Laser reachs laser workstation

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Laser of Luo Fen of Germany of new-style laser of DQ 010 of DQ 010 laser ◆ rolls out DQ 010, extended its successfully the applied face of diversity of series of laser of solid of switch of high power DQ-Q. ROFIN DQ laser applies to extensive industrial application field. The average power of DQ 010 is 1kW, have time-sharing switch and energy difference function, can realize many product line to share an illuminant. Accordingly, investment cost is low, illuminant use efficiency is tall at the same time. High average power makes its become material surface to clear a kind of of craft effective tool. This product applies at cleanness of the craft side Qing Dynasty of filmy solar battery, mould, coating to clear and finishing of monitor of liquid crystal flat. DQ series laser can be together with fiber-optic combination of 600 M or 800 M. With the circle fiber-optic photograph is compared, square is fiber-optic and OK offer more efficient, and larger treatment area. Be based on scanning to control technology unit, its handle ability to be able to be as high as 100 Cm2/s. Product of series of PowerLine SL PV of laser of series of ◆ PowerLine SL PV is the laser that special development uses at industry of smooth hot season underlines a solution, the laser that uses at this craft underlines craft extremely tall to the requirement of character of beam of light. Laser of these new-style PowerLine SL PV pass special design, can optimize mix at present with what at contemporary PV film the system produces the requirement in the future. The wavelengh limits of laser illuminant is 532 Nm (PowerLine SL 3 SHG PV) with 1064 Nm (PowerLine SL 20 PV) . Launching beam of light of electric machinery pilot unit compositive at laser head in when, can use output beam of light directly. The new-style temperature of series of PowerLine SL PV manages a system to be able to provide outstanding high-powered long-term stability: Self-excitation work hot monitoring, use Peltier component to stabilize unit of all and relevant optical technology component and use air or water dead plate to come loose hot. No matter ◆ new-style CombiLine Cube is to serve as an independent workstation, compositive still at product line, combiLine Cube is a kind of when the hand is moved and automatic laser makes bid effective solution. CombiLine Cube uses pattern of two kinds of jobs. For convenient exercise setting, the forehead of the machine slides up, reach the broad channel of mark area in order to offer. During production, semi-automatic door can provide shorter periodic time. Need to shut the door to be able to start working program only. When the program ends, the door is automatic open. Pass perfect configuration, combiLine Cube can be used at the hand to move into makings and perhaps promote through assembly line, robot and tabulator is entered makings. This kind compact model system of much syncretic desktop is easy and compositive at any manufacturing environments. It is OK that ROFIN laser makes mark machine agile ground is compositive to CombiLine Cube (PowerLine E Air 10 and 25 and PowerLine F 20) , use wind cold means completely, need not safeguard basically. CNC Milling CNC Machining