by CAD software, because be familiar with DOS quite,ought not to continue to use this kind of backward operating system. UNIX is software of the CAD a few years ago must choose, because only UNIX is 32 operating systems at that time, ability produces the effect of CAD software. Windows 95/98/NT has been 32 mature operating systems now, from function and user group in light of, selecting Windows operating system is inevitable trend. This kind of system has property but * , interface is friendly, safeguard brief home remedy to wait for an advantage, can work alone, couplet net is very convenient also, its function can satisfy the need of the enterprise completely already. Its another outstanding advantage is OK become the complete part such as CAD/CAM application software and general office software together, produce the advantage of Windows standard platform adequately. The choice of the software that prop up is developed 2 times develop unlike general software, basically depending on it is not the software design that begins from ground floor, develop in what already undertook on some software however, the biggest characteristic that develops 2 times so is inheritance. The software function after be being developed 2 times depends on greatly the function of itself of the software that prop up and open degree. Accordingly, the choice of the software that prop up is very crucial. Above all, software ought to by but of * , masser company production, because software is fair,prevent close down, make we are lost long-term and but the technical support of * . Next, ought to choose everybody to be familiar with quite, itself is in again the software of ceaseless progress. The function is all ready, performance is good; Have graphical pattern of the standard, convenient the exchange with other software, accord with level of international, country; Have a variety of version such as Windows95, Windows NT and workstation, support arrives from personal computer workstation a variety of hardware platform, realize functional just the same, achieve on network and data without seam compositive. Finally, also be the mainest function, prop up the open sex of software namely, perhaps say the ability of development 2 times. Can consider from two respects: Develop a function on one hand all ready, interface is simple; Whether is development language general advanced language on the other hand, compile an environment admirable. AutoCAD R14.

0 it is Autodesk company newest the subdesign software that roll out, it is a software of current seesaw pattern plot, all over the world the user is most, domestic user is most also, occupy the 70% above of market of personal computer CAD. AutoCAD is a project is changed completely, commercial software, have very tall but * sex, fault tolerance sex, stability and hardware compatibility, its function is all ready, use convenient, performance/price ratio is high, and have first-rate open sex, of the acquiesce that be called " global standard " , it is the best choice of the software that prop up. 3 systems are main system of CAD of clamping apparatus of functional module modular machine tool is to face modular machine tool to design the parameter of personnel to change graphical information to run systematic software, operating system of database of its be in harmony and parameter change graphical system at an organic whole, make design personnel to throw drawing board, swing manual to undertake designing. This software basically includes system of CAD of special fixture of system of system of general and mechanical CAD, CAD of general clamping apparatus, modular machine tool and brochure of clamping apparatus of modular machine tool 4 module, among them module of general and mechanical CAD is fundamental module. The architecture of system of CAD of clamping apparatus of modular machine tool is shown 1 times like the graph. To develop system of CAD of modular machine tool, we are based on AutoCAD to undertake 2 times developing above all, developed system of a general and mechanical CAD, main content includes: Increase Chinese change menu, Chinese character to tag, the dimension that suits GB is tagged, form tolerancepublic errand is tagged, standard component library and commonly used of a library build, dimension drive, the module such as design of intelligence of typical spare parts. It offerred premise for the implementation of system of CAD of clamping apparatus of modular machine tool. System of CAD of general and rigid clamping apparatus coils according to machine of newest state level in the design requirement about clamping apparatus, build fixed position respectively, bearing, oriented, clamping element, operate a graphical library that wait, database and library, use alternant design method, implementation does not have manual design. System of CAD of special fixture of modular machine tool according to occupation standard of modular machine tool, build the following module: Fixed position props up systematic CAD; Clamp orgnaization CAD; Oriented device CAD; The computer of clamping force of typical clamp orgnaization assists analysis and computation. Each module builds graphical library, database and library respectively, use alternant design method, realize a design. Additional, still built manual of clamping apparatus of modular machine tool, the clamping apparatus of modular machine tool of standardization, seriation the standard of of all kinds orgnaization pursues build graph warehouse with the form of DWG, OK and convenient user inquires or revise the special fixture orgnaization that forms him user slightly. 4 systems environment configures software to develop Seagate 4 of hard disk of 64M EDO of memory of CPU Pentium MMX 166 of lead plane of environmental hardware environment.

Sony 8 of 3G CD driver times fast soft drive 1.

Colour of 44M monitor EMC SVGA 15" shows resolution 768 printer of 1024 × Microsoft Windows 95/98 of operating system of environment of software of plotter of rolling-type of Houston DMP-162 of Canon BJC-4550 plotter, Windows NT4.

AutoCAD R14 of the 0 software that prop up.

0 compile implement Microsoft Visual C++5.

FoxPro 2 of 0 databases software.

PC486 of requirement of 5 software moving environment, 586 reach Pentium personal computer, have SVGA card, resolution at least 800 × the graphic display of 600, proposal CPU advocate frequency is in 100MHz above, memory 32M above, the printer that deserves to have any type, plotter and mouse. The system installs Windows 95/98 or Windows NT4 beforehand.

0 operating systems, install AutoCAD R14 beforehand.

0 bases software, space of the rest of hard disk of requirement of system of CAD of whole clamping apparatus is in 150MB above. 5 systems install shipping travel and application this system must be installed go up in the hardware platform that is an operating system with Windows 95/98 or Windows NT, and install the AutoCAD R14 software of Autodesk company beforehand. This systematic setup program is to use InstallShield 4.

2 make, have Windows color of the standard. When installation, moving CD or the first piece of Setup on floppy disk.

Exe, next according to installs program clew, one pace can complete installation orderly. After installation ends, the program that begins bill of fare in Windows in the APCAD R14 icon that finds installation program to build, doubleclick this icon, the system can call the Apcadr 14 below installation method.

Exe file, will finish a system to register wait for the job with method setting, the program file that searchs AutoCAD R14 automatically in order to start AutoCAD R14. Enter this system the 2nd times to need to run AutoCAD R14 directly only can. This system already passed the expert conference appraisal that organizes by Dalian city committee of science and technology on December 15, 1998. Expert attending the meeting gave height the opinion to task achievement, think this achievement is in domestic banner level consistently. Nowadays, this system already was issued in home as commercial software. Because of this system each module is opposite independence, the user can choose among them one or more module, but the fundamental module that module of system of general and mechanical CAD is this system, it is the premise of moving other module. The CAD that applying to cooperate state committee of science and technology uses a project, help enterprise as soon as possible " throw drawing board " , those who drive CAD popularize application, we will be general consummate of mechanical CAD software two kinds of version, one kind is commercial software, face the whole nation to issue, need adds close dog to just can move; One kind is education uses software, do not undertake adding close, and the most function of before having one version, suit the school to use particularly. Nowadays, the education edition of this software already learned courtyard machinery to fasten n/arc drafting to teach research and computer room to get applied extensively in Dalian railroad. Since software of system of CAD of modular machine tool is issued oneself, got domestic numerous business approbate. Software of system of general and mechanical CAD gained the favour of the user with the its inviting price, friendly interface, characteristic that goes to the lavatory to learn easily. Current, home had much home company to use this software, had gained good economic benefits and social benefit. 6 conclusion this system is the CAD software that faces 2 dimension design, its interface is friendly, use agile, applicable face wide, practical strong, it is mechanical design personnel especially the capable tool of personnel of design of modular machine tool. Current the state of most home company will tell, basic the manual and constructive means that is tradition of continue to use, efficiency is extremely low, use CAD plot technology, can improve design efficiency and quality greatly, blueprint is revised easily, can realize graphical data share, facilitating management. Even if popularized three-dimensional CAD in the future, doing 2 dimension project to pursue also is indispensable. Wanting to popularize the initial stage that applies CAD in the round in our country especially, this system throws drawing board to vast enterprise, technology of promotion application CAD is very practical and effective. Of course, this task continues to do a lot of succeeding activity even, if continue to develop the software such as finite yuan of analysis, three-dimensional model, CNC Machining, emulation imitate, this need finds more logical three-dimensional design step, make CAD, CAE, CAPP, CAM and PDM be in harmony are an organic whole. CNC Milling CNC Machining