Define much axis treatment again

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Introduce according to the closest concerned data, develop a kind recently new-style much axis machines a machine tool, high-powered cutting tool is used on this one machine tool, undertake light load cutting to light metal material, in can make the cutting time of a spare parts decreases to be only usually bits is cut in machine tool treatment normally - the cutting tool that cut bits exchanges time (a few seconds) one part. This one machine tool exhibits in IMTS2004 during, got broad of the person that look around reputably. This one production has workbench of a four-axle with machine tool equipment, in order to is deferent the spare parts advances to be machined all right to the cutting tool that has spin function. Take this kind of part - the cutting movement way of cutting tool, cancelled to process medium cutting tool trade before, can undertake on standard machine tool longer cutting is machined, improve manufacturing efficiency. Because be in metallic cutting,this is, for example in the production of medium or big batch of casting aluminous spare parts, need to have mill respectively, get and the multitask foreword treatment such as tap, the spare parts that this makes do not have value undoubtedly is carried, time of cutting tool exchange increases greatly, affected those who manufacture efficiency to rise severely, but the height that this one phenomenon causes manufacturing industry brainpower takes seriously, through many experiment research, found out the result of effective solution. Those who be used at undertaking light load cutting is new-style machine tool of much axis Elha FM 3+X, by dust mark (Emag) company is rolled out recently, exhibit in IMTS2004 first time. Its are main the characteristic was to cancel to machine medium cutting tool to exchange a program automatically before, and leave out the cutting tool of primary machine tool turns tower or say cutting tool exchanges a system automatically more. The biggest characteristic on design of machine tool structure also is most fundamental job is to be all cutting tool to offer runner shaft of a high speed coming back. Its cutting motion is the four-axle workbench that uses to make up a fluid moves clamping apparatus, each cutting tool that the part that uses outfit clip clamping apparatus to go up in fluid quickly conveys to had been chosen to place by machine program advances to be machined all right, is not before cutting tool moves along each axis direction, and machine a spare parts need to stop machine for many times, exchange finishs cutting tool ability more. According to company introduction, with treatment of this kind of method, can finish inside a second cut bits - the machines a process change that cuts bits, its are whole the process is to undertake automatically completely. Its reason depends on it is to pass those who use a compositive formula to be able to undertake installing carrying the manipulator with discharging to the spare parts, the feed campaign that has workbench. The axis of many spin cutting tool that can execute short cone and clamp of end panel fixed position with collet of HSK cutting tool, assemble with horizontal form go up in the tool carrier pattern plate that has the spare parts with tall 1000mm to machine a space. The characteristic of this one structure is to be able to decrease cover an area of an area, make cut bits to eliminate smoothly. The tool carrier of the machine tool is modular design, still can make over or across of spin cutting tool works division upper part (install) with perpendicular direction, undertake machining to the end face on the spare parts. Spin cutting tool also can install the position that is close to most to handlers and workbench by need, be opposite at the same time conveniently a lot of spare partses or a lot of Kong Jin travel are efficient treatment. It is of course before a new spare parts treatment, need to press the program of collection, choose the installation place that matchs good spin axis to every cutting tool, speed of the concerned measure that needs to machine a spare parts with each to every cutting tool, cutting and place need the power collocation that has optimal requirement. For example, have 1-12 to configuration the machine tool of cutting tool axis, deploy the electric machinery drive of a 20kW commonly. And every 1 machine tools can deploy 9 electromotor at most. So far, this kind of machine tool can make a machine tool is configured amount to axis of 50 cutting tool, undertake machining to the light metal spare parts of large and complex form. Of the much axis machine tool with this one original structure come out, the concept that much to the tradition axis machines formed very big impact. Although still can be used at light metal treatment only at present, but can improve manufacturing efficiency greatly as a result of it, simplify machine tool structure, reduce manufacturing cost, and in still continueing to consider, function still is being improved ceaselessly, size range of pipe bent still will expand, will get so of more user love, regular meeting has very good market perspective. CNC Milling CNC Machining